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<ul><li>1.ANATOMY Unit 4 Notes: Bone Injury </li></ul> <p>2. (1) Bone Injury(1) Bone Injury Increased weight on bone/joint. Irregular movement/manipulation Twisting Rotation Bending 3. (2) Comminuted Fractures(2) Comminuted Fractures - Bone fragments into 3 or more pieces - Common in aged people, when bones are more brittle 4. (3) Spiral Fractures(3) Spiral Fractures - Ragged diagonal break - Result of excessive twisting forces - Common sports fracture 5. (4) Depressed Fractures(4) Depressed Fractures - Portion of broken bone pressed inward - Typical skull fracture 6. (5) Transverse Fractures(5) Transverse Fractures - Bone breaks straight through bone (perpendicular) - Clean Break 7. (6) Oblique Fractures(6) Oblique Fractures - Bone breaks on diagonal - Clean break 8. (7) Open Fractures(7) Open Fractures - Bone breaks and pierces skin - Common in forearm and shin (leg) 9. (8) Compression Fractures(8) Compression Fractures - Bone is crushed - Common in porous bones (due to osteoporosis) - Common in vertebral column 10. (9) Epiphyseal Fractures(9) Epiphyseal Fractures - Epiphysis separates from diaphysis along epiphyseal plate - Usually occurs where cartilage cells are dying and calcifying 11. (10) Greenstick Fractures(10) Greenstick Fractures - Bone breaks incompletely (like a twig) - Only one side of the shaft breaks, other side bends - Common in children, when bones are more flexible </p>