are you interested in raising money for charity?

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Are YOU interested in raising money for Charity?

My target audience is everyone but I am slightly aiming my digital advert to kids. When children see adverts of toys on television they keep nagging their parents to buy it for them. I am using the same strategy and informing kids that they should come and that they will Have the time of their life. 1

Then attend the community spirit event being hosted in The Gateway Academy :


I have made the location and the date stand out because then they will remember when and where the event will be happening.2You can do activities that will raise money for charity whilst you are having fun. There will be food and a whole load of enjoyment. We are dedicated to raise money for the charity with help from the community. Together anything can beaccomplished. We have invited trusted charities to come to the event so come along and help us build a brighter future.The community spirit will be happening in The Gateway Academy so come along.What is Community Spirit all about?

There will be Many Activities including

There will be music and lots of fun for everyoneFace Painting29/7/2014Sports Video Games Tournaments Bouncy Castes Board games

Will there be any food in the event?YES!!We will be selling burgers, chips, and hot dogs, sandwiches and many more.

There will also be drinks such as: Soft Drinks TeaCoffeeEtc.

Then Ask you parents and bring them along. You will have the time of your life.

Charities attending Barnardos Shop Oxfam PDSA Sue Ryder CareIf you want to raise money for your charity then email us and we will prepare where you can raise money.7Contact us:Email: number: 01375 489000Postcode: RM16 4LU


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