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1. BASIC CINEMATOGRAPHY Eman Shah 2. FRAMES The video tells me how camera and frames can tell different stories mainly towards a persons emotion. Having a frame background in an image, it will make the scene look more richer and more pleasing to the audience. 3. DEPTH Having good depth in films will make them seem that they have a very rich frame. This is a very flat wide shot/long shot. Some filmmakers chose not have depth in their shots because they may want their audience to feel lonely or detached. 4. DEPTH I have learnt that shots that are flat are also used if characters are in a busy or a boring lifestyle. Normally when we go to the cinema we expect films to have depth which will create rich frames. But a film which is totally flat may leave a different expectation upon the audience, 5. CONTRAST IN FILMS If we put a main character behind something that is low contrast and does not make them stand out, then it may be hard for the audience to see where they are. However something high contrasting can also be distracting for the audience because they will not look at the main focal point and instead look at something else which is not important. The first shot shows a boy who is in low contrast whereas in the second shot it shows a group of band, where it is high contrast.