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    July 2013 Vol. 9, No. 8 An Independent Newspaper Serving Greater FREE

    See Review, Pg. 11

    Peter, Paul & Mary legacy show uneven

    Mumpower is gladabout drug arrests

    See Story, Pg. 6Carl Mumpower

    Michael Cloud

    GOP may need to step aside, Libertarians told

    Special photo by JOHN ALLEN

    Margaret Ross Williams (center), an original with the 1950s and 60s girl group The Cook-ies, leads the current lineup during The Ultimate Doo Wop Show on June 22 at Brevard Music Center in Brevard. A review and more pictures appear on Page 18.

    ... My babys got me locked up in chains.... APD officerallegescover-up by police chiefFrom Staff Reports

    AshevillePoliceLt.WilliamWilkeiscontendingthatPoliceChiefWil-liamAnderson attempted to coerce him intomaking false statementsaboutanaccidentinwhichthechiefssonwasinvolvedandthatthechiefandothercityofficialsareinvolvedinacov-erupofthecase.Wilkemadetheallegationsduringapressconfer-

    encethathecalledJune25intheofficeofhisattor-ney,GeorgeHyler.Hereadthestatementforslightlymore than threeminutesabout theMarch9wreckandwhatensuedinthedaysfollowingit.IShortlyafterWilkespressconference,citypublic

    informationofficerDawaHitchrespondedbysend-inganemailtoMayorTerryBellamyandCityCoun-cilmembersasfollows:It has come tomy attentionwithin the last 30



    By TIM PECKSpecial to the Daily Planet

    FLATROCKMaybeitstimefortheRepublicanPartytogo,LibertarianauthorandspeakerMichaelCloudsaidinhisJune9 keynote address at the three-day NorthCarolinaLibertarianPartyConventionhere.As the 60-or-so attendees dined on the

    cateredbuffetintheSandburgRoomattheMountainLodge,Cloudspoketotheaudi-ence in passionate tones about the arc ofLibertarianelectoraldisappointment.Whatseemstobetheproblem?Cloud

    asked. We have the right ideas. Still, atbest,weareonlygettingabout23percentofthevoteinstatelegislaturecampaigns.Cloud then outlinedwhat he saw as the

    causes and the cures of party woes in anengagingwalking-and-talkingstyle,pacingthefrontoftheroomandcallingonpeople

    bynametoanswerpointedquestions.Cloudhasdistilledhisobservationsdowntoafewcogent points and laid out a strategy formovingforward.First, Libertarians are being virtually

    brainwashed intobelieving thecriticswhoreflexivelyclaimthatLibertariancandidatessimplycantwin,Cloudnoted. Its a disease that perpetuates a self-

    fulfilling prophecy that defeats candidatesandtheirsupportersbeforetheygetstarted,he said. Its a psychological problem, notaproblemofideas.Theideasarewinning,Cloudsaid.Its only our candidates that are strug-

    gling.Inhishypothesis,Theimpossibilitytrap,asCloudcoins it, isoftenexpressedindefeatisttermswhensupportersarecalledontotakeaction:IlikeyourcandidatebutIdontwanttowastemyvote.Yourcandi-datewillbeaspoiler.Thecourtswilljust

    strikedownanyrealchanges. And thevotingmachinesareriggedanyway.Clouds retort?

    Dontyoubuyintoit!These perennialbromidesonlyserveto do one thing: toconvince sympa-theticvoters to takea pass, to turn their

    attention elsewhere, or to simply do noth-ing,hesaid.We are quitting on the five-yard line

    afteralongdrivetothegoalzone,Cloudasserted.Wearebelievingthatitsimpos-sible.Itsacaseoflearnedhelplessness,assomepsychologistsputit.Itsadebilitatingcondition that canbe taught topeopleandanimalsalike.

    Ifwebelievethatitsimpossible,werenot going to make that extra phone call,werenotgoingtowalkthatextrablocktoknock on doors. We become conditionedto aim lower.And its aweakness thatwemustovercomeifwearetoevermakeanyadvancesinthepoliticalarena.

    Second,Clouddiscussed the rightwaystothinkabouttheirunderdogpoliticalparty,abouthowtogofrombeingaspoilertobe-ingadarkhorsetobeingacontender.

    One, dont faint when someone says,Hey, that makes sense. Also, recognizethatwhenwegetafairhearing,wewin.Itsourjobtogetafairhearing.Next,startmod-ellingpossibilitybehaviors,hesaid.

    Cloudthenofferedaninspirationalanal-ogytothemovieRockywherethethemesofhumiliation, courageandhardworkareplayedoutindramaticform.

    See LIBERTARIANS, Page 10

    Amy Alkin See Advice Goddess, Pg. 26

    Dumped for a rich old man?

    See COMPLAINT, Page 7

    Lt. Bill Wilke

  • 2 July 2013 - Asheville Daily Planet

    Christine's Cardio Fitness has moved into Asheville Community Movement

    at 812 Riverside DriveSame instructors, same schedule in a giant new space with more room to shake it. Christine's Cardio Fitness is an exclusively Zumba Fitness studio with

    licensed tness and specialty instructors.Look for our instructors on to learn more about them.Open Monday-Saturday offering Zumba Fitness, Zum-ba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao & Zumbatom-ic classes. Only $5 per class with punch cards. Unlimited classes $15 per week. No mirrors. No contracts. Check the website to register for

    classes and enjoy ourweb-based check-in.


    Join the Party! Christine Johnson

  • Asheville Daily Planet July 2013 - 3

    Financingavailable with

    approved credit

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    Lineup unveiled for WCUs Galaxy of Stars Series

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    CULLOWHEE The Galaxy of Stars Series at Western Carolina University cele-brates its ninth season with a lineup that will take audience members from the Beatles 1964 U.S. invasion to Smokey Joes Caf and many points between.

    The only professional entertainment se-ries in Jackson County, the Galaxy of Stars Series debuted in 2005, with all perfor-mances taking place in the 900-seat John W. Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center.

    Series subscriptions are now available at a substantial savings over individual ticket prices. Patrons can enjoy all six shows in the season for $100 for adults and $25 for students and children. Subscriptions allow patrons to select and keep preferred seats and also are an affordable way for families to enjoy live entertainment.

    The 2013-14 lineup is as follows: Brass Transit, 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept.

    29. A dynamic, crowd-pleasing unit from Toronto, Brass Transit plays the music of Chicago from the bands golden age of the late 60s to the early 70s with a world-class horn section, a rocking rhythm section and tight vocals. The playlist includes 25 or 6 to 4, Saturday in the Park, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, Feelin Stronger Every Day, (Ive Been) Searchin So Long, Hard to Say Im Sor-ry and Youre the Inspiration.

    Ring of Fire The Music of Johnny Cash, 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 24. Touching on the life and times of one of the worlds most legendary artists, Ring of Fire is a top-notch jukebox musical revue. A com-pany of performers, rather than imperson-ate Cash, guides the audience on a journey through Cashs storied life and celebrated music with more than 35 of Cashs hits.

    Smokey Joes Caf, 5 p.m. Sunday,

    Jan. 26. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller virtu