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Auto Mechanic . By Daniel Zanfirescu. Job Description. An Auto M echanic inspects and repair the engine, breaks and other parts of cars, busses and trucks. They also prevent future breakdowns in the near future. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic By Daniel ZanfirescuJob DescriptionAn Auto Mechanic inspects and repair the engine, breaks and other parts of cars, busses and trucks. They also prevent future breakdowns in the near future.Their job is to identify the problems fast and accurately so that they can consult the costumer about the issue and the price because some auto technicians dont get paid hourly but by how much they can accomplish in an amount of time that is reasonable to both to the costumer and himself/herself.Working Conditions The working conditions depend on the working place that the employees are attending work at. Either way you will get dirty just by fixing or adjusting car parts as we all the the they are not the cleanest features of the car.

EarningsThe earnings of an experienced car mechanic could range anywhere from 70 000 or any lower plus benefits.An inexperienced full time auto technician will significantly increase their income by the year.

Education And TrainingEmployers prefer to hire high school graduates and experienced students that the courses related to metal work, mechanical drawing, science, mathematics and computer and automobile skills.Some auto mechanic employers require their workers to complete programs offered by trade, vocational or community collages.Other Suggested Qualifications A certificate would be important but not a mandatory thing to have. Job fairs and apprenticeship programs can provide employment contacts and can lead directly to a job.Newspaper ads and internet job sites often lead an opening to a job.

Program DescriptionProgram: AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIANIn order to register fro an apprenticeship program at Durham Collage, you must have an offer of training letter from the ministry of training, collages and universities. A registered apprentice is employed in the trade and registered by his or her employer with the regional apprenticeship office.Sample Career PathLevel 1 Apprentice Technician EarningsMinimum wage of $30 000 per yearRequirementsCompletion of Grade 12Responsibilities Working under the supervision of a journeyperson technician and assist in automotive repairLevel 2Automotive Service TechnicianEarnings $30 000 to $50 000 per yearRequirementsSuccessful completion of an apprenticeship Possibly certified, and upgraded coursesResponsibilities Repairing and maintaining motor vehicles, working on both engine and body, knowledge of variety of modelsLevel 3ForepersonEarnings$45 000 to $60 000 per yearRequirementsExperience as a technicianVery good at repairingKnowledge of business administration and management.ResponsibilitiesAssigning work duties to lower ranks, supervising garage, reporting and providing costumer service.Level 4Service AdvisorEarnings$50 000 to $65 000 per yearRequirementsAbility to oversee areas of the garage.ResponsibilitiesAssigning work duties, supervising all areas of the garage, provides accountability repairs and costs.Related careersAuto DetailerAircraft MechanicMotorcycle MechanicRace Car TechnicianTow Truck Driver Diesel Technician

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Interesting FactsThe first car did not have steering wheels. Drivers steered with a lever.135 million cars travel the nations roads and interstates each day.


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