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All the elements you need for a blog post that meets your destination marketing goals. Presented at the 2014 Social Media Tourism Symposium (SoMeT) in Nashville, TN. Tourism Currents does online and in-person training in social media for tourism. Find out more here:


  • 1. Anatomy of a Successful Blog PostSheila Scarborough Tourism Currents

2. Blogging ismore thanwriting@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 3. What We'll Talk AboutBefore you startBuilding a blog postWait, there's MORE work?!Your gold mine archives@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 4. Beforeyou start@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 5. Blog structure: your goalsdetermine your "buckets" (topics) 6. PossibleDMO BlogTopics/Categories?@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 7. (Visit PhiladelphiaUwishunu blog) 8. You Need a Plan@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 9. Basic Editorial Calendar Topic category Title Details (including graphics) KeywordsWho's this for? (persona) What's the point? (CTA) @SheilaS@TourismCurrents 10. Via @EmilyForsha/Travel Oregon 11. Building ablog post@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 12. Blog PostTitle@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 13. Blog PostContent@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 14. (Cincinnati'smeetings blog) 15. Visuals Matter 16. Photoresource:FlickrCreativeCommons 17. Historic pics - 18. Note for postswith video:also includea photo @SheilaS@TourismCurrents 19. Got audio? Use SoundCloud'sembeddable play boxes for your posts 20. Writing for's not onlyWHAT you presentbut HOW youpresent it@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 21. Bolding, bullets, white space! 22. You have thePower ofthe Link.Use it! @SheilaS@TourismCurrents 23. SEO@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 24. Give them the infothey seek, in thewords they are usingto search for it@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 25. SEO plugins for WordPress:All-in-One SEO PackWordPress SEO by Yoast@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 26. A Possible Post Format "Great Local Breakfast Places in XYZ" Strong opener, often a quote The List (using bullets, headers, etc.) Mom's Cafe (farm-to-fork) Selena's Taqueria (breakfast tacos) Fred's Downtown Diner (Old School) Closing words, call to action@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 27. Your turn....Take 2-3 minutes tosketch out abreakfast postoutline for your blog 28. Wait, there'sMORE work?@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 29. You are the publisherAND the distributor 30. Share withyour emailnewsletter list@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 31. Don't Forget LinkedIn for B2B Posts 32. Your gold mine:archives@SheilaS@TourismCurrents 33. Get More From Your Archives Use for internal links Re-share periodically onsocial....ICYMI Re-share periodically inemails/newsletters Use them to answer visitorquestions on social @SheilaS@TourismCurrents 34. Photo CreditsAll photos mine except.... Buckets by AngieHarms on Flickr CC(Creative Commons) You need a map byStephan van Es onFlickr CC Roget's Thesaurus byProfessor Cooper onFlickr CC Newsboys via theU.S. NationalArchives on FlickrCommons, circa 1909 35. Thanks very much!SheilaScarboroughTourism Currents@SheilaS@TourismCurrents