anchored semi- unification

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Anchored Semi- Unification. Tobias Tebbi Final Talk Master Thesis. Overview. Motivation: Translation Validation Nonnested Recursion Schemes Anchored Semi- Unification. Motivation: Translation Validation. Check semantic equivalence of input and output of an optimization phase. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Anchored Semi-Unification

Anchored Semi-UnificationTobias TebbiFinal Talk Master ThesisOverviewMotivation: Translation ValidationNonnested Recursion SchemesAnchored Semi-Unification

Motivation: Translation ValidationCheck semantic equivalence of input and output of an optimization phase.Recursion SchemesEncode the CFGs as recursion schemesRecursion SchemesWe can unfold the definitions of the procedures.ifififRecursion SchemesifififRecursion SchemesifififUnification Modulo Nonnested Recursion SchemesSemi-UnificationSemi-unification is undecidableWe reduce to a new decidable fragment: anchored semi-unificationWe skip the reduction for this talkOrdinary UnificationSemi-UnificationSemi-Unification ExampleSemi-Unification ExampleSemi-Unification ExampleSemi-Unification ExampleSemi-Unification ExampleSplitting the equationSemi-Unification ExampleRemoving trivial equationsSemi-Unification ExampleNow we can construct a solutionSemi-Unification RulesSemi-Unification RulesAnchored Semi-UnificationComplexityReferences