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A collection of my most recent Industrial Design work.


  • A N D Y G A OP O R T F O L I O 2 0 1 2

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  • A single serve blender designer with the philosophy and visual brand language of Sony.3.5 weeks, personal project

    SONY SBStabilized single serve blender

  • Goal to understand the visual brand language of Sony and to embody the brands identity and philosophy into another product.

  • "to do away with excessive ornamentation and accentuate a powerful, high performance, professional feel through the use of simple, cool colors and materials."

    The Sony brand has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology, while emphasizing functionality through form.

  • BALANCEThe strong vibrations from the motor cause the blender to shake, forcing the user to hold onto it to balance it.

    CONFUSIONOut of the array of buttons available on most blenders, most users only ever use one or two of them

    SPACETraditional blenders usually take up a large amount of space on the countertop, mak-ing it inconvenient to move around.

  • BrainstormingExploring possible solutions.

    BalanceThe TomTom GPS mount features a beveled ring

    that creates a tighter suction for extra stability.

    SpaceSingle-serve blenders reduce the amount of countertop space used.

    ConfusionThe small size of single serve blenders allow for

    only one blending option, reducing confusion.

  • Visual Cues Several Sony products were used as inspiration in the final form.

    DetailSonys electronics have a subtle LED light to reassure users that the product is on and working.

    ColorsSony has a consistent product line using simple, cool colors and materials.

    FormSonys sa ns300 speakers have a sturdy and balanced conical shape, which translated well over to the shape of the blenders base.

  • Tritanis a strong copolyester that is BPA free, chemical resistant, and sustainable, perfect for the container.

    Stainless steel blades ensure long lasting corrosion resistance.

    Polycarbonateis a strong thermoplastic polymer that is easily molded to create the base of the blender.

    MaterialsSony is notable for their high performance products not only through their technology, but through their materials as well.

  • Beveled ring is twisted to secure the suction underneath the base.

    LED ring is bright and vivid to indicate that the blender is on.

    Threaded lid creates an airtight seal with the container.

    Offset blades create a thoroughly blended drink.

    Removable cord with a magnetic end makes it easy to move blender around.

    Suction underneath the blender secures the blender on the countertop.

    Features The SONY SB includes many features to make the drink blending experience easier.

  • PlaceMake sure the countertop is clean and free of debris when placing blender ontop.

    LockRotate the beveled ring to secure the suction in place. The rotation pulls the suction cup upward, creating a tighter suction.

    BlendOnce secured, you are ready to use your blender.

    Locking processThe suction feature utilizes the same fundamentals as the Tomtom window mounts.

  • SONY SBThe SONY SB is a perfect fit for any home that wants to make fresh, delicious mixed drinks with a touch of a button.

  • An orbital sander designed with the philosophy and visual brand language of Acura.4 weeks, group project with 3 other members.

    ACURA OPXOrbital sander inspired by the Acura brand

  • Goal To design a line of power tools that embody the essence of Acura Design.

    Goal To design a line of power tools that embody the essence of Acura Design.

  • Philosophy Acura has pushed the boundaries of innovation and engineering, emphasizing refined aesthetics and precise manufacturing. Introduced with he slogan Acura. Precision crafted performance.

  • Visual CuesTaking inspiration from Acura aesthetics.

    VentilationThe ventilation geometry should reflect the ventilation found throughout the Acura car line and provide a contrasting detail element in the overall organic form.

    EdgesFrom afar, the edges seem sharp and angular in appearance, but up close the details reveal a soft radius.

    GripsThe rounded form is an understated detail that reflects the approachability of Acura.

  • Uninformed Novice DIYers Experienced Enthusiasts

    Think they need tools

    Unlikely to actually use

    Will use the tool


    Highly driven by familarity

    Informed buyers

    High level of ambition

    Desire value

    Appreciate professional level

    Favor performance over value

    Prefer versatility

    Demand reliability

    Technically knowledgable

    Understand their specific needs


    Acura, with some models more than others, such as the TSX, targets a younger yet ambitious adult with a substantial income. Our product line will similarly target a youthful, inexperienced yet well-informed homeowner or DIYer.

    Targer UserAcuras latest models have targeted a younger audience. In the same efforts, our target users are young ambitious adults with a substantial income who may have just purchased their first home and are looking for tools to help them renovate.

    Target UserAge: 25-35User Classification: Introductory DIYersNeed for tools: Not professionally, but necessary.

  • Acura, with some models more than others, such as the TSX, targets a younger yet ambitious adult with a substantial income. Our product line will similarly target a youthful, inexperienced yet well-informed homeowner or DIYer.

    Morning Midday Evening

    Gets up from bed bright and


    Gets dressed, makes breakfast,

    and gets ready for the day.

    Drives to work in their Acura and

    begins their workday.

    Returns home from work and

    plans their household projects.

    Has the confidence and skills to

    use their powertools to work on

    their own projects.

    User LifestyleThe target user of our power tools have a standard 9-5 job which will allow them have some time after work to plan their household projects.

  • Form Studies

  • Final Group RenderingThe line of power tools inspired by the Acura brand include an orbital sander, a hand vacuum, a chainsaw and an impact driver. This line of power tools is geared towards young, first-time homeowners who are ready to tackle on their first household project with confidence.

  • AestheticsThe Acura OPX draws inspiration from Acuras subtle edges, contrasting vents, and understated grips in order to bring together a cohesive design.

    SimplicityThe power button of the OPX is simple, making the sander more intuitive and approachable for users.

  • Acura OPXOrbital Sander inspired by Acuras product line. Simple, powerful, intuitive design to help you with your household projects with confidence from start to finish.

  • A walker that relieves wrist and upper extremity pains.6 weeks, personal project

    ACESCOAssistive walking device

  • Goal To redesign the traditional walker in order to promote usage and to relieve upper extremity pains caused by traditional walkers.

  • Canes






    30-50%abandon their device soon after receiving it**

    Assistive walking devices used by people in the US (in millions)Based on studies conducted by the American Congress of of Rehabilitation.

  • What I learned: There is a problem with maneuverability in walkers. There is a stigma with using walkers, deterring usage.

    Floors should be uncarpeted as wheelchairs and uneven surfaces make wheelchair access difficult. Prefer furniture walkers which can be dangerous because the furniture may not be stable.

    Environment should be clutter free, avoid rugs.. Generally do not like using walkers because they dont like being seen walking around with one.

    Dr. Ho, Physician

    Stephanie & Rebecca, Physical Therapists

    Gathering insightLearning why 30-50% of individuals abandon their device from professionals through interviews.


  • PainThe upper extremeties have extra load bearing due to all of the weight being placed on the elbows and wrists.

    StigmaInterviews from professionals have indicated that there is a medical stigma from using traditional walkers.

    Difficulty of useReports have found that the difficulty of use deters recommended patients from using their walkers.

    MovabilityReports and interviews show that movability across carpets and through rooms is difficult.

    Current issuesAddressing the problems based on research* and interviews.


  • Drawing InspirationFinding products that addressed the issues of pain, difficulty of use, stigma, or movability in their design.

    Cane by Michael GravesInconspicuous design in order to steer away from the medical stigma of walking devices while still maintaining form and function.

    The Aid by Egle UgintaiteThe Aid is a concept design for the year 2050, meant to break away from the medical aesthetics and to look more like an art piece.

    Takano HeartworksRedesigns the folding process for walkers and canes, creating a smooth and balanced experience for the users.

  • Form Studies

  • This is Charles... Charles is turning 67 soon.

    He likes to take early morning walks through the park.

    However, his legs arent what they used to be.

    He would feel more comfortable holding onto something,

    but his walker is causing wrist pains.

    Charles wants to stay active, but what should he do?

  • Dispersed Weight

    Height Adjustability


    Acesco is unique from traditional walkers because it takes the upper body weight of the user and spreads it out across the arm instead of focusing it all on the wrist and elbow joints. The dispersed weight reduces upper extremety pains and injuries.

    The height is adjustable from 2-6 inches in difference by simply pressing the locks on the side and sliding the aluminum legs down.

    The large diameter wheels allow for easy maneuverability over carpet or bumps.

  • Structure


    The body of the walker is made from aluminum extrustions in order to stay lightweight yet strong. In order to avoid medical grey tubing that traditional walkers have, the aluminum is painted white.

    Included in the design of the walker are bag hooks located on the lower brace, which allow users to carry personal belongings or groceries with them without having to hold onto them.

  • Simple FoldingThe large, easy to push button located in the center of the crossbar allows for a smoother experience when storing the walker away in a closet, car trunk, etc.

  • AcescoAcesco is a redesigned walker that relieves wrist and upper extremity pains. It allows users to be independent by worrying less about injury and more about excercise and freedom.

  • A self cleaning mouse designed for public spaces to reduce the spread of bacterial contamination in public environments.2.5 weeks, group project with 1 other member.

    Currently in the final rounds of judging for the Red Dot Design Awards.

    GLACIASelf cleaning public mouse

  • Goal to redesign the public computer mouse in order to better combat bacterial infection.

  • Computer Mouses are the second most highly bacteria-infested items in a list of commonly touched objects, yet people do not clean them as often as they should due to inconvenience

  • amount of time bacteria can stay alive.72hours =

    CFU (Colony Forming Units) per sq cmSamples were taken and measured on commonly touched public items.

  • controlled samples of the computer mouse at home, office, and public spaces showed different levels of contamination.

    High traffic computer mouse usage occurs at...

    91% 91% 100%home office public spaces

    Based on research

    Schools Hospitals Libraries Cyber Cafes

  • 80%of infections are spread through hand contact with hands and other objects.

    Meet Cliff and Ashley

    Cliff is very sick. Ashley is healthy!

  • HIGH INTENSITY NARROW SPECTRUM (HINS) A narrow band of visible-light wavelengths centered on 405 nm which decontaminates the air and all visible surfaces, regardless of accessibility, through direct and reflected exposure to HINS-light within the treated environment.

    The HINS-light is being developed for use in hospital overhead lights and is not harmful to humans.

    HINS-light can make a significant impact towards

    bacterial decontamination in public environments.*


  • 60%


    more effective than cleaning and disinfection.

    reduction in surface bacterial levels

  • Reduced Contact AreaThe removed area in the center of the mouse reduces the amount of touch points that the user's hand has with the surface. The less surface area for the hand to touch, the less bacteria there is to spread.

    Manual CleaningWhen lifted off of a surface, the HINS light turns on and can be used manually to clean other objects, extending the functionality of the mouse.

    Interval CleaningThe mouse cycles through the HINS light every hour for 30 seconds to ensure thorough cleaning, convenient for hour-interval reservations at libraries and cyber cafes.

  • Idle CleaningBy pressing the button in the center, the mouse is raised revealing the HINS light. In this idle cleaning mode, users who leave for prolonged periods can have a peace of mind knowing their desks will be sanitized.

  • GlaciaThe Glacia is a self cleaning mouse designed for public spaces to reduce the spread of bacterial contamination in public environments.

  • A N D Y G A Ogao.designs@gmail.com773 701 19927542 N. Rockwell StChicao, IL 60645

    EducationUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignBachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial DesignAugust 2009 - May 2013 (expected)Cumulative GPA: 3.45/4.00

    Work ExperienceUIUC Art+Design Building, 3D Lab TechnicianJanuary 2011 - present Oversaw and operated the labs laser cutter and 3D printer for students.

    UIUC Art+Design Building, Workshop TechnicianJanuary 2011 - present

    Maintain safe work environment for students while assisting students with projects and tools.

    H Design, FreelancerNovember 2011 - December 2011

    Prototyping detailed product models with low to high density foam.

    Illini Prosthetic Technologies, VolunteerFall 2011

    Assisted with the assembly of prosthetic limbs.

    Activities and HonorsIndustrial Designers Society of America, Student memberJanuary 2011 - present

    Pillsbury Scholar, RecipientFall 2011 - present

    Red Dot Design Awards, Entry currently in final judgingSpring 2012

    UIUC Link Gallery ID Exhibition, ParticipantSpring 2011

    Coca-Cola Art of Recycling, Third place winnerSpring 2011

    Roland Realty T-Shirt Design, First place winnerSpring 2011

    UIUC Link Gallery Foundation Exhibition, ParticipantSpring 2010

    QualificationsAnalogCreative thinking and problem solving.Interdisciplinary collaboration in team projects.Quick at learning new skills and techniques.

    DigitalAdobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesignAutodesk Inventor and Sketchbook ProSolidworks3D printing knowledgeLuxion KeyshotMicrosoft Office Word, Powerpoint, and ExcelWacom Intuos and Cintiq sketching

  • Thank you for your time.