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A presentation on trends and movements that are shaping how consumer interact with autos and how auto designers and marketers are working to capitalize on them.



2. INFORMINSPIRE 3. ECO-URBAN 4. WHAT IS IT? Opportunities arising from thegrowing demand of the green-consciouscitysumers for environmentally friendlyproducts and services.ECO-URBAN 5. Urban AirUrban billboards transformedinto floating gardens. 6. Non-Preso Version Notes: October 2012 saw Los Angeles-basedartist Stephen Glassman launch a project on Kickstarter totransform billboards in the city into oating bamboo gardens. TheUrban Air project uses billboards steel and wooden frames, andbamboo planters which can be watered via an integrated mistingsystem. The planters will be equipped with wi-enabled sensorstracking data such as temperature and air quality. 7. DaewooDebut of worlds first wall-mounted washer. 8. Non-Preso Version Notes: In May 2012, Korea-based DaewooElectronics introduced the Mini Washing Machine. At around one-sixth the size of a regular washing machine, the appliance is theworlds rst wall-mountable washing machine, and is designed forcity-dwellers with limited oor space. The eco-friendly Mini runs a60% shorter wash cycle and consumes 80% less water and 86%less energy than regular machines, retailing for USD 789. 9. NaviaDriverless electric vehicledesigned for busy urban areas. 10. Non-Preso Version Notes: December 2012 saw France-basedautomotive brand Induct announce the rst deliveries of its Naviavehicle as part of a partnership with Switzerlands EcolePolytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne. The driverless electricshuttle is designed for use in pedestrian-heavy areas such asairport parking lots, shopping malls and universities. The Naviacan carry up to eight passengers with a maximum speed of 12.5mph, and uses laser range nders, cameras, accelerometers andGPS technology to calculate position, route and distance traveled. 11. Scrap CarPlant TreeVehicle scrappage scheme turnsold cars into new trees. 12. Non-Preso Version Notes: Launched in the UK in October 2012,Scrap Car Plant Tree encourages owners of old cars to donate theirvehicle in order to raise money for the creation of new greenspaces in UK cities. The scheme enables car owners to donateautomobiles to the Trees for Cities charity, by giving details oftheir vehicle and arranging a pick-up time. Scrap Car Plant Treetows cars within one to three days, after which they are taken to ascrap yard or put up for auction if still roadworthy; funds go tohelping plant new trees in the UK. 13. Electric urban car collapses foreasy parking.Hiriko Fold 14. Non-Preso Version Notes: In September 2012, researchers atMITs Changing Places Group and Spanish non-prot initiativeDenokinn began testing the Hiriko Fold; a fully electric vehiclewhich can be collapsed into a more compact shape for parking.The vehicle can drive 120km on a full charge, and is 2.5 meterslong when unfolded. The Hiroko Folds front chassis is capable ofbeing tilted upwards, allowing three of the cars to t into astandard parking space, with just one large door at the front tosave space. Priced at EUR 12,500, the Hiriko Fold will beavailable from 2013. 15. Lotus charger acts as solar refuelingstation and bench/streetlamp.LumineXence 16. Non-Preso Version Notes: Available from November 2011, theLotus charger from Italian product design brand LumineXence is asolar-powered electric vehicle charger which also functions as anLED streetlamp and bench. Via a 2.8 KW photovoltaic surface(which absorbs solar energy) and waterproof electrical outlet,consumers can charge an electric vehicle, while a variety of paintoptions on offer ensure that the charger ts in with itssurroundings. The covered bench and streetlight features meanthat the charger would be especially useful in urban environmentswhere space is at a premium. 17. HUMANBRANDS 18. WHAT IS IT? Consumers embrace brands thatcontribute to society or stand for something.They want to feel their decisions are part ofsomething bigger rather than just atransaction.HUMAN BRANDS 19. Radio-controlled miniature MINIvehicle used during Olympic events.MINI 20. Non-Preso Version Notes: At the London Olympic and ParalympicGames in August 2012, Minis mini Mini radio-controlled Cooperhatchback vehicles were used to retrieve javelins, hammers anddiscuses during athletics events. The miniature cars were built atone quarter of the scale of Minis Cooper model, and were operatedvia remote control. The battery-powered mini Minis could carryweights of up to eight kilos. 21. Mobile app shows drivers how toreduce their carbon footprint.Volkswagen 22. Non-Preso Version Notes: June 2012 saw Volkswagen release amobile app in China designed to raise awareness about automotivepollution and show drivers how they can reduce their carbonfootprint. The free Blue Mobility app works in the users vehicle,tracking driver behavior and then analyzing this, in order togenerate tips on how to modify driving and make savings on fuel.Blue Mobility also generates scores for each users performancewhich can be shared across social networks. 23. BMW Creates mock-up of childsdream car.BMW USA 24. Non-Preso Version Notes: US-based automobile blog Jalopnikposted a letter from a reader that included a four-year-old boysdescription of his dream car. The blogger challenged readers tosubmit designs of the42-wheeled BMW, which had 19 Porscheengines, and three steering wheels. In February 2013,BMW USAthanked the child for his idea and posted a drawing (created bythe BMW marketing team) on Facebookof how his car might look. 25. Toyota promotes hybrid vehiclewith positive moments campaignToyota 26. Non-Preso Version Notes: In April 2013, Toyota launched aninitiative in the UK to promote the Prius Plug-in Hybrid. TheToyota Positive campaign involved a series of lms in whichstrangers were surprised by positive actions. Fashion bloggerBurkatron gave shoppers in London free vintage apparel from aselection she curated, while swing band The Jive Aces played freeconcerts for the residents of two retirement homes. The automakerencouraged viewers to submit their own suggestions for positivemoments, and the winners were provided with a Prius for a day tohelp achieve their idea. 27. BRANDEDBRANDS 28. WHAT IS IT? Two (or more) brands bring theirunique competencies to the table to deliverthe best to their customers. They combine thebest from multiple worlds to re-imagine orinvent a new, unique product, service orexperience.BRANDED BRANDS 29. Aston Martin collaborates withsilversmiths on home dcor rangeAstonMartin 30. Non-Preso Version Notes: In January 2013, Aston Martin releasedSilver by Aston Martin,a limited-edition range of silverware for thehome, designed incollaboration with silversmiths GrantMacdonald. Launched to coincide with the British automotivebrands centenary, the range was inspired by Aston Martins classiccars and included ve categories: eating, drinking, gifts, models,travel and picnic and bespoke. 31. Limited edition Smart car designedby Zadin & VoltaireSmart 32. Non-Preso Version Notes: In February 2013, automotive brandSmart unveiled a limited edition four two vehicle designed incollaboration with fashion brand Zadig & Voltaire. Only 300 of thecars were produced, featuring panels nished with theFrenchfashion brands signature motif. The limited edition four two waspriced from EUR 17,100. 33. Toyota driver can control GPS viaNintendo DSToyota 34. Non-Preso Version Notes: In May 2012, Toyota launched a facilityenabling drivers in Japan to control in-vehicle Smart Navi GPSunits via Nintendo DS and Bluetooth. Drivers or passengers canpurchase a Kuruma de DS utility card (costing USD 92) which isinserted into the Nintendo console; users can then set destinationsvia the DS and sync their device with the Smart Navi system tosave places if they wish. 35. Bentley collaborates with Lalique onlimited edition fragranceBentley 36. Non-Preso Version Notes: In April 2013, luxury automotive brandBentley collaborated with French crystal maker Lalique on Laliquefor Bentley Crystal Edition. The scent for men has notes of woodand leather (inspired by Bentley cars) and is presented in aLalique-designed crystal bottle topped with the Bentley logo. Only999 bottles of the GBP 3,000 fragrance were made. 37. Celebrates 50th Anniversary withBMC Switzerland collaboration.Lamborghini 38. Non-Preso Version Notes: In March 2013, Lamborghini celebratedits 50th anniversary with a collaboration with bicycle brand BMCSwitzerland. Inspired by the Aventador vehicle, the bike wasconstructed from lightweight carbon and painted in the brandssignature yellow shade. Produced on a made-to-order basis, theLamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec was priced at EUR25,000. 39. Mini Paceman modified by RobertoCavalli for annual Life Ball charityCavalliPaceman 40. Non-Preso Version Notes: The Life Ball is a charity event held inVienna, Austria every year that raises money to ght thespread of HIV and AIDS. Since 2001, the year of itsreintroduction,Minihas been involved with the ball,auctioning a car that has been made over by a world-famousdesigner. This year Cavalli gets the nod and aPacemanfor acanvas. 41. NEXTTECH 42. Longer distances, for free, indefinitely.TeslaSupercharge 43. Non-Preso Version Notes: Tesla announces a signicantexpansion of the Supercharger network. Superchargingenables Tesla Model S drivers to travel long distances, forfree, indenitely.In addition to the expansion of the Supercharger networkitself, Tesla has improved the technology behind theSuperchargers to signicantly speed up the amount of time ittakes to charge Model S, in some cases cutting charging timein half. 44. Texas Instruments moves DLP techinto the dash for safer drives.HEADS UPDLP 45. Non-Preso Version Notes: This means that information such asnavigation indicators can be displayed for the driver right onthe windshield, alleviating the need for them to take their eyesoff the r


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