and logistic regression linear and logistic regression

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Linear and Logistic and Logistic Regression Regression

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  • and Logistic Regression Linear and Logistic Regression
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  • Where Are We Going Today? uA Linear regression example uData how to obtain & manipulate it nCleaning the data - Splus/R uAnalysis nIssues uInterpretation nHow to present the results meaningfully uApplication nDescription forecasting/prediction nTraps for the unwary uLogistic regression uConclusions
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  • An example? Insurance company claims satisfaction
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  • Background: uTop secret company - insurance uClaims satisfaction u546 persons asked to rate aspects of service and then overall satisfaction/likelihood to recommend 5 point scale uWe recommend 10 point scale - as more natural to respondents (1-10) Major storm in a teacup
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  • Questionnaire explanatory variables uThinking firstly about the service you received from (top secret). I am going to read you some statements about this service and as I read you each statement, please give your opinion using a five-point scale where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 5 extremely satisfied u(read, rotate (start at x). write in (one digit) per statement) uHow satisfied or dissatisfied are you with:. n... everything being kept straightforward n... being kept in touch while the claim was being processed n... the general manner and attitude of the staff you dealt with n... your claim being dealt with promptly n... being treated fairly
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  • Questionnaire dependent variables 4aUsing the same five-point scale as previously where 1 is extremely dissatisfied and 5 extremely satisfied, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the overall service you received from (Top secret) ? write in (one digit) 4bAnd, using a five-point scale where 1 is extremely unlikely and 5 extremely likely, how likely or unlikely are you to recommend (Top secret) insurance to others? write in (one digit)
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  • Data uGet DP to create an Excel file with all the data uMake your self familiar with Excel formats uClean data uThen start analysing the data uUse data to describe each aspect of service: nthe time taken to get an appointment with the loss adjustor nthe convenience of meeting with the loss adjustor nthe general manner and attitude of the loss adjustor you dealt with nbeing kept in touch while your claim was processed... nthe time taken for repairs to be completed
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  • Data
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  • Some Code for cleaning / inspecting ### cleaning the[,-1][[,-1]==6]