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Overview asphalt mixing plants Stationary, mobile and wheel - mounted mobileWith capacity of 80 400 t / h

Ammann means asphalt mixing plants with market - oriented solutions and customised service.

Table of contentsPage Ammann group worldwide Overview of asphalt mixing plants Just Black Global CB Uniglobe Universal Universal NG Universal S Speedy Batch Concept SuperQuick EasyBatch BlackMove Conti Mix Cold Mix Ammann core elements Hot mix storage silo Ammanns customer service Retrofit as1 control system Technical specification Address 80 240 t/h 80 180 t/h 80 350 t/h 200 320 t/h 160 360 t/h 240 360 t/h 240 400 t/h 150 280 t/h 160 280 t/h 90 t/h 160 320 t/h 120 320 t/h 130 400 t/h 4 6 9 11 13 14 18 21 23 25 26 29 30 34 42 46 49 50 53 56 58 Backcover

Conti Mix II, 320 t/h | Customer : Fera 38 | nearly Lyon, France | 2010

Ammann Agencies and sales partners

Ammann group worldwideEight own production locations and over 100 agencies and sales partners

An innovative family firmAmmann is a leading supplier of plant and machinery, with the focus very firmly on road building. Our strengths are the forthcoming approach of a family firm that has been operating for many years, coupled with our strong and well - established international presence. Ever since 1869 we have been setting benchmarks in the road - building industry, thanks to countless innovations and solutions which are as competitive as they are dependable. True to our motto Productivity Partnership for a Lifetime we gear our activities totally to the needs and requirements of our clients across the globe. We are aware that plants and machines which prove their merits day after day under tough operating conditions are the only way to give our clients the critical competitive edge that they need. As you would expect, we provide a well-developed service network and reliable supplies of spare parts, together with support throughout the entire lifetimes of the plants and machines that we offer.

Core expertise : asphalt mixing plantsAmmann is the only manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants to develop and produce all the system components ( including controls, screens, dryers, burners, mixers and filters ) inhouse on the basis of an integrated concept. This enables us to offer our customers an optimised complete solution, with all elements of the plant ideally coordinated from process analysis and design of the system components through to controls for all components of the plant. Well over 3 300 Ammann asphalt mixing plants are in operation every day under tough conditions a figure that speaks for itself.

Ammann brandsMember of Ammann Group Member of Ammann Group


Ammann manufactures asphalt and concrete mixing plants and mineral processing plants, together with compactors and pavers, at eight of its own production locations. Over 100 agencies and sales partners work directly for our customers throughout the world. Expert round - the - clock service and a high - quality spare parts service are guaranteed.


Vibratory plate

Single drum roller

Road paver

Mineral processing

Concrete mixing plant

Control system

Asphalt mixing plant

Customer Service

Overview of asphalt mixing plantsBatch and continuous, mobile to stationary Stationary / mobile / wheel - mounted mobile asphalt mixing plants ( batch )Just Black 80 240 t/h Global 80 180 t/h CB 80 350 t/h Uniglobe 200 320 t/h

Universal 160 360 t/h

Universal NG 240 360 t/h

Universal S 240 400 t/h

Speedy Batch ( mobile ) 150 280 t/h

Super Quick Konzept 160 280 t/h

Easy Batch ( wheel - m. ) 90 t/h

Black Move I ( wheel - m. ) 160 t/h

Black Move II (wheel-m.) 160 320 t/h


Stationary / mobile / wheel - mounted mobile asphalt mixing plants ( continuous )Cold Mix I (wheel-m.) 130 200 t/h Cold Mix II ( mobile ) up to 400 t/h Conti Mix I ( mobile ) up to 180 t/h Conti Mix II 120 320 t/h

An Ammann asphalt mixing plant meets all requirementsplant type batch Just Black Global CB Uniglobe Universal Universal NG Universal S Speedy Batch Super Quick Konzept Easy Batch Black Move I Black Move II continuous Conti Mix I Conti Mix II Cold Mix I Cold Mix II capacity 80 240 t/h 80 180 t/h 80 350 t/h 200 320 t/h 160 360 t/h 240 360 t/h 240 400 t/h 150 280 t/h 160 280 t/h 90 t/h 160 t/h 160 320 t/h up to 180 t/h 120 320 t/h 130 200 t/h up to 400 t/h stationary mobile wheel-mounted mobile


Just Black : Producing quality asphalt is the priority here

Just Black 80 240 t/hThe inexpensive asphalt mixing plant, without compromises in qualityB glance t s at a enefieatable co s t /

New with up to 240 t/h outputStandardisation is worth it! With the JustBlack, we have succeeded in designing an efficient but inexpensive asphalt mixing plant having 80 240 tonnes per hour output capacity. A high degree of standardisation and clearly-defined options make this unbeatable value for money possible.

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Ammann high quality, through and throughAs in all of our plants the Just Black is based on well established, clearly - structured modules, which have proved themselves in the past. They are the very same high-quality core components, such as mixer, filter and screen, which are used in all Ammann asphalt mixing plants. Made in Switzerland and Germany exclusively Made in Switzerland and Germany exclusively, all of the plant components are optimally matched to ensure a problem - free, low-wear production life. State - of - the - art electronics, sensors and control technology compliment these core modules to guarantee consistent high - quality mixed product.

JustBlack is distinguished by low investment costs as a result of a high level of standardisation and clearly defined option.

Quick re - locationIn the Quick version, the JustBlack is supported on steel frames and comes without a concrete base. This makes it possible to re - locate the plant in a short time.

Technicial specifications JustBlack: Continuous output Hot mineral silo Hot mix storage silo Basic dimensions 80 240 t/h 19 t, 56 t and 80 t 20 100 t or direct loading Transport-optimised modules in standard container dimensions ( 6 000 long x 2 500 mm wide ) An inexpensive variant : direct loading without a hot mix storage silo


Relocation in two weeks : the Quick version of the Global offers all the benefits of a stationary plant, but is also ideal for easy relocations.

Global 80 180 t/hAlways a good choice, anywhere in the worldB glance t s at a enefi

A global selection of versionsWith a production rate of 80 to 180 t of mixed asphalt per hour, the Global series sets new standards in the lower to medium performance class. It is based on Ammanns tried - and - tested technologies, and can be equipped and extended with numerous options and versions. There are some places where its impossible for a qualified service fitter to be on site right away. Thats why maximum quality and reliability are indispensable, especially in remote regions. Simple, self - explanatory functions mean that operators can produce quality asphalt in no time at all.

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Rapid relocationMobility is the top priority, because Global plants usually move from one site to another. They are simple to transport and assemble and they can easily be restarted even without external assistance. The Quick version offers all the benefits of a Stationary mixing plant, combined with mobility to ensure complete relocation in less than two weeks.

The Global is compact and can be quickly relocated, plus it can produce up to 180 tonnes of quality asphalt per hour anywhere in the world.

Technical specifications: Global Capacity Hot aggregate silo Hot mix storage silo Basic dimensions 80 180 t/h 27 56 t 50 t, 100 t or 200 t Transport - optimised modules in standard container dimensions Expedient Option : Pre - separator at drum entry


CB 80 350 t/hThe plant tailored to customer requirementsBith in line w urable ts config Fully er requiremen om cus t 50 t / h he e d fo r t e 80 3 it y rang c tly suit g plant c e in re p e r f C a p a ing mix n e nt s a compo nt of an exist nk s h e CB T men t a eme l replac ted bitu ea par tia ically h dations r elec tr f t fo u n al oil o her m s te e l r a T le with Availab tional : O p

A full range of optionsThe CB is a conventional asphalt batch mixing plant, which can be individually specified in line with customer requirements. Over 1 000 installed CB plants verify the proven and robust nature of the system technology. In technological terms the concept is ultra-modern and is equipped with all the latest features of todays plant concepts. In its standard version the CB is equipped with a hot mix storage silo integrated into the base. In areas where height restrictions apply the CB can also be equipped with a horizontal hot mix storage silo with a range of capacities.

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Incomparable range of capacityThe CB is available with an output range from 80 to 350t/h mixture production. Additionally, it can be equipped and retrofitted with a wide range of options. Cold and warm recycling and every form of additiv


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