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  • 1. Assignment 16 Ancillary PlanningGroup Work Kaya SumblandGledis Dedaj Rahel Fasil Joanne Aroda

2. Part A 3. Part B 4. Part C 5. - BeforeAfter - 6. Original Photograph 7. Cropping The photoJ Before Crop In order to get rid ofnegative/ awkward space I After Cropcropped parts of the image. 8. Colour change To give the image a moreeerie effect I added a darkereffect to the whole photo. This makes the connotations ofthe image much more effectiveand serious. 9. Adding effects To emphasise thevulnerability of thecharacter that representssociety I added a brighteffect around them.Before Bright EffectAfter BrightEffect 10. Adding Effects Before Dark Effect To emphasis the danger of an unknown higher power I darkened the Unknown character in the photo. After Dark Effect 11. Adding effects After altering the colour of the image I then changed the overall effect. 12. Final productBefore Editing After Editing 13. BEFORE AFTERUsing the InstaEditor app on my iPad, I was able to adjust thesaturation of this photo.