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<ul><li> 1. Theres nothing like Australia Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director, Tourism Australia </li> <li> 2. Today Tourism Australia who we are, what we do Tourism performance including the youth market The Global Campaign Youth specific activities around the world </li> <li> 3. Tourism Australia Tourism Australias role Responsible for the international and domestic marketing of Australia as a destination for leisure and business travel. Tourism Australias budget for 2010/11 is $122.9 million Tourism Australia employs 203 people in 13 countries. Our statutory goal Tourism Australia is governed by the Tourism Australia Act 2004 and the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997. Its goals are to: Foster a sustainable tourism industry in Australia; and Increase the economic benefits to Australians from tourism. What the industry is worth $90 billion in 2009 inbound $25 billion, domestic $65 billion 442 million visitor nights inbound186 million, domestic 256 million Employs 486,000 Australians directly and as many indirectly. </li> <li> 4. Tourism Australia Markets 2010/11 CANADA UK NETHERLANDS Toronto IRELAND GERMANY London Frankfurt SOUTH KOREA Paris* CHINA Milan*SWITZERLAND JAPAN FRANCE Shanghai Seoul Los Angeles ITALY Tokyo USA INDIA TAIWAN Hong Kong Mumbai VIETNAM Malaysia MALAYSIA INDONESIA Singapore SINGAPORE HONG KONG BRAZIL ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA Sydney Auckland TA Office NEW ZEALAND *TA contracted representative offices 4 </li> <li> 5. Market Prioritisation MAXIMISE MAXIMISE MAXIMISE DEVELOP FOR ARRIVALS GROWTH DISPERSAL FUTURE GROWTH (large markets) POTENTIAL &amp; TIEV (small medium markets) Maintain or grow Stimulate and Focus on TIEV and Focus on markets providing Australias improve Australias dispersal to maximise the best opportunity for competitive position competitive position the opportunities longer term growth in arrivals Maximise industry partnerships Increased China France Italy Brazil Investment USA Malaysia Netherlands Argentina Singapore Switzerland Vietnam Taiwan Rest of World India Indonesia Maintained UK Korea Germany Investment Ireland Decreased NZ Canada Investment Japan Hong Kong 5 </li> <li> 6. The Segments We Target The Youth Segment People aged between 18 and 30 years, commonly referred to as Generation Y. The Family Segment When planning their holiday, this price conscious segment, look for destinations offering accessibility, safety and value. The Holidaymaker Segment Holidaymakers are driven by a desire to experience diversity and different cultures. The Honeymoon Segment This segment is found in some of the Eastern markets and also France and Italy. 6 </li> <li> 7. Australian Experiences Our Core Strengths Australian Major Cities uncover the unexpected! Aussie Coastal Lifestyle - Discover the coast with the most Australian Journeys Free to roam Food &amp;Lifestyle Indulge in our fresh, world class food and wine! Nature in Australia its about the blue, red and green! Outback Australia Explore our accessible Outback Aboriginal Australia Connect with Aboriginal Australia </li> <li> 8. Marketing Activities Global campaign Cooperative marketing with partners Consumer promotions and event Public relations and media hosting programs Online activities Facebook, Twitter Trade Development Aussie Specialists and Aussie Enthusiasts Trade Events </li> <li> 9. Top 10 International Markets (Arrivals 000) Yr end 31 August 2010 % change 1. New Zealand (1133.4) 2 2. United Kingdom (647.3) -2 3. USA (482.7) 7 4. China (424.3) 19 5. Japan (394.5) 7 6. Singapore (296.4) 7 7. Malaysia (218.5) 10 8. Korea (198.5) 8 9. Germany (162.5) 4 10. Hong Kong (160.1) 5 Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Overseas Arrivals and Departures. </li> <li> 10. Top 10 Markets: Economic Value Year ended 31 December 2009 1. United Kingdom ($3.3 billion) 2. China ($2.8 billion) 3. New Zealand ($2.1 billion) 4. USA ($2 billion) 5. Japan ($1.2 billion) 6. Korea ($1.1 billion) 7. Singapore ($1 billion) 8. Malaysia ($0.95 billion) 9. Germany ($0.89 billion) 10. India ($0.8 billion) *Total Inbound Economic Value Source: Tourism Research Australia. </li> <li> 11. Arrivals To Australia by Age </li> <li> 12. Purpose of visit youth segment (15-29 years old) </li> <li> 13. Average Length of Stay 13 </li> <li> 14. Youth (15-29yrs) arrivals 2009 vs 2008 Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics Country 2008 2009 Growth 1. New Zealand 205,019 208,607 2% 2. UK 157,223 159,741 2% 3. Japan 175,493 130,779 -25% 4. USA 104,492 113,175 8% 5. China 95,237 112,640 18% 6. South Korea 80,933 74,037 -9% 7. Singapore 58,820 65,763 12% 8. Germany 60,695 63,596 5% 9. Malaysia 46,212 59,002 28% 10. India 39,433 44,496 13% </li> <li> 15. Youth (15-29yrs) arrivals by country of origin (total) Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 1. New Zealand 208,607 14% 2. UK 159,741 11% 3. Japan 130,779 9% 4. USA 113,175 7% 5. China 112,640 7% 6. South Korea 74,037 5% 7. Singapore 65,763 4% 8. Germany 63,596 4% 9. Malaysia 59,002 4% 10. India 44,496 3% </li> <li> 16. French Arrivals </li> <li> 17. Average Expenditure for Youth Visitors </li> <li> 18. Youth Expenditure by length of stay </li> <li> 19. Youth Arrivals 2010 Decline youth arrivals from key Western markets down 5% from January to August 2010. The USA and the UK has seen the largest declines for the YTD: - UK -11% - US -12% - Canada -6% - Latin -4% - Netherlands -6% - NZ -2% - Ireland -21% - Spain -2% However Central Europe still fine: - Germany flat - France up 4% - Italy up 6% - Switzerland up 2% - Nordic up 5% </li> <li> 20. Global Campaign </li> <li> 21. Global Campaign Born from two key insights: The world travels to experience difference. And Australia is different (compellingly so). Australians know our country and want to help us sell it to the world. </li> <li> 22. Campaign Video </li> <li> 23. What the industry is saying... Celia Pronto Kirk Demeter Down Under Tours, USA STA Travel, UK Andreas Neumann Lindy Christian Explorer Fernreisen GmbH &amp; Co, Germany Stellar Travel Services - NZ </li> <li> 24. North America - Youth Major brand campaign targeting youth in USA and Canada. Promotes compelling reasons to travel to Australia by leveraging off of the working holiday maker visa and the unique experiences and events that Australia has to offer. 100 per cent digital media, runs October 2010. PR/social media. Youth Digital banners Work and Play Eblast 24 </li> <li> 25. Social Networking &amp; Media Engagement </li> <li> 26. Social Networking Facebook SeeAustralia page 900,000+ fans WHV pages UK &amp; Ireland 29,519 fans Germany 4,636 fans France 10,835fans Italy 6,760 fans USA 10,000+ fans TOTAL = 55,264 WHV fans Twitter SeeAustralia on Twitter 7,900+ followers </li> <li> 27. Visiting Opinion Leader Program Snapshot of some Opinion Leader visits to date Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist (New York) May 2009 (and now Nov 09 and May 10 of his own accord) Rated 20th most powerful blog in the world (The Observer) 3 million unique visitors per month Garance Dor (Paris) May 2009, May 2010 Generates almost 13 million hits on site annually Touted by other opinion leaders including Justin Timberlake Yibo FAN or The Colourful Map (China) June 2009 One of Chinas top travel and youth bloggers Nominated as Power Blog 2007, 2008 &amp; 2009 by (Germany) May 2009 Lifestyle, fashion, design and photography Generates more than 3 million hits on site annually Niall Byrne (Ireland) June 2009 Music blog ranked number 7 on Technoratis top 100 Irish blogs Chubby Hubby (Singapore) October 2009 Influential husband and wife food bloggers from Singapore </li> <li> 28. Visiting Opinion Leader Program Snapshot of some Opinion Leader visits to date Scotty Iseri, aka Scotty got an office job (USA) Nov 09 Growing online comedic cult figure based in NY Small support from TA to enhance his visit to Australia in return for dedicated webisodes Valeria di Napoli,Pulsatilla blog (Italy) Feb 10 Youth and culture blog out of Italy Refinery 29 (USA) Mar 10 Fashion and culture influencers Small s...</li></ul>