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Download beginner Turkish lessons - introducing yourself and study with a Turkish language teacher.


<ul><li> 1. Talebe Turkish Lessons www.demturkishcenter.comIntroducing yourselfSenin adn ne?1. First learn the words. Then write about you. Learnthe question Ne demek? if you dont know the meanings ofthe words. Learn and ask.Ad Ali . . .Soyad . . . ehir . . .Ya . . . lke . . .2. O kim? Listen to your teacher reading about Can.Ad ne demek?Ad name demek.Merhaba! Benim adm Can. Benim soyadm zkan. Ben 20 yandaym.Ben bir renciyim. Ben stanbulluyum. Peki ya sen? Senin adn ne?Senin soyadn ne? Sen ka yandasn? Senin iin ne? Sen nerelisin?3. Now read about Can aloud. You can read and translate the text for comprehension beforereading aloud.4. Answer the questions about Can. Give short answers.1. Onun ad _________________. 4. O bir _________________.2. Onun soyad _________________. 5. O _________________.3. O _________________ yanda.On the next page study with your teacher and do the dialogue for getting to know each other.Download more Talebe Turkish lessons from www.demturkishcenter.com11</li></ul> <p> 2. Talebe Turkish Lessons www.demturkishcenter.comIntroducing yourself5. Getting to know each other. Study with your teacher. Listen and givetrue answers. Simply fill in the blanks in the answers to answer your teachersquestions.A Merhaba! Benim adm Senin adn ne? B Benim admA Memnun oldum. B Ben de.A Ben yandaym. Sen ka yandasn? B Ben yandaym.A Ben bir Senin iin ne? B Ben birA Ben Sen nerelisin? B Ben6. Listen to these people talking about themselves and complete the textwith the missing words.A. (1) _______________! Benim (2) _______________ Banu.Benim (3) _______________ rnek. Ben 28 (4) _______________.Ben (5) _______________ doktorum. Ben zmirliyim.(6) _______________ oldum.B. (1) _______________. (2)_______________ adm Deniz.Benim (3) _______________ Derya. Ben 24(4) _______________. Ben bir renciyim. Ben Ankaralym.(5) _______________ sen? Senin (6) _______________ ne?Senin (7) _______________ ne? Sen (8) _______________yandasn? Senin (9) _______________ ne? Sen(10) _______________?7. You are Banu &amp; Deniz. Now try to introduce yourself like them.Merhaba! Benim adm BanuSelam! Benim adm DenizDownload more Talebe Turkish lessons from www.demturkishcenter.com21 3. Talebe Turkish Lessons www.demturkishcenter.comIntroducing yourself8. Your turn. Ask similar questions to your friends. You dont need to usewords like Ben, Benim, Sen, Senin in colloquial Turkish.A Merhaba! Adn ne? B Adm A Soyadn ne? B Soyadm ...A Ka yandasn? B yandaym.A in ne? B Bir A Nerelisin? B (ehir / lke)9. Everyday Turkish. Learn the phrases below, say it to your teacher, listen to him/her and write his/her replies.1. ngilizce biliyor musun? Evet, biliyorum / Hayr, bilmiyorum.2. Teekkr ederim. _______________________________________3. yi gnler. _______________________________________4. Naslsn? _______________________________________5. Bakar msnz? _______________________________________10. Ask your teacher about similar useful every day expressions. Remember thequestion Ne demek? for both meaning of the words and translations.A Table ne demek? B Table masa demek.A Good morning ne demek? B Good morning gnaydn demek.IMPORTANT NOTICE These Turkish language lessons are copyright Ali Akpinar &amp; may be photocopied and used in lessons. However, they may not be reproduced and distributed on theInternet. Your use of these materials signifies agreement with these terms and conditions.31 </p>