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1. Avril Lavinge CD and back covers 2. Front Cover of the Albumthe albums main focus on the cover is theartist. A mid shot has been used to create ashot where the artist feels engaged with theaudience and can draw in our attention. Iwould like to use this kind of camera shot onour cover as I feel it is important for theaudience to feel involved.The colours used on the front cover are darkand basic, which makes the cover look evenmore effective as this is the main themethroughout this album.The style of font used to portray the artistsname also follows this gloomy theme inorder for the album to flow. 3. The CDThe CD uses the colours and styles from thefront cover. The effect of doing this allows thecd cover, and back cover to combine to showthe finished product, where the cross hasbeen taken from the front cover and used asthe main focus on the CD itself.I would like to include a feature like this onour CD as I feel it would complete the albumby having a constant flow all the way throughthe CD.Again, the colours used are very dark whichcreates a gloomy dark atmosphere and in thiscase portrays the genre pop/rock but in aunique way. 4. Back cover of the albumThis is the back of the CD cover, this iscompletely different to the ones I havealready focused on.The main difference is the colour whichhas been used and the different camerashots which have been used to portray thestory across.The shot itself sees Avril lying down on thefloor but looking directly at thecamera, the colours used are black andgrey, which gives a gloomy atmosphere tothe back cover, and these shades ofcolours are also used throughout the frontcover.