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Avengers tested their skills at the Battalion FTX at the beginning of June with a two day exer- cise. This was a culminating exercise for warrior tasks and skills Soldiers had trained on for previous months. They were tested on IED reac- tions, first aid , reporting procedures, radio opera- tions, EPW searches, map reading, and land navigation. Pictured here is SGT Christa (lower left) during the squad ambush lane. We also cele- brated Victory Week. On 12 July we had two extremely challenging events taking place. This included water sur- vival training, pictured above, where soldiers were tested on 5 areas includ- ing the blind- folded jump off the high dive and making a floatation de- vice out of your trousers. The other event was the Bri- gade Devil Stakes competition where a Squad made of Soldiers from each pla- toon competed on SALUTE report and EPW searches against a squad from each company in Brigade. A Com- pany’s squad won the competition bringing great pride to the Avengers. The members of the squad were SGT King, SGT Biggora, SPC Pavlich, SPC Reynolds, and SPC Jaeger. Great job Avengers! Volume 2, Issue 5 13 July 2012 A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST HBCT, 1ST ID Avengers Dig deep! Avenger times FACEBOOK AND PHOTOS: Follow us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ AlphaCompany11BstbAven- gers As usual you can find all these photos and more at : www.photobucket.com/ Avengercompany Photobucket Albums for this month are: 2012 June July Avengers 2012 July Avenger Water Survival 2012 July Defiant Battalion Run INSIDE THIS ISSUE Paintball Event Water Survival Farewell HUMINT Sol- diers Top Squads Trojan Men and Women

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  • 1. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST HBCT, 1ST IDAveng er times Volume 2, Issue 513 July 2012Avengers Dig deep! INSIDE THIS ISSUE Paintball Event Water Survival Farewell HUMINT Sol- diers Top Squads Trojan Men and Womentions, first aid , reporting procedures, radio opera- tions, EPW searches, mapreading, and land navigation. Picturedhere is SGT Christa (lower left) during Avengers tested their skills at the Battalionthe squad ambush lane. We also cele-FACEBOOK ANDFTX at the beginning of June with a two day exer- brated Victory Week. On 12 July we PHOTOS:cise. This was a culminating exercise for warrior had two extremely challenging eventstaking place. This included water sur- Follow us on FACEBOOK:tasks and skills Soldiers had trained on for previousvival training,https://www.facebook.com/months. They were tested on IED reac-pictured above,AlphaCompany11BstbAven-where soldiers gerswere tested on As usual you can find all these5 areas includ-ing the blind- photos and more at :folded jump offwww.photobucket.com/the high diveAvengercompanyand making a Photobucket Albums for thisfloatation de- month are:vice out of yourtrousers. The other event was the Bri- 2012 June July Avengersgade Devil Stakes competition where a2012 July Avenger Water SurvivalSquad made of Soldiers from each pla-2012 July Defiant Battalion Runtoon competed on SALUTE report andEPW searches against a squad fromeach company in Brigade. A Com-panys squad won the competitionbringing great pride to the Avengers.The members of the squad were SGTKing, SGT Biggora, SPC Pavlich, SPCReynolds, and SPC Jaeger. Great jobAvengers!

2. PAGE 2AVENGER TIMESISR PlatoonISR Platoon would like to introduce andLietschuck will be ETSing and returning say a special thanks to the MSG Platoonswelcome its newest member SPChome to Florida. ISR Platoon also re- Tangos (Intelligence Equipment Main-Mechelle McMullen, arriving fresh from ceived a significant piece of equipment tainers) who provided significant sup-training at Fort Huachuca. SPC this past month, the TROJAN Lite satilite port; their efforts vastly increased theMcMullen has already been a greatoverall success of the training and were communications system. SPC(P) Jaeger,asset to greatly appreciated. SPC(P) Schira, SPC Pavlich, PFC Na, PV2our team,helpingBantz and PV2 Castillo all endured theout with 105 degree week long weather to re-numerous ceive and train on the TROJAN. The in-tasks andstructors were very satisfied with theirchallenges positive attitude and desire to learn. Theand al-Soldiers are all excited to pass along theirways dem-experience and training to the other PLTonstrating members. ISR Platoon would also like toa greatattitude.We wouldalso like tosay a fond farewell to SGT Luke Liet-schuck. SGT Lietschuck has been a tre-mendous asset to the PLT and AlphaCompany as a whole. His dedication toseeing the ISR Platoon succeed, hismentorship and leadership of the Sol-diers, will be all be severely missed. SGTMSG PlatoonJune was another busy The platoon did well during the FTX and themonth for second platoon. During thewith SGT Harris successfully leading agoofballmonth, members of the platoon got lotssquad of six Soldiers through the lanes antics ofof excellent training and assisted otherand everyone coming away more pro-S P Cunits with their training, including twoficient and confident in their SoldierLucas.N C O s skills. SGT Harris also went to Ft Hood We wishg o i n g to assist with some hight h e mTDY: onespeed trainingto NTC at thereasaFt Irwin, puckster at the great successCA andIII Corps War-in their futures.one to Ft fighter Exercises.Though sec-Hood, TX. SGT Lucas and ondplatoonS S G SGT King took lost two assets,Krausepart in lifeguard they gained areturnedtraining, withnew one inatthe SGT Lucas being SSG Browne,endof chosen to be- who came tothe month from a nearly month-longcome a lifeguard for thethem from Ft Gordon, GA. July is goingtrip to NTC where he acted as an OC for company. June was also a month of to be another fast paced month for thean LLVI team from Ft Meade. While hetransition for the platoon as they said Soldiers of second, with many of themwas there he got plenty of cardio climb-goodbye to SSG McLellan, who left for enrolled in upcoming training anding to mountain tops with his team andGermany, and SPC Lucas who PCSd to schools. Though it will be busy, the pla-with a sniper team. He also got to play Hawaii. The platoon will miss the toon will face the challenges and suc-with pyrotechnics, which is always fun! whimsical stories from SSG McLellan ceed because thats how they roll. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 5 PAGE 3uav platoonIn the month of June, 3rd Crista, PFC Hebert), and thePLT had a wide variety of tasks Warrior Competition (SGT McIn-and training to complete. SSG tyre). UAV also met AircrewFrench and SGT Crista success-Training Program requirementsfully qualified theby com-majority of ApletingCompany on the classes onM-4 range. Dur-Airspace,ingVictory A e r oWeek, UAV hadmedical,several soldiers HAZMAT,do anout-and sev-headed by SGT Jones, SGT Clark,standingjoberal oth- and SGT McIntyre. The entire pla-competing in the ers. Thetoon spent many long hours pre-Softball Tournament (SPC Wil- big project however, was get-paring for this very important in-liams, PFC McChesney, PFC ting ready for the ARMS inspec-spection. Good job UAV!Timmons), Call of Duty (SGT tion. Our efforts were spear-HUMINT PlatoonEarly in the month of June, Alpha Ash carried a total of 150 LBS of4th PLT also said goodbye toCompany 1-1 BSTBs HUMINT Pla-water jugs more than a mile in am- several Soldiers: CW2 Dove, SSG Nagel,toon began and ple time. The SPC Genthon, and SSG McNeil. SGTconquered the 1-1platoons hardMillado also returned from his 6 monthBSTBBattalionwork and priorlong tasking where he provided supportFTX. The HUMINTreviewand to the Office of the Staff Judge Advo-Platoon success- drills enabledcate by being their Administrative NCOfully completed allthem to com-and Information Assurance Support Of-five lanes in the 5plete each lane ficer. SGT Bigorra returned from hislanes in the blister-effortlessly. tasking in which he supported Rangeing heat with all JuneControl.first time Gos w a s At thewhile showing t h eend of Junecourage, stability, and professional- month where we thankedism. The 8 man platoon pushed atwoSoldiersall those that sacrificedfrom 4th PLTHMMWV more than a kilometer their lives for this country,down a dirt road, conductedsuccessfullyand celebrated being aMEDEVAC requests with combatqualified at theSoldier during Victorycasualties, conducted counter- Company M4Week. PFC Ingram, SPCreconnaissance, conducted functions Vassalli, and SPC Ransom from therange. 4th Pla-checks on the M4, M240B, and M249 HUMINT platoon competed in the toon also completed 100% inventoriesSAW and sent SALUTE reports. SPCSoftball tournament. PFC Ingramand property layouts, thanks for givingRansom successfully completed night also competed in the football tour-up your breakfasts.land navigation due to his stupen-nament.dous navigation. In addition, SGT 4. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST HBCT, 1ST IDUpcoming Events:A Company, 1-1 STBBuilding 7243 Bamford July 17th Medical Simulation Training CenterCommander: CPT Priscella A. Nohle;July 20th Paintball at Outdoor Recreation: Families [email protected] 26-28th Kaw Valley Rodeo1SG Pete [email protected] August 3-6 DONSA785-307-4857August 18 Avenger Pool PartyCourtney Kunze Avenger Family Group [email protected] 24 BN Change of Command419-310-1870Aug 31-3 Sep DONSAAvenger DONTsDONT DRINK and DRIVEDONT DO DRUGSDONT DECK your DARLINAlways be aware there are people out therethat are having a more difficult time than you.Reach out to them and remind them that theyhave someone to talk to. You can save a life.FREE PAINTBALL20 July at Outdoor Recreation 0900(9011 Rifle Range Rd. Fort Riley)Come join Alpha Company in a fun day! DECISIONSHigh adventure! Avenger Family GroupPromotion! Team building and Fun.Everyday we make decisions. It isup to each of us to make decisionsthat make us proud . If you enjoy Come watch your Soldier get marked! Orthe Army or you dont enjoy the get marked yourself!Army; this doesnt mean that youcant set yourself up for success.Take college classes, get your de- Drinks and Snacks!gree, take lessons for a hobby you 13 and Over allowed to play.enjoy. It is up to you to take advan-tage of these things or not. When Wear Long Sleeves and Pantsno one is pushing you it is up to Masks and markers providedyou to push yourself. Dont settlefor average, as long as you do your Questions Call CPT Nohlebest then you will never be disap-pointed in yourself. What you haveto always remember is that it is upto you; it is your decision.