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Skin Deep: Care of Skin. Russ Kennedy PhD, MBA, MPH, CHES, CSCS Health and Aging Specialist. Epidermis barrier Waterproofs Protect from UV Dermis Sweat glands Blood vessels Nerve endings Fat under dermis insulation. Skin Functions. Aging Skin. Billions spent on skin care products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Skin Deep: Care of SkinRuss Kennedy PhD, MBA, MPH, CHES, CSCSHealth and Aging Specialist

  • Skin FunctionsEpidermis barrierWaterproofsProtect from UVDermisSweat glandsBlood vesselsNerve endingsFat under dermis insulation

  • Aging SkinBillions spent on skin care productsWrinklesUV raysAge spotsSmokingelastingravity

  • Dry Skin and ItchingAs we age lower legs, elbows, and forearmsCauses low humidityLoss of sweat and oil glandsOveruse of soaps, perfumes, hot bathes, deodorants Use moisturizer to reduce water loss/soothe skinOintments-mixtures of water in oilCreams-mixtures of oil in water-apply more oftenLotions-contain powder crystals-mainly water

  • Skin CancerMost common cancer US40/50% living to 65Greatest risk-fair skin that easily frecklesUV rays main causeBasal cell carcinoma-90%Squamous cell carcinomaMelanoma most deadlyCheckups and sunscreen

  • Age SpotsLiver spotsCaused by years of sun exposureAppear on sun exposed areas-hands, feet, face etcSkin lightening creams, cryotherapy, laserSunscreen prevents further damage

  • Shingles (herpes zoster) Varicella-zoster virus Most common in peopleOver 50Had chickenpoxWeakened immune systemEarly treatmentAntiviral drugs

  • AcneHormonal reaction on sebaceous glands leads to plugged pores causing lesions (zits or pimples)Flare Triggers- changing hormone levels, friction or pressure from rubbing, backpacks, tight collars, environmental irritants (pollution/high humidity), hard scrubbing or squeezing blemishes.Myths about causes- chocolate, greasy foods, soft drinks, or stress.

  • Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)Common early in life"Atopic" group of diseases where there is often an inherited tendency to develop other allergic conditions, such as asthma and hay fever Treatment healing skin and preventing flares

  • RosaceaChronic, inflammatoryRedness, pimples, late stages, thickened skin Usually on face fair skin50% have eye problemsTriggers differentNo cure but can be controlled

  • Psoriasis (5 types)Plaque 80%ElbowsKneesScalp, lower backRaised, inflamed, red lesions covered by a silvery white scale Psoriatic arthritis-10-30%Chronic, inflammatoryNSAIDS

  • SclerodermaHard skinRheumatic/ConnectiveAbnormal immune Genetic makeupChildbearingEnvironmental triggersHormonesWomen 7-12 times menNo cure- treat symptoms

  • Seborrheic DermatitisDandruffCradle capUsually scalp, flaking skinMore common in menCause unknownTreatment depends on location

  • Hives and AngiodemaRed, itchy, swollen areas in upper layer of skinAngiodema swelling of deeper layers of skinTriggers NSAIDS/medsEliminate triggersAntihistamines

  • OTC Wrinkle CreamsModestly effective ingredientsVitamin A (retinol)Hydroxy acids

    Tretinoin (tret' i noyn) - prescription topical

  • OTC Wrinkle CreamsPossibly effective ingredientsAlpha-lipoic acid (ALA)Coenzyme Q-10Copper peptidesGrowth factorsSoy isoflavonesTea extractsVitamin C & E

  • OTC Wrinkle CreamsPossible ineffective ingredientsCollagen

  • Handout 1Cleaning Your FaceBe GentleWashing your faceUse soft sponge to remove makeupUse lukewarm waterAvoid strong soapsUse hands to wash faceRinse and pat dryDont wash too often

    Handout 1

  • Handout 2Bathing: Avoid Drying OutBathe once a dayUse warm water and limit bath timeUse appropriate soapsPat dry

    Handout 2

  • Handout 3Moisturizing: Hydrate Your SkinWork by providing a seal keeps moisture from escapingApply moisturizers immediately after showeringSelect best moisturizer for youDepends on skin typeAgeSkin conditionsDaytime use moisturizer with at least SPF 15

    Handout 3

  • Handout 4Maintain a Healthy LifestyleEat a healthy dietExerciseSleep wellProtect yourself from the sunAvoid antibacterial or antimicrobial soapsWash skin fold areas more oftenAvoid using talc powdersCalluses and nails

    Handout 4

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