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  • Earning your bachelors degree is an investment in your future. Every year you postpone making this investment, you also delay the potential rewards you can reap from it. In the business world, this is called op-portunity cost, the price you pay over time for not doing something. The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program is designed, delivered, and priced exclusively for busy adults who seek a career-relevant degree. There are a variety of resources available to assist in financing this important investment: tuition reimbursement from your employer, student loans, federal financial aid, or other options. Contact our Financial Services office for information regarding financial aid at 303-871-3945.

    The tuition cost of the University College BA in 2014/2015 is $535 per credit hour. When you consider the lifetime benefits a DU bach-elors degree will bring you, the value of an investment in your future becomes obvious.

    The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program offers a scholarship opportunity for current and continuing students in the program. Learn more at

    Call, click, or connect with University CollegeA Top 100 University

    303-871-2291 or or

    The University of Denver has the distinction of being the oldest inde-pendent university in the Rocky Mountain region, giving it a tradi-tion of 150 years of academic excellence. Founded before Colorado was a state, the university now enrolls approximately 11,500 students in its undergraduate and graduate programs, and has consistently been ranked as a top 100 university by U.S. News & World Report. The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program itself ranks #13 on the 2014 U.S. News & World Report list of best Online Bachelors Programs.

    This vibrant 125-acre campus is conveniently located just minutes south of downtown Denver, and showcases the best of its historic legacy along with state-of-the-art classroom and research buildings, library, career center, and recreation and wellness center.

    As the University of Denvers college of professional and continuing stud-ies, University College is dedicated to providing education that matters for busy adults. Along with the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program, Univer-sity College offers nine graduate programs and non-credit short courses. The faculty and staff understand the challenges facing adult learners and specialize in providing the highest quality learning experience for working professionals. The University of Denver and all of its academic programs are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, one of eight regional accrediting bodies in the nation. Regional accredita-tion is the recognized standard for universities in the United States.


    Bachelor of Arts Completion ProgramWHERE YOU EARN YOUR DEGREE DOES MATTER

    Program OutcomesDesigned to deliver six learning outcomes critical for your success at work and in living a satisfying and productive life.

    When students graduate from the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program, they say the impact on their lives is transformative and im-measurable in value. While taking classes, youll become a mem-ber of a vibrant community where were serious about academics, community, and supporting you. When you graduate, youll join a worldwide network of DU alumni who are passionate about im-proving the world they live in. Critical program outcomes include:

    CREATIVITY The ability to conceptualize and rework problems, and to generate solutions to those problems that open up new worlds of knowledge.

    CRITICAL THINKING The skill of analyzing and defining issues, developing an appreciation for multiple view points, and gen-erating well crafted arguments.

    KNOWLEDGE UTILIZATION The ability to find useful infor-mation, ideas, concepts, and theories, to synthesize them and build on them, and to apply them in the workplace, as well as life.

    EMPOWERMENT The confidence that comes from knowing how to act, when to act, and how to respond to the opportunities and constraints that affect your efforts to get things done. With a sense of empowerment comes the ability to lead and bring about change for the good.

    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Knowing your audience and learning how to empathize with it; reading, writing, and speaking effectively; making presentations that are persuasive and entertaining; and arguing to powerful effect.

    DECISION MAKING The ability to analyze options and out-comes for decisions in terms of their values and effects and to make deci-sions that are rational, legal, and ethical.

    A Premier Educational ExperienceA bachelors degree from the University of Denver has several aspects which distinguish it from other degree programs.

    CHALLENGING You will be treated as an adult and will be encouraged to develop self-awareness about your motivations, abilities, and learning goals. You will be given personal attention, but will also be expected to meet deadlines and contribute in a thoughtful, well-prepared manner during class activities. You will be challenged to truly learn and not be preoccupied with whats required or what will be on the test, but rather asking yourself what you want to learn from your experience and studying for what you will need to reach your goals.

    CUSTOMIZED All majors include opportunities for independent study, service learning, and an integrative project on topics you will choose in consultation with an advisor. This ensures that your course-work will apply specifically to your professional situation and personal interests.

    IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE The skills you gain in the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program effective communication, creativity, empowerment, decision making, and more are practical and can be used immediately. The curriculum has been thoughtfully de-signed with you in mind and the outcomes can be used today and into the future.

    HIGH TECH Online instruction will be supported by the latest instructional technologies through Canvas which includes built-in multi-media, customizable notifications, easy-to-use discussion boards, and a mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

    PRESTIGIOUS As a DU student, you will have access to the vast world-class resources of the University of Denver, and eventually you will have a Bachelor of Arts from a top 100 university.


  • AN EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE Education has to be more than just courses on a piece of paper it should be a life-changing experience! Instead of asking you to pick up where you left off by matching your past courses with a set of require-ments, we offer you a new educational opportunity quite different from the traditional undergraduate program you began some years ago. Well start with the credits youve already earned and build from there. The interdisciplinary education youll receive reflects the reality of todays professional environment, and it is our promise to deliver a personalized experience.

    There are many reasons why students dont complete their initial un-dergraduate degree: family obligations, career opportunities, financial issues, and motivation. Perhaps for you the experience was not the right one at the right time. Now your situation is different. Now you want something more out of your career advancement, fulfillment, profes-sional respect, or a career change.

    At the University of Denver, our aim is to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant subjects delivered in a way that you can learn quickly and take pride in your success. Youll be treated as an individual, not just a number. The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind, as it takes into consideration your current experience and builds a skillset necessary to thrive. Whether you attend in the evenings on campus or study online, classes will be small and the instructors attention will be personal.

    Quality, engagement, innovation, integrity, and personal attention are the characteristics on which the University of Denvers reputation is built. Thats what makes our program different from your past undergraduate experience and other programs that view your education as a commod-ity. This time you deserve an exceptional experience.

    Where you earn your degree does matter.

    THE RIGHT DEGREE FOR A NEW ERAIn order to be part of the creative and dynamic workforce so vital to the information age, you need the highly developed talents most valued by organizations today. Our program outcomes were designed with input from the business, non-profit, and public sector communities and include: Ability to communicate effectively Solve problems Think creatively Handle multiple tasks Make sound decisions Understand and use technology Be productive on teams Developing these talents is the focus of this degree. If you are willing to be an active learner in stimulating courses with lively discussions, you will thrive in this program. Advanced courses led by professional practitioners who work in the fields they teach provide insight into the latest best practices that can be applied immediately. Interdisciplinary skills will be highlighted throughout each major, and students will have the opportunity to explore emerging sectors.

    SOME COLLEGE, BUT NO DEGREE?Dont let the time, effort, and money you spent earning college credits go to waste. If you are a working adult with at least one year of transferable college credits and three years of work experience beyond high school, you may qualify for admission to this program. This degree provides the solid educational foundation needed for you to move ahead to more challenging and creative wor


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