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  • 1. Analysing photoswhich I have taken

2. Jobs I will use this photo on the page which I talk about how to get a job, the reason I will use it is because it shows how to dress and how to present yourself when attending a job interview. 3. Contents page I will use this image on the contents page under the category gcse resultsas it is of a girl who has just got her gcse results and looks happy 4. School Facilities I will use these two photos to show school pupils that have just arrived what numerous facilities Biddulph high school has to offer. 5. Contents I will use this image on my contents page underneath the side heading of dance results 6. Contents I will use this picture of the Kenyan exchange students playing the sixth formers at Biddulph high school underneath the side headline of Kenya v England. 7. Front Cover I will use this picture as the main feature in the front cover this will take up the whole background.