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<ul><li> 1.</li></ul> <p> 2. Which site would you buy from?<br /> 3. Video<br />Impact of social media on brands.<br /> 4. How is this website using social media?<br /> 5. The way businesses market has changed:<br />Production Oriented<br />Sales Oriented<br />Consumer Oriented<br />Societal Oriented<br />Relationship Oriented<br /> 6. Production orientation<br />Grew out of assembly lines<br />Large companies produced products<br />Consumers could only buy what was produced not what they wanted<br />There was only one colour Ford produced<br /> 7. Selling orientation<br />Mid 1920s to mid 1950s<br />Businesses were now able to produce large numbers of goods<br />They now had to sell all of these products<br />Door-to-door selling<br />Face-to-face selling<br />Used to persuade consumers to buy<br />Needs and wants still not considered<br /> 8. Consumer orientation<br />1960s<br />Businesses focused on consumer demand and satisfying the need for high quality products/services as well as providing before and after sale customer service.<br />The customer is always right<br />Businesses researched needs of consumers<br /> 9. Societal orientation<br />Needs of consumer are considered along with overall benefits to society and environmental needs<br />Toys - safety requirements and standards<br />Food production health guidelines<br /> 10. Relationships orientation<br />Establishing customer loyalty<br />Marketing does not end at point of sale<br />Establishes that consumer has made a good choice<br />Provision of further product information<br />Follow-up services and advice<br />Consumer feels they have entered into a relationship with the brand<br /> 11. Video<br />Social media revolution 2011<br /></p>