Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Antarctica. Australian Aborigines Aborigine = native Hunters Land sacred Polytheistic Arrived in Australia.

Download Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Antarctica. Australian Aborigines  Aborigine = native  Hunters  Land sacred  Polytheistic  Arrived in Australia.

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  • Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Antarctica

  • Australian Aborigines

    Aborigine = native HuntersLand sacredPolytheisticArrived in Australia over 40,000 years ago (yes, really, not a typo)

    MAORI: Indigenous peoples of New Zealand

  • Depicts deep meaning told through storiesSymbols = represent natural surroundings.Thunder & LighteningABORIGINAL ARTWORK

  • First Fleet: 11 British ships sailed from England (1787) to est. colony in Australia. Seeking: spices, tea, luxury goods.Cleared land for agriculture & farming, relocated aborigines. Australian Gold Rush (1851) brought Europeans.

    British convicts built infrastructure. After WWII, Australian govt promoted European immigration.

  • Australia: developed, modern free market economy.Abundant natural resources Impacted by US/European Economic issues.

    New Zealand: economy: Wool, switched to exporting frozen meat/dairy products as a result of colonization.

  • Australia: greenhouse gas pollution a MAJOR problem 2010 govt enacted controls. Education in the isolated Outback: School via radio, email, video, satellite. 90% of population of Australia: European descent

  • In your notes, indicate where most of the population is found in Australia.

  • How does the climate influence population distribution?

  • Group of islands in S. Pacific mountainous Temperate climate with sharp regional contrasts.

  • 1000s of tiny islands scattered between Hawaii & The Philippines. Subregions: Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia. Economy: Fishing. Over-fishingeconomic problem. Island life: simple, complex customs & rituals.

  • Site of US nuclear testing 1946-1958. Radiation prevented natives from returning.

  • Worlds largest coral reef system

  • Deepest part of the world's oceans, & deepest location on the surface of the Earths crust. 35,798 feet at deepest point

    In the NW Pacific Ocean, near Japan.

  • Worlds largest desert

    Colder than the North PoleLand is colder than water.

    Only scientists stay in Antarctica: There are scientists from just about every nation

    5% rock, rest is ice

  • **Photo of an Aboriginal diplomat, can you see one of the ways in which the British influenced the Aborigines? European govt has also played a part in current Australian govt system. The term Aborigines was given to the original people of Australia by the British, but they prefer to be called by their individual clan names. DNA shows them to be descendants from AfricaPossibly one of the earliest mariners (since came to Aust primarily by sea, not land bridges)Similar to other natives when Europeans settled new lands (The America, Africa etc) many aborigines died of diseases when Europeans colonized in the 1770sAboriginal people do not believe in animism. Animism is the belief that all natural objects possess a soul. They do not believe that a rock possesses a soul, but they might believe that a particular rock outcrop was created by a particular deity in the creation period. Aborigines seem to be more similar to Hinduism (but are NOT Hindu) than any other main religion. Aborigines believe in reincarnation & many gods.

    *Not necessary to know the symbols, just understand the idea behind them. WG 1A Holt pg 740Europeans were terrible to the Aborigines, much like other places Europeans colonized. Spices: Dutch East India Company Dutch company controlled much of the spice & tea trade in this region as well as many of the E Asian islands for over 200yrs.It is commonly reported that the colonization of Australia was driven by the need to address overcrowding in the British prison system; however, it was simply not economically viable to transport prisoners half way around the world for this reason alone.Many convicts were either skilled tradesmen or farmers who had been convicted for trivial crimes and were sentenced to seven years, the time required to set up the infrastructure for the new colony. Convicts were often given pardons prior to or on completion of their sentences and were allocated parcels of land to farm.

    After WWII, It was seen by the Australian (European descendants) that the country must "populate or perish". *WG 10BMajor changes occurred during this decade. The economybased on wool and local tradechanged to the export of frozen meat and dairy products toBritain. This change was enabled by the invention ofrefrigeratedshipping that allowed foodstuff to be transported over long distances.

    Might remind students that Free Market = Free Enterprise = Capitalism as these terms may show up interchangeably on the STAAR.

    *WG 5A, 5B, 6A, 11C, 16BPhotos: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Sydney Opera House, Boomerangs The State of Victoria, Australia, is the worst polluting state in Australia which in turn is one of the worst countries in the world for annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution.SLIP SLOP SLAP Campaign: Sid Seagull had Australians slipping on long sleeved clothing, slopping on sunscreen and slapping on a hat. This successful program was funded by public donationsTime permitting: Direct students to the slang Holt pg. 716*Note that most of the population is located along the SE coast, in cities. *Climate Map *Virtually all the native insects are found nowhere else.Seven penguin species!

    *DNA research: ancestors are from Taiwan. Hawaiian ancestry: Taiwanese Tahitian - Hawaiian

    *Former German Colony, taken by the Japanese during WWI, then by the US after WWII,used as a nuclear testing site, then returned to the Marshall Islands.

    Called Bikini by the native Marshall Islanders, fromMarshallese"Pik" meaning "surface" and "Ni" meaning "coconut". The name was popularized in the United States not only because it was the site of nuclear bomb tests, & because thebikiniswimsuit was named after the island in 1946. The two-piece swimsuit was introduced within days of the first nuclear test on the atoll, when the name of the island was in the news.

    The March 1, 1954 detonation, codenamedCastle Bravo, was the first test of a practicalhydrogen bomb. The largest nuclear explosion ever set off by the United States, it was much more powerful than predicted, and created widespreadradioactive contamination

    Natives were relocated PRIOR to the testing and have tried to return only to be moved again because radiation levels found in the people were so high. Women suffered faulty pregnancies, still births and babies born with health issues. US Govt is still paying reparations to these people.

    *Pacific Islanders *WG 4A, 4B, 9A, 11C, 13A

    composed of over 2,900 individual reefs[3]and 900 islands stretching for over 2,600kilometres (1,600mi) over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres (133,000 sqmi).[4][5]The reef is located in theCoral Sea, off the coast ofQueenslandin north-east Australia.

    Tourism important here

    It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space.

    *WG 4A, 4B, 9A, 11C, 13A

    *Tell studentsbasically you could put Mt. Everest in the bottom of this trench (at almost 30,000 ft) and it still would not come up out of the ocean. *An area that receives less than 10 of rain annually is considered a desert. Antarctica rainfall = 8 a yearSnows very little, however, snow does not melt so it accumulates year after year. NRH receives an avg of 34 a year and we are in drought conditions!

    Antarctica, on average, is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest averageelevationof all the continents.

    TheAntarctic Treaty: 49 countries. The treaty prohibits military activities and mineral mining, prohibits nuclear explosions and nuclear waste disposal, supports scientific research, and protects the continent'secozone. Ongoing experiments are conducted by more than 4,000 scientists from many nations. Scientists never stay longer than 9 months (conditions too harsh). No one country OWNS Antarctica. Shared by multiple countries.



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