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Powerpoint slides for April 5 class on Anchored Instruction (Part 1)


Anchored InstructionApril 4, 2010

Yesterdays NewsFirst Reports. Revised reports.

Todays ReadingsBransford et al Kumar (2010)

Definition Anchored Instruction A technique of situating instruction in a variety of real-life settings (often simulated) to aid reflection, transfer, and higher level problem solving.

A Brief History Anchored Instruction was developed by the Cognition and Technology Group at Vanderbilt (CTGV) under the leadership of John Bransford. CTGV authored many articles from 1990present.

Related Words and Concepts Cognitive Apprenticeship- enculturating students into authentic practice through activity and social interaction- similar to craft apprenticeship Collaborative Learning- Collective problem solving

Principles of Anchored Instruction Learning and Teaching activities should be designed around an anchor which should be some sort of case-study or problem situation. Curriculum materials should allow exploration by the learner (e.g., random access, CD-ROM, DVD, etc)

Major Goal of Anchored Instruction To overcome the problem of inert knowledge. To create environments that permit sustained exploration by students and teachers, enable them to understand the kinds of problems and opportunities that experts in various areas encounter and the knowledge that these experts use as tolls.

Stages of Anchored Instruction Phase 1- Introduce the anchor Phase II- Develop shared experience around the anchor Phase III- Expand the anchor Phase IV- Use knowledge as tools for problemsolving Phase V- Work on Projects related to Anchor Phase VI- Share what is learned

Advantages of Anchored Instruction Everyone involved with a common background around the subject matter Visual hands-on aspects allow poor readers to participate in class discussion and problem solving Facilitates communication between students Students are free to discover new issues about the subject

Challenges of Anchored Instruction Teacher must change roles from provider of information to conductor or fellow learner. Lesson plans are not fully scripted. How to help students w/o being totally directive How to fit Anchored Instruction into existing curriculum and make sure it meets needs regarding mandated testing.

Anchored Instruction and UTeach Used in Project Based Instruction eo/theory.php wto.php