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  • Millennial Trends & Insights A Primer on Youth Culture & CommerceJason Newport

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    an Era of Command, Coercion and Control...

    to an Age of Cooperation and Collaboration; driven largely by young adults, or "Millennials"...

    we are all part of a massive shift happening across the world that has us moving from

  • they are moving us from fixed assets in the form of channels, to malleable ecosystems of touch-points

    Increasingly, products and services are being consumed as experiences

    We must think before and beyond the sale: the Real World Web where brands can add layers of service in the context where their products are used, shared and socialized

  • secret formula?

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  • Youth Insights

  • The "lifestreaming" video included with this deck was produced in late 2008. Our youth agency, Omnicom's mobileBehavior, specialized in developing a broad

    understanding of technology and the client's business -- and a deep understanding of youth culture and the driving forces that create demand among youth

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  • millennials (18-35) represent a fundamental shift in human behavior

  • conditioned or born with the ability to screen out display advertising

  • do not consume media.its all about connecting

    collecting creating combining contributing collaborating curating communicating

  • Youth do not clearly divide the offline from the online.

    1blended world

    Only the blending of the physical and virtual.

    There is no offline.

  • A Life Connected: Always-on social life, customized information feeds, device agnostic

    Participation: Generation C creativity as a status skill. Its all about customization and personalization

    Experience trumps all: they want active entertainment wherever they may be

    Gratification: I want it now, I want it easily, I want it free, and I want something dope!

    Distribution: Shared, automated, decentralized, seamless

    5key attributes

  • Social Insights

  • this post-PC era presents us with a unique opportunity to understand young adults in a more complete context than a simple two or three-dimensional consumer model

  • yet we continue to develop and measure for yesterdays destination web rather than todays contextual web

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    and we remain obsessed with technology itself, rather than exploring how to make it valuable for people

  • Brands and their products are both part of a unique context



    Within this shared context is where brands have the opportunity to create real value

  • This is where your brand should be and when it should be theregiving your audience something usable that supplements their real-time, real-life experiences.


  • Business Insights


  • your job is to CREATE A

    LAUNCHPAD where the interests and passions of your

    young talent have the opportunity to connect and grow.

  • Brands Who 'Get It' And How They Do It

  • marketers who have built content marketing into their product. The two are inextricably connected; one cannot exist without the other.

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    it is impossible to discuss youth marketing without mentioning Red Bull. Red Bull is the archetype of what a brand who aims to

    resonate with young men can achieve through a galvanized commitment to youth culture.

    There is no Red Bull without content.Red Bull is not a marketer who dabbles in Content Marketing.

    They are first and foremost, a Content Company who happens to sell energy drinks... A lot of energy drinks...

    More than 5 billion cans sold each year

  • Commerce Trends

  • Americas chronic surplus of necessary retail space is worsening.

    Smaller formats are more suitable for time-conscious millennial shoppers, many of whom may not be willing to experience the store as a destination -- but welcome the store coming to them

    It is time for redevelopment at the intersection of culture and commerce. . . taking the store to the consumer in their online, offline and mobile communities of youth interest

    Distributed Retail

  • Pop-Up Shopping Pods The Nike+ Fuelstations

    Scannable Window Shopping John Lewis Virtual Shop Lets People Conveniently Click and Collect

    Virtual Subway Supermarkets Homeplus Uses Clever Marketing Campaign to Become Number One

    Scannable Product Deliveries Walmart and P&G's PGMobile Trucks Offer Convenience & Accessibility

    Real-Life App Stores The Openspace Store is a Physical Retail Shop That Sells Apps

    Digital Holiday Donations The eBay Give a Toy Store Lets You Donate Toys by Scanning

  • Pantyhose Subscriptions Hoseanna Makes Sure That You Never Have Ruined Stockings

    Curated Ethical Boxes Monthly Blissmoboxes are Packed With Social Goodness

    Global Farmers' Markets Liga Masiva Lets You Buy Coffee Straight from the Source

    Beauty Sample Subscriptions The Birchbox Haute Box Bridges Online and In-Store Shopping

    Creative Council Packages Artrepreneur Kits Help Artists Transition From School to the Real World

    Customized Beef Services Mycow Lets Customers Choose Where Their Meat Comes From

    Subscription-Based Food Matches The Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box Delivers New Food and Music

    Water Equipment Subscriptions

    Book Borrowing E-Readers

    Subscription-Based Bakeries

  • Frameworks for Adapting

  • technologyneeds



    identify consumer needs your brand can fulfill

    evaluate engagement patterns: when, where, & why do consumers engage

    determine the mechanics and technology requirements to deliver brand value

    understand the unique behaviors of the customer

    connected consumer framework

  • CULTURE ENVIRONMENT ACTIVITYreligion economics language beliefs traditions heritage politics

    time place climate sound lights space distractions people

    walking listening watching shopping



    speed data plan services pricing billing

    hardware OS app store

    speed reliability coverage


  • needs

    What need is revealed when I consider people and their context together?

    what value or service can I offer that will fill that need?

    what messages or content must I create to deliver that value or service?

    query-based approach to understanding consumer needs that are possible for your brand to fulfill






  • Reinvent the Brief

  • 66questionsquestions What is remarkable about your brand, the product, offer, or service? Who is the specific target audience within the broad young adult/millennial age-range? Is there another group of people that has the ability to exploit the malleability of perception and persuade the target audience? How can content foster a social experience? Why would someone want to share this content with their peer network? What are the metrics and KPIs?