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  • 1. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHistory of English Literature: Beowulf

2. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBEOWULF WAS WRITTEN IN OLD ENGLISH, SO THIS WORKHAS BEEN BASED ON THE TRANSLATION, FROM ITSORIGINAL VERSION, BY DR. DAVID BREEDEN.BASICALLY, TWELVE STUDENTS OF LANGUAGE SCHOOLHAVE WORKED ON THIS WORK AND FOUR EPISODES, OFTWELVE, HAVE BEEN SUMMARIZED; FROM THE EARLYHISTORY OF THE DANES TO THE DEATH OF GRENDEL. Euler Castillo P.CONTENTPART I: - Early History of the Danes. - Hrothgar becomes king of the Danes.PART II: - Grendel attacks. - Beowulf hears of Grendel.PART III: - Beowulf comes to Herot.PART IV: - Grendel attacks again. History of English Literature: Beowulf 3. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBEOWULFPART IEARLY HISTORY OF THE DANESIn ancient times there were Danishkings who were warriors. Shield,the son of Sheaf, fought against hisenemies and managed to succeed.He became a good king.Grain was famous throughout the north,who was sent by God to comfort andprotect his people from fear. He wasrespected and did right for his people.Young princes did good things whilethey are young so that they weresupported by people when they wereold in time of war.Succeed depends on our good deeds. Shield died and went to Literature: Beowulf History of English God. He was carried byhis people to the sea where a well-built ship adorned with gold and 4. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLShield died and went to God. He wascarried by his people to the seawhere a well-built ship adorned withgold and full of treasures, also hisweapons that he used when he was .a warrior was waiting for him whichwas his last request for long trip. Hewas sent out a naked orphan in anempty boat and once dead he wasgiven to the sea surrounded by manytreasures.After a long time Shields death, Grainhis son succeeded and ruled over theDanes. To Grain was born the greatHealfdene who was a brave warriorand ruledalmost his whole life.Healfdene had four children Heorogar,Hrothgar, Halga the Good, and adaughter who married Onela, King ofthe Swedes. History of English Literature: Beowulf 5. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHROTHGAR BECOMES KING OF THE DANES Hrothgar was king and defeated his enemies. He was respected and was obeyed by his family and people.His childhood friends became his famous soldiers.Hrothgar built a mead-hall and was thebiggest construction in the world wherehe shared out everything for hispeople, except for public lands andmens lives. That building was built by tribes throughout the world. Hrothgar called the building Herot the hart, which was the worlds greatest mead-hall.The words of the poet, the sounds of the harp,the joy ofkept his word. He gave out gold and treasure at huge Hrothgar people echoed. Everything washappy in Hrothgars people.awaited, fire told swords of family feasts. (Though destruction The poet andabout the origin of the the night waited a tortured spirit of hell). trouble; and outside in world how God madethe earth and the water surrounding, how Heset the sun and the moon as lights for peopleand adorned History of with limbs and leavesthe earth English Literature: Beowulffor everyone until one day Grendel, possessorof the moors,the demon started crimes. 6. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLGrendel belonged to a race of monstersand was exiled from humanity by Godfor his bad deeds. He was consideredlike evil being such as monsters, elves,zombies, the giants who fought withGod. PART II GRENDEL ATTACKS History of English Literature: Beowulf 7. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL One night, after the Danes were at a beer party they settled and slept in the hall, they did not know that there were sorrows in this world. Suddenly,theevil creatureappeared, cruel and hungry, who took thirty warriors andwent to his lair laughing.At dawn, the Danes knew howstrong Grendel was, people weptand the old king felt sad and criedfor his men. The creature had lefthis bloody footprints. That was considered but the following night Grendel continued to kill more men he was blinded by sin, he didnt even feel guilty for what he was doing (you can bet the survivors started sleeping elsewhere) so this timeGrendel began to rule, fighting night, one against many andthe hall stood empty, because nobody wanted to sleep thereat night for fearing of the creature. History of English Literature: Beowulf 8. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLTwelve years had passed and Hrothgar kept on sufferingmany sorrows there was no longer happinessHrothgar suffering the greatest ofsorrows poets sang sad song ineverypartof theworld howGrendelwouldmakeHrothgarsuffer. There was no warrior whono matter how much stronger, could kill Grendel. Grendeldidnt seem to stop to kill or pay his harms and Grendel kepton attacking from hiding.Grendel, the cruelest of all injuries, went and stayed thereevery night (God would never allow this to actually touch thethrone).Hrothgar felt tamed, council aftercouncil didnt know what to do againstGrendels attacks. They did everythingto end the evil creature, such us goingto heathen temples, worshipping idolsand invoking the Devil for help. Theyforgot God (woe be to those who go toHistory of English Literature: Beowulf 9. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLthe fires embrace, even in great distress. There was noconsolation there).There was no counselor, no warriorwho could destroy the evil. Theywept and seethed.BEOWULF HEARS OF GRENDEL.There was a warrior by the name ofHylegac who heard of Grendelsthing, he was the strongest of all whohad survived until that day he wasmighty and noble. He calls for a shipfor crossing the ocean and helping the king. Wise men urgedhim and forecast omens and encourage him in that journey.So the good Geat chose the bravestwarriors (fourteen in total), and ledthem to the lands brim, to the ship.They readied the ship, bore brightweapons, and fitted armor into theship and the warriors stood at the prow. History of English Literature: Beowulf 10. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL When the ship was ready the men shoved it was the journey theyd dreamed of the journey continued until the seafarers saw land, the shore cliffs were shining there were alsosteep mountains when thejourney was already over the ship was pulled to the shore.The Geat warriors stood on land wearing rattling shirts whichwere their war- clothes. So they gave thanks to God for theyhad arrived and safe there.When the sea-guard of the Danes,the protector of the cliffs, saw peoplewith bright shields nearing to his hall,he wondered who theywere.Hrothgars warrior rode his horse andheaded for the shore.Spear in hand, he asked who they were, in armor, who comeover the sea-road in that steep keel? History of English Literature: Beowulf 11. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHe said that he guarded there so thatno forces hostile to the Danes mayraid. He had never seen such a ships army with warriors without thepermission of his kinsmen. He noticed a greater man among them and was astonished by seeing him just wearing armor his stature was peerless. He wished to know what his linage was because he thoughtthat they were spies he asked then to hurry and tell himwhere they come from.His name was Beowulf, leader of the host, he said that theybelonged to the Geat nation, and his father, Edgtheow, was aleader well known among the people.Beowulfs father stayed many wintersbefore he went away, aged, from thecourt. Edgtheow was remembered inevery part of the earth. Beowulf saidHistory of English Literature: Beowulf 12. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLthat they had come with friendly hearts to see his lord,Hrothgar they asked him to be good counsel to them, andtold him that they had come because they had heard of adark enemy in the night who killed the Danes. Beowulf saidthat he could help Hrothgar overcome his enemy andeverything would be like before. Otherwise, he would suffergreat misery as long as he lived in that place.The protector of the coast, still ridinghis horse (a wise shield warrior, onewho thinks well, must judge twothings: works and words). He sawthat they were friendly to Hrothgarand said that he would guide andorder his men to protect his ship.Once there they left the ship pullingat its rope they were wearing gold,adorned helmets and figures ofboars shone on the helmets. History of English Literature: Beowulf 13. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThe men excitedly marched and in the distance they saw thatdecorated hall which was that the finest and glittered lightone, never seen before on earth.The guard of the coast decided togo back he turned his horse andsaid that it was time for him to go.He prayed the father omnipotentwould keep them safe and soundagainst his enemies.PART IIIBEOWULF COMES TO HEROTBeowulf got into the Herot with hiswarrior, they seems like an iron troopbecauseof their weaponsandarmors. History of English Literature: Beowulf 14. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThenthe kings officer andmessenger asked them: from wherethey brought such a amazing warweapons and he expects they werethere to fight, cause he has neverseen such a braver warriors.One warrior answered him: we areHygelacs companions, my name isBeowulf. I will declare my errand if yourprince, my lord will greet us. Then wulfgar ( wendlatribe man ), with fighting experience and wisdom, went to ask to the giver of rings so that, the lord of Danes would reward their journey.Wulfgar went to where Hrothgar sat,with his most trusted men, a man of theGeats, the chief of warrior named History of English Literature: Beowulf 15. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBeowulf, came from far far over the seas expanse and theyasked to talk to you, then the lord asked if they were worthyof being called warriors. Hrothgar, the king, said that he knew Beowulf dad, who gave his only daughter and none his offspring came here to save us from the monster Grendel and also the seafarerssaid that this man has an amazing force( 30 men in his hand grip) and the kingwelcomed andoffered treasures gifts to him for hisimpetuous courage.Wulfgar