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Video Games and Adolescent Aggression Carley Willhite University of Cincinnati, (Communication Sciences and Disorders) Assumptions Initially Made - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Video Games and Adolescent AggressionCarley Willhite University of Cincinnati, (Communication Sciences and Disorders)willhica@mail.uc.eduAssumptions Initially MadeInitially thought that aggressive video games could encourage violent behavior in adolescents. From what was witnessed, especially at Game Stop, those teens seemed to be deep into the gaming world and played aggressive games; as seen by the shirts worn by a few of them. The actions set toward each other after a teen tried to cut, helped make an assumption that there must be some sort of correlation between violent video games and aggressive behavior.Reflection: This has not been completely proven; however, evidence and correlation are available from studies. Adolescents have a higher correlation between violent video games and aggressive behavior if they:Live in an unstable home environmentAre maladjustedBeen bulliedUnhealthy Lack of parental controlCan cause less serious violent acts (New York Daily News 2013)

    New research shows a correlation between violent games and can stir hostile urges and mildly aggressive behavior in the short term. Noted that adolescents with gaming habits can become more aggressive such as pushing and shoving peers. Not at all clear whether, over longer periods, such a habit increases the likelihood that a person will commit a violent crime, like murder, rape, or assault.(The New York Times 2013)Research QuestionDo video games influence aggressive behavior in adolescents?Observational ExperienceMethodsSetting 1: Beavercreek High School, Beavercreek, Ohio. Observed adolescents by attending home football games and watching their actions and behaviors.Setting 2: Game Stop, Cincinnati, Ohio. Observed adolescents standing in line for a newly released Modern Warfare game.Notes:Football Game: Noticed many adolescents wearing violent video game related clothing articles from games such as Call of Duty ,Halo, and Assassins Creed. Majority were males wearing these type of clothes. Video games seemed to have an impact on what kids chose to purchase and wear.Game Stop: Observed that adolescents were in line hours earlier to get a new video game that was about to be released. One student tried cutting in line with his friends which caused an uproar among the adolescents already in line. Swear words and foul language were spoken as well as pushing. Violent video game shirts were noticed; i.e. Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.Interesting FactsGirls play at lower rates and are significantly less likely to play violent games. (The New York Times 2013)

    As of 2001, roughly 79 percent of America's youth played video games, many of them for at least eight hours a week. (How Stuff Works 2008)

    Adolescent girls played video games for an average of 5 hours a week, whereas boys averaged 13 hours a week. (Sutter Health)Top 5 Most Popular Video Games 2013Grand Theft Auto VAssassin's Creed IV: Black FlagBioShock InfiniteThe Last of UsCall of Duty Ghosts

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