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  • 1. Me
    This picture is showing me with the volunteers and one of the attenders.
    AlbertaThis picture is showing Alberta who rehearsing for her performance with her partner.
    This picture is showing the cakes to be sold.
    These two pictures are showing the media students setting up the art room for people to see the art of what central girls have been doing.
    This picture is showing Cara photographing the children.
    This picture is showing the school band practising for their performance.
    This picture is showing the proffesional nail artist doing the nails of the attenders.
    This picture is showing the clay pot the creative and media students did for their artefact unit.
    These pictures are showing people watching the performance
    This picture is showing the workshop that was hired engaging their work with the children.
    SabrinaThis picture is showing Sabrina helping one of the children out with the archery.
    RubinaThis picture is showing Rubina talking to one of the children about their original balloon.
    This is showing the former head teacher of central Foundation Girls School getting involved with one of the workshop.
    This is showing the volunteers having a turn with one of the Hired Bouncy Castle
    This picture is showing me helping Cara with her photography.
    This picture is showing the head teacher talking to one of the volunteer about the citizenship in our community.
    lefttopThis picture is showing people looking at the Creative and Media Students Clay Pot.
    This picture is showing Alberta performing her song.
    This is showing people watching the performance.
    lefttopThis photo is showing girls from central foundation girls school showing off their face painting.
    lefttopThis is showing Abigail picking out the winner for the festival.
    This is showing Ben Cole announcing the winner. lefttop00