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  • 1. Jamaica Union CatalogueArlene OnonaiwuTechnical Information Manager,PIOJ November 22 23, 2007

2. OBJECTIVES Introduction National Library Systems Union Catalogue Sectoral Sub-Networks SECIN Database Challenges Concerns Challenges 3. IntroductionA union catalogue is a catalogue of various departments of a library, or of a number of libraries indicating their locations. 4. Benefits to Users The ability to search across multiple collections Links to abstracts and electronic documents High quality services in the area of content and reliability 5. Benefits to libraries A platform for resource sharing Platform for service co-operation Enhanced power in negotiation with suppliers 6. National Library System Jamaica Archives and Records Department (JARD) Legal Network Social and Economic Network Physical Planning Network College Libraries Network Science and Technology Network 7. NLJ New Sub-Networks Audio Visual Information Network (AVIN) Jamaica Agricultural Documentation and Information Network (JADIN) 8. The Second Plan, Systems and Union Catalogue The plan report reviewed the operations of specific networks as they related to the recommendations of that plan. 9. The National Librarys role in the production of the Union Catalogue National Bibliographic Database of Jamaican publications UWI integrated library software from VTLS to ALEPH 10. National Library and its SectorialSub-networks COLINET AVIN JADIN LINET SECIN STIN 11. SECIN The Socio-Economic Information Network (SECIN) First of the National Library Jamaica Sub- networks to start its Union Catalogue 12. Challenges Establishing a Jamaica Bibliographic Database Human Resources Needs Lack of Management Support 13. Security Concerns Concerns were expressed regarding security of records. Despite assurances given that these records would be secure a few of these libraries have been unable to participate because of this reason. 14. Information Technology Expertise Not staffed by Librarians Slow contribution to the Union Catalogue Limited Information Technology Support Limited Financial Resources NLJ Support Critical Marketing Critical 15. Conclusion Clearly, progress in the development of a modern integrated information system in Jamaica has been substantial.