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Tendencias de Reclutamiento en Espaa 2015

Estrategia de Linkedin

Foro abierto de preguntas

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380M+Miembrosmundial+2 Nuevos miembros por segundo

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Los procesos han idocambiando rpidamenteCandidatos & Clientes


Ms oferta

Ms canales




Base de datosOffline

Portales de empleo


2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.TALENT SOLUTIONSThe world of work has been changing at a rapid pace for both clients and candidates as well as recruitment businesses.

Recruitment companies have had to adapt over the years in the facing of evolving technologies.

Connectivity networkingChoice volumes of jobs and suppliersChannels job boards, social media and job aggregators

Explain changes from off to online.

The most recent technology to disrupt recruitment is that of the social web.14

Medios socialeshan llegado para quedarse

57%De las decisiones de compra se tomanantes de tener algun contacto comercial

1 Source: Harvard Business Review, The End of Solution Sales, July 2012

2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.TALENT SOLUTIONSOne of the most common misconceptions around LinkedIn is that most recruitment companies treat us as a job board and a database, but to fully understand how to get the best from LinkedIn you need to treat it as a social media channel.

Lets take a second to think about the purpose and reason as to why we use other social media platforms. Take Facebook as an example, the idea is to build a community around you of friends and like minded people to communicate with and share content that is relevant and engaging to your friends.

LinkedIn is no different its about building a Followers ecosystem around you of relevant contacts who are interested in you, your company and what you have to say.

Also, the social web has also dramatically changed how we process information, make decisions and look for work. We want and expect information to be as relevant and as personalised as possible. We now trust social platforms to help us make purchasing decisions e.g. trip advisor etc .

We are so research focused now and have so much more information that 57% of the decision to buy is now made before any commercial contact with your business. This now applies about how we think about recruitment and finding our next job.15

Los profesionales forman parte de LinkedIn por3 razones

ConocimientoContenido relevante

ContactosNetworking con otros profesionalesIdentidadIdentidad profesional

2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.TALENT SOLUTIONSLets start by understanding why people use LI and our value proposition to our members.IdentityNetworkKnowledge16

ENGAGEEstrategia de LinkedIn en3 simples pasosTu base de followers y tu marca de empresa

Conecta con tu audiencia relevante

Haz lo que sabes hacer mejor




2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.TALENT SOLUTIONSSo, your LinkedIn strategy should consist of three very simple steps.17

Comienza el viaje





Crea y Aumenta tu base de seguidores Conecta con potenciales candidatos y clientes y conviertelos en followers



300%Follower base increase- Symphony Teleca

Your total number of followers 13,375

TMP WorldwideTMP Worldwide

So to start to warm up and nurture your core audiences we need to market your company and start to grow your Followers. To achieve this we take a brief from you in terms of really understanding who exactly is your key market in regards to clients, candidates and consultants. We then target them with a highly effective and relevant advertising campaign. The goal of this is to promote your brand but more importantly, grow your Followers


Promocionaa tus empleados como embajadores de tu marca



Views on youremployee profilesthis month8,965Recruiter tienen 10xmas trafico que la media de usuarios10xDe visitias son a perfiles76%

TMP WorldwideTMP Worldwide

We then leverage your most valuable and networked asset your employees. Each month your employees are receiving nearly 2,000 views to their profiles from LI members who are potential candidates, clients and consultants. Currently when they view your employees they are shown a generic ad campaign. We turn this missed opportunity into a marketing opportunity by encouraging these guys to Follow your company or apply for a relevant job. We import that LinkedIn members profile picture into this add unit which helps engage and grow your Followers. Lets take a look in a little more detail who is looking at your employees.






Mejora la comunicacion y fideliza a tus seguidores con contenido y mensajes relevantes


Los visitantes ven contenido relevante para elllos 400%Aumento de la conversion a candidato mostrando contenido relevante




1 Source: David Edelman, McKinsey & Company, Quality & Relevance, March 2014

Company page views last month982

The second most important asset you have is your company presence. We see here that you are already engaging with members on LinkedIn through the XXX company page views you have last month. Our LinkedIn Career Page solution elevates and accelerates your engagement with the audiences you care about most. We help you build out dynamic content that will be relevant for your audience whether they be candidates, clients or potential consultants. We serve relevant images, engaging video content and relevant jobs. We also enable this audience to Follow your company from this page. We have found our customers who invest in building out this content have a significantly higher response rates to their job and Inmails and give potential clients, candidates and consultants are far more richer and relevant experience. 22

Manten a tus seguidores actualizados

Asegurate de estar siempre en su menteContenido relevante potencia los likes y el compartirlos



61%Los seguidores son un 61% ms propensos a compartir informacin como resultado de seguir a tu empresa

By having a thoughtful approach to providing content updates you influence the early stages of the purchasing decision process and demonstrate your domain expertise through adding value and being a thought leader to your Followers. So when your consultants start to reach out to candidates and clients you have built your reputation as a relevant and appropriate partner. You also leverage the power of social media by your Followers amplifying and sharing this content amongst their network, and as you know good people know good people. We also provide full reporting and consulting services around understanding how to build and deploy a thoughtful content marketing strategy.23




70% de los profesionales son candidatos pasivosActive CandidatesWork on their job search Search job boards Seek out many opportunitiesPassive CandidatesWork on doing their jobs better Develop networks Only listen to the right opportunities30%Activos70% Pasivos380M+Members worldwide

Passive candidate recruiting is a key to success.

Because LinkedIn is a professional network, its home to both passive and active job seekers Getting passive candidate sourcing right is critical to achieving your recruiting goals Many of todays best candidates are not looking for a job

However Recruiting passive candidates requires a very different approach from recruiting active candidates While active candidates frequent job boards and seek out many opportunities, passive candidates spend their time networking. Theyll listen to opportunities, but only if its the right opportunity for them.

Active candidates are also an important source of hire, but LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and these tens of millions of passive candidates cant be reached anywhere else

LinkedIn is the only platform that can help you recruit both passive and active candidates





30%MembersNote: Active-passive figures come from the 2014 Talent Trends survey conducted by LinkedIn Research Network. For more information, visit talent.linkedin.com or download our white paper hereAgencies turn to LinkedIn to reach more candidates, whether active or passive & updated!Job Boards

LinkedIn is the only place on the web where you can recruit both passive and active candidates

Traditional job boards provide access to only the 30% of professionals who are actively looking

LinkedIn provides access to both these, and the 70% of passive candidates who are not actively searching on job boards

LinkedIn allows you to reach tens of millions of passive candidates that cant be reached anywhere else 26

Promociona tus puestos a los mejores candidatos


RelevantJob PostsSolo los candidatos ms adecunados veran las ofertasLos puestos te ayudarn a promocionar tu marca

de los seguidores est interesado en oportunidades laborales de empresas a las que siguen.79%

By building and engaging with Followers your response rates from job postings will be far higher. We find Followers of a company are 3x more likely to apply for one of your jobs than a non Follower. Let me explain how they work (include new feature of every application has to now opt out from the company they applied to.


Recluta proactivamente


RecruiterExpande tu alcance y Accede a la red completaContacta con candidatos mediante inmailsColabora con tus compaeros en los procesos

95%ms probable que los seguidores respondan a un mensaje InMail

And finally we have the engine room of the solution. Our Recruiter and RPS platform gives you unrestricted access to all 300+ million LI members and allows you to access all 3 audiences that you care about (candidates, consultants and clients) in a far more efficient and effective way. As a business you also maintain all the associated IP. The effort you have put in to building and engaging these audiences can be lead to improved Inmail response rates as responses from Followers V non Followers is nearly 2 times higher.28


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