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Uniiverse loves working with charitable events (we often waive our fees for these events) and weve learned a lot about helping charities maximize donations and ticket sales. We asked our charitable partners about how theyve succeeded in the event space. Hopefully these tips will inspire you and help your charity raise more money.


  • 1. Selling Tickets and Raising Moneyfor a Charity Event

2. Marketing PlanYour event needs a comprehensive plan of action thatbegins 6 months before your event and goes right throughthe months after.Break-down who you are targeting and how you are goingto reach them. 3. Marketing PlanDo you have donor personas? You needdonor personas. Also include acomprehensive marketing budget and ROIplan.The 4 Ws Who is my customer? Where are they? What do they want to see? How can I sell them tickets? 4. Your charity event needs an email listIf you already have a compressive email list ofdonors then congratulations!Treat your list with respect and target yourmessaging well to maximize donations.Marketing automation tools can help you to useyour list effectively without taking up too much time,and your automation can be reused year after year. 5. Your charity event needs an email listIf you dont have a list, its time to start building one!Collect emails when you sell tickets, take donations,at your event, and on your website.Your email list is your best friend, treat it well andgrow it and it will bring you 100x return on yourinvestment. 6. Make landing pages Landing pages are a great way to target potential donors orgrow your email list. Create segmented multiple landing pages by geographicalarea, by income levels, or however you slice your market. Landing pages must be focused. Have one goal per page so decide if you want your visitors togive you their email or give you their money. Make sure everything on the page is re-enforcing that goal. 7. Social media engagementPeople love giving to charity, and often love telling others that theyre giving.Uniiverses social deals give ticket buyers a discount for tweeting or posting aboutthe event on Facebook so your event will be widely shared online and seen bythose most likely to attend (friends of people already going!).If you want more exposure give a 100% off for sharing on some of your tickets. 8. Sell tickets & take donations at the same timeUse your ticketing platform to collectcharitable donations.Simply create new ticket types withdifferent tiers of giving or a Pay WhatYou Want option.Clearly note what exactly the donor isgetting, those the donation includeentry to the event or must theypurchase a separate ticket? 9. Sell tickets & take donations everywhereThe easier it is to give the more youmake, right?Include links directly to ticketing ordonation pages in your email marketingand social media.Landing pages should include donationlinks, or even better embed your donationbox right on the landing page. 10. Sell tickets & take donations everywhereYou can use Uniiverses Ticket Manager app to sell tickets at the door forcash or card this keeps all your sales in one place and its easy for anymember of your team to collect a donation at any point during the event. 11. Follow up & re-engageAfter your event email every attendee and thankthem for their generous contributions (youcollected everyones email right?).If you have a newsletter then ask them if they wantto join (dont automatically add them because thiscan be seen as spam and drive donors away remember to respect your email list!). Keep your list engaged with useful content (like ademonstration of where their money went and thepositive effect theyve had).Then start gently reminding them of your nextevent or charity drive dont nag and dont justask for money.Not Good! 12. About UniiverseUniiverse is building the future of socialevent ticketing and marketing.We work with over 26,000 eventorganizers worldwide and provide themwith the most advanced tools to selltickets, promote, and manage eventsonline. 13. Uniiverse Collaborative Lifestyle Inc. #


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