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Beowulf & The Epic by The Beowulf Poet. Patterson English IV. Original painting by Susanne Iles. Epic. A long, narrative poem that deals with a hero ’ s adventures and deeds. Some Basic Rules. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Beowulf & The Epicby The Beowulf PoetPattersonEnglish IVOriginal painting by Susanne Iles

  • EpicA long, narrative poem that deals with a heros adventures and deeds

  • Some Basic RulesThe hero, generally a male, is of noble birth, high position, or of great historical or legendary importance

  • The heros character traits reflect important ideals of

  • The hero performs courageous, sometimes even superhuman deeds that reflect the values of the era.

  • The actions of the hero often determine the fate of a nation or group of people

  • The setting is vast in scope often involving more than one nation

  • The poet uses formal diction and a serious

  • Major characters often deliver long, formal speeches

  • The plot is complicated by supernatural beings or events and may involve a long and dangerous journey through foreign lands

  • The poem reflects timeless values such as courage and honor

  • The poem treats universal themes such as good and evil or life and death

  • Characteristics of an EpicOral traditionEpithets- the swift runnerEpic similes- look for them to extend over several lines!

  • Central MotifsHonorFate/destinyEven heroes arent perfect!

  • A brief history of Beowulf After the fall of Julius Caesar, Rome lost control of Britain (55AD)With Rome gone, Britain was vulnerable to invaders.Several tribes invaded from Northern Europe: the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes.Beowulf takes place on mainland Europe among the Danes (from Denmark) and the Geats (from Sweden)

  • BeowulfNephew of Higlac (King of the Geats)Although there is no record of Beowulf actually living, Hygelac was a historical figure somewhere around 525 AD. It is believed Beowulf is set notlong after this date.

  • What was life like in 6th century Europe?Christianity not yet adoptedWarrior culture respected loyalty, great deeds, strength, and couragePeople gathered in mead halls to dink mead and listen to tales of

  • The StoryProbably performed by a poet-singer in a chant, accompanied by a harpStory came into language in 8th-10th century (after the conversion to Christianity)Originally written in old English and had to be translated

    The Mead Hall of Valhalla

  • Old EnglishFirst page of Beowulf manuscript

    Old English (OE) existed until approximately 1100, when the Middle English period started.

  • Middle English & BeyondThe Middle English period lasted until approximately the year 1500, when we transitioned to Modern English.Shakespeare wrote near 1600- well into the Modern English period! His language is NOT Old English!Old English readingl

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