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Randy, Arlene, and Nick present…. The pretty Princess. ROLLERCOASTER!. The greatest ride ever!. The Start. The begging starts off with a quick downhill fall turning from potential energy to kinetic energy when it’s dropped. All from The force of gravity. The Makeup Tunnel. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Randy, Arlene, and Nick present

1The pretty PrincessROLLERCOASTER!

The greatest ride ever!

The StartThe begging starts off with a quick downhill fall turning from potential energy to kinetic energy when its dropped. All from The force of gravity

The Makeup Tunnel

The Makeup tunnel Adds excitement to the rider and echoes a different sound wave because the vibrations bounce off of the tunnel roof before hitting our ears. While this energy is being transferred to sound, Gravity is still converting potential energy into kinetic at a rapid rate.The Fantasy Loop

Fantasy Loop almost completely stops the momentum of the marble, and then regains force as it begins the downward half of the loop. 6The Beautiful BatwingThe Beautiful Batwing is sure to give riders a thrill. Gravitational force cannot take effect quickly enough to pull The marble down. Speed is surprisingly increased as the downhill motion continues to be stronger than the friction of the track.

The Colorful Camelback

In this picture the marble can just be seen racing through the tracks. A beautiful sign, a painted ground, and some pretty pink walls give this part of the track the name colorful camelback. Note that the first bump is the highest because at that point there is more energy than there is by the second one. This is due to gravity and track friction.The graceful ending

This magical ending gradually slows the roller coaster down. Sticky masking tape creates a higher amount of friction than the smooth foam track. This high end tape method is the preferred way of stopping. If the marble hits a wall and stops all at once then the riders will get hurt. We dont want that. Because If theyre dead, they cant ride again. I hope you enjoyed your rideThe ride is over and all that heat and sound energy from the track is dying out. Notice that our castle has a ladder so you can actually get up it unlike some roller coasters we know.