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I’m a hero! ….. I think…

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Im a hero! .. I think

In Denmark.The hall has been cleaned and repaired, King Hrothgar.

It doesnt really will be messed up again.

The Beast wont rest for us. He kills my men and worries my people.

He has no mercy for us, but God has run out of mercy for him. See who approaches?


(donut) Geatland

WOOT!! Were gonna totally kick some monster tail!!!

Ahem? Behold, Beowulf, son of Edgetho; the mightiest of the Geats, most powerful, most manly, strongest smelling-

Just go in.

Welcome to Herot, travelers. I wonder why you would come to a place such as this.

I have come to defeat Grendel, the monster who plagues this hall! I am the strongest of all the geats, Beowulf! Fear my beard and go-tee combo!

Ummm.Okay then. There is Grendel. Good luck!



Huh, what?



Ow !


*RIP! !*

And so, later.

Good job Beowulf!

Have some treasure .. Thats a good boy!


And the Warriors feasted along with King Hrothgars at Herot..

But that night


The next morningBeowulf! Get up Lad! My best soldier has been killed! I need you to avenge him! That is beside the point! Now get moving! You need to kill Grendels mother! Why are you Why are still on your you still horse? on that horse?

Grendels Mother!?!?!

The Hunt!!!!Now, go jump in that lake and kill the beast! How am I supposed to hold my breath? Humph! Dumb King*jaburblegur ble-a- goo*

Hopefully you wont.

Oh look! A wittle fishy!

Awww! Are these your friends?

UH-OH..*SHING !* *SHING !* *SHING !* *SHING !* *SHWISH! *Aggh! !! Aggh! !! A A g g g g h *SHWISH! h ! ! ! * ! ! ! Aggh! !!

So the mighty Beowulf retreated to a totally inconspicuous underwater battle hall..

No. No!

It cant be you!!!!


(Underwater Candle?)

You didnt think Id let you get away with what you did to my Grendel, did you? Now Die!


Hey look, a sword.


Well, now to return to the surface before I run out of air!

And everyone was happy!

Beowulf had defeated both Grendel and Grendels mother. King Hrothgar gave him many treasures. Beowulf then returned home to Geatland. After some time, the king of the Geats died and Beowulf became king. He reigned for fifty years until a dragon started to ravage the country. It killed many and worried the people very much. Beowulf took it upon himself to defeat the beast and save the land.Where is the tower now, servant? Its right over there.

Alright, you may leave now


I have waited for this day, prepare to die!

Youll never defeat me, Clendragon!!! Mwuahahahaha!

Take This!

Aggh! Hes strong! Im not as young as I use to be..

3D! !!

Ill have to use my secret technique

HiYa! !!!

POW!Beowulf! Do what you were born to do!

Hahaha! That technique is useless against my scaly hide!

Only one of Beowulfs men had been brave enough to stay and help him: Wiglaf.



NO!!! ! Bleh!Poison! My days are over Wiglaftellthat donutthat..I lovedher.

Too..much .FUNK!!!

And Beowulf saved the day again! But..And so it happened that Beowulf died protecting his country

Hey! Whaddya know? I was a hero!