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Presentation made to members of the Online Publishers Association during the 2009 Breakfast Workshops. Covers goals of portfolio, why measurement matters and deals with the Google vs Nielsen debate. Made by Josh Adler, OPA Head of Measurement.


  • 1.

2. Introduction

  • Measurement is the easiest OPA portfolio.
    • -Those who convinced me to apply for this job

3. Job Requirements Being able to distinguish ^https*://[^/]* from ^https*://[^/]* 4. CV Name:Josh Adler, CEO @ Prefix Real Job: Enabling traditional publishers Time Served: 5 years OPA Job: Ensure truth & understanding of data Time Served: 4 months 5. What did we do!!

  • Measurement of ROI is both the best and worst thing about digital advertising
    • -Vivek Bhargava,Communicate2

6. So do it properly! Portfolio Goals- Educate membership & advertisers - Develop & document best-practices - Hold Nielsen to account & build on partnership - Ensure authenticity and accuracy of data - Establish links with and learn from other international OPA-orgs. - Be the case study on Emerging Market measurement. - Try find time for my other job 7. Measurement: Why - Measurability is here to stay. - Common metrics = comparison and analysis - Be an honest marketing-platform- Deliver on ROI promise - Demonstrate growth, trends for benefit of all. 8. Measurement: What - Content(Pages, Content Groups / Channels) - Audience(Unique Browsers, Geographic, Demographics) - Experience(Session Times, Paths, Bounce-Rates) -Competitiveness (Rankings) 9. Why Nielsen Online

  • - Known, trusted.
  • - Ranking System. Configurable to ZA.
      • Auditable, transparent, standards-based.
      • We own the data.
      • More than pure analytics
      • Other OPAs (AUS, NZ, UK)

10. MarketIntelligence (MI) & SiteCensus (SC) - SC is pure analytics - MI is a media planning tool - MI is critical. SC is useful. - MI tracking: tag + URL-pattern match - SC tracking: tag + ClientID [+CG data] - Will be different, but in-line 11. Nielsen SC vs Google Analytics

      • Were all using it. (Thats okay!)
      • Its prettier, has better reports
      • Its free!
      • GA says Im much bigger!
      • I can customize it!
      • Its from Google!

12. Nielsen SC vs Google Analytics

  • BUT
      • GA is only comparable to SC.
      • Offers no MI-type service.
      • black box issue (bot-lists, definitions)
      • Unsupported, au-auditable, unaccountable.
      • Its from Google!

13. Nielsen SC vs Google Analytics

  • So, use both if you like!
  • - ensure you run GA tags after Nielsen tags.
  • - use GA for internal reporting only.
  • - use MI data for external reporting / rate-cards.
  • - Compare trends NOT figures.
  • - Whatever you use, be honest about where itcomes from. Inflated figured help no-one!

14. Health Check & Tips - Advertisers: Use the (i) in MI to validate brand domains - Publishers: Check your MI URLs & patterns. - Use words, not numbers for SC Content Groups. - Ensure your SC & MI domains match - Quarterly tag audits 15. Tag Health Check (Platform & MI)

16. Tag Health Check: SC

CI = ClientID CG = Content Group 17. Getting the best out of Nielsens - Online FAQ on the way (from me) - Youre entitled to services! - Use the tools! - Quarterly tag/pattern health-check! (please!) - Self-policing/monitoring - You get what you put in 18. Go Team! - help me, help you! - Lets learn together!- Lets put in the effort.- We need good data! - Give me feedback! 19. THANK YOU Email: [email_address]


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