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Analysing Pictures


Sport news

Analyzing Photos Picture 1

Category: Sports NewsPurpose: To illustrate a storyImage Content: Eye is drawn tothe players celebrating in centreof the frame. There is a shallow depth of field with just the Oldham players are in focus. The two Liverpool players are on the vertical lines following the rule of third and frame the central group drawing.

Our eye to the centre of the image. The image is a longshot, The flood lights create a brightly lit image taken with a fast shutter speed to capture action.Meaning: Tells the story of the shock defeat of Liverpool. The body language of the players conveys the winner and losers.

Picture 2

Category: NewsImage Content: the key is the lightning which is focused on the open coffin. The white inside of the coffin also draws our eye to this part of image.There is a deep depth of field so all action in the shot is clearly seen. It is a inside shot and a high angle looking down on the scene. It is taken with a quite fast shutter speed.

Meaning: The lightning has a connotation of heaven and highlights of the event. The body language of two men talking implies its a matter of fact even which highlights the tragedy as theyre just waiting for the next bodies.

Picture 3

Category: News StoryPurpose: To illustrate news storyContent: The eye is drawn to the couple who are on the golden point following the rule of third. There is a broad depth of field showing full extend of the devastation.It uses natural (ambient) lightning. The couple look lonely as there are no other people in the shot.

Meaning: This is the aftermaths of the flood and there is a clear sense of loneliness and isolation i.e. cut off from.

Picture 4

Category: Gossip, News, PaparazziPurpose: To illustrate gossip magazine or tabloid.Image Content: This picture was took with a flash. It was used with a very high aperture because everything is in focus. 2 women wearing sunglasses at night which dont look their best caught unawares. The depth of field is deep because a lot is in focus. The shutter speed is fast because theyre capturing motion of celebrities.

Meaning: Capturing picture of celebrities when they dont look their best.

Picture 5

Category: PaparazziPurpose: To illustrate gossip magazine.Image Content: Depth of field is deep because everything is in focus, used fast shutter speed because they are probably running or fast walking to the car. Used flash because its at night time and their skin looks quite pale.

Meaning: James Corden is being escorted by entourage to their car showing no looks to the camera and getting to the car as fast as they can. They duck so no good photographs are taken by the paparazzi.

Picture 6

Category: FashionPurpose: To promote fashion clothingImage Content: The picture is edited to make it more appealing towards target audience. Minimum use of colours. The model is on vertical line in rule of thirds. The natural lightning is enhanced. The model is in focus.

Meaning: The key is the meaning the producers want associating with the clothing brandFreedom, Naturalness and Difference

Picture 7

Category: FashionPurpose: To illustrate style of clothing for fashionImage Content: This picture was took with various flashes to get the right colours. The depth of field is shallow because only the person and clothing are in high focus. The lightning in picture are not natural but created with flashes and lamps to create this effect also its inside surrounded by white which suggests its inside not outside.

Meaning: This is a photo-shoot in a studio promoting fashion clothes

Picture 8

Category: Music, Photo-shootPurpose: To illustrate a picture of Jennifer Hudson for an album cover.Image Content: A lens flare has been used in the picture which is a white flash in picture, the depth of field is deep because only her face and hair in picture are in focus. Picture has direct address which means she is always making eye contact with person. Artificial Lightning is used because its been edited and there is a huge spotlight behind her.

Meaning: This album cover is there to promote her new songs and draw people to buy her album.

Picture 9

Category: AdvertisingPurpose: To convince people to buy this product by shocking themImage Content: The Depth of field is shallow because only the telephone and fingers are in focus and rest of background is blurred. The lightning looks natural but is probably artificial because its been edited. It has text and fingers added onto the picture which is another suggestion its been edited.

Meaning: This advert is meant to shock the people of how dirty their fingers are so they are showing them this by a horrific picture which will convince them to buy product.