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On the Design of a Photonic Network-on-Chip

On the Design of a Photonic Network-on-ChipAssaf Shacham, Keren Bergman, Luca P. CarloniPresented for HPCAN Session by: Millad GhaneNOCS07Why NoC ?Scaling Transistor Speed and IntegrityTighter LogicPower Dissipation

Increasing Number of Cores per ChipBottleneck: Global Intrachip CommunicationsBandwidthPower

Performance-per-wattWhy Optic ?Low Power DissipationUltra-high ThroughputMinimal LatencyEnd-to-end TransmissionNo RepeatingNo RegenerationNo Buffering

A silicon ring resonator

Hybrid ArchitecturePhotonic InterconnectionHigh Bandwidth Messages

Electronic InterconnectionLow Bandwidth MessagesShort Control MessagesPhotonic PropertiesAdvantagesBit-rate TransparencyNot Switching by Every Bit of DataSwitching Once per MessageLow Loss in Optical WaveguideIndependence of Transmission DistanceDisadvantagesNo Storage ElementE/O and O/E ConversionsOff-chip Lasers

Packet LifeDDSSending path-setup packetElectronic NetworkOptic NetworkSPacket LifeDSDSSending optical packetPacket LifeDSDSSending path-teardown packetPacket LifeDSDSSending path-blocked packetpath-teardown packetBuilding Blocks

70 m70 mPhotonic Switching ElementElectrical RouterBuilding Blocks ProblemsNo Injection/Ejection PortNot Deadlock-FreeWide Turns


Gateway SwitchInjection SwitchEjection SwitchTorus Network NodesAccess PointsAddress Format

Deadlock SolutionInjection-Ejection Blocking[previous slide]

Intra-dimentional Blocking (Torus Network)Virtual Channel Flow ControlCircuit Switchingterminate-on-timeout packet Simulation ParametersPOINTS SimulatorBased on OMNET++36-core CMP6x6 planarChip size: 20 x 20 mmUniform Traffic3 CasesDeadlockMessage Size OptimizationIncreasing Path Diversity2Message Size OptimizationLong path-setup latencyNonosecondsSuper fast transmission

Overhead Ratio:Message Size Optimization (cont.)Message Duration: 50nsMessage Size: 2KB Suitable for DMA Trans

Increasing Path DiversityPD=2Less HardwareLess OverheadDifference

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