articles on insights of youth in india (micro and macro-trends, socio psychology, aios)

Download articles on insights of youth in India (micro and macro-trends, socio psychology, AIOs)

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Few of my articles published in various magazines. These articles reflect the socio- psychology of youth in India and will help researcher and insight seekers to get a better idea of young and young adults in this subcontinent. For more check my blog :


  • 1.Magazine: The Smart ManagerWebsite: www.thesmartmanager.comIssue: Vol7, Nov-Dec08Topic: Consumer psychology of Indian youth and theTheory of adopted differentiation

2. Magazine: CQ ( Career Quotient)Website: www.cqonnet.comIssue: 1, 2009Topic: Socio-psychology of Indian youth 3. Magazine: Youth Eye Collectively Conscious (Indias first youth interactive magazine)Website: www.youtheye.inIssue: vol1, March 2010Topic: Fashion trends of Tee shirts among Indian youth 4. Magazine: The Smart ManagerWebsite: www.thesmartmanager.comIssue: Vol0, 2011 April


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