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Let us understand what is liqueur, how it is prepared and what are the different brands with their variations!!!


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OnLiqueursWHAT IS LIQUEUR ???A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit that has been flavored with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts and bottled with added sugar or other sweetener.So What is the Difference Between Liquor & Liqueur ???Aliquoris an alcoholic drink that is distilled from grains or plants, such as rum, vodka, gin or whiskey.Aliqueuris a sweet or herbal alcoholic drink that is made from fruit, herbs, flowers, nuts or spices plus (usually) sugar and a spirit such as grain alcohol, vodka or rum. Many liqueurs are made in France, such as Cassis (made with black currants), Chartreuse (made from plants and flowers) or Pastis (flavored with anise seeds).

History of Liqueur . . . .Liqueurs were first created by Christian monks in the Middle Ages as herbal remedies for illness.The monks brewed combinations of honey, herbs, spices and roots with alcohol to make these special elixirs.Recipes for liqueurs have been found in Egyptian tombs and ancient Greek scrolls, but it is primarily the monks of Europe, particularly Italian monks during the 13thCentury, who developed the liqueur as a way to infuse herbs for medicinal use.One of the most famous liqueurs to be developed by European monks is Green Chartreuse.It contains over 130 herbs and spices, some of which are rare, and only three monks know the full recipe, and which herbs produce its unique, natural color.Process of Making LiqueursThere are four basic step for making liqueur

Infuse ingredientsStraining and FilteringAdding SweetenerAging(1) Infuse ingredients and FlavoringsPrepare all ingredients to be infusedPlace into sealed container with alcoholAllow it to be soaked for sometimeStrain and Filter your flavored alcoholPrepare container and filterFiltrationAdd SweetenersThis is really what makes it a liqueur and not just infused vodka or alcohol

Age the LiqueurPlace into a sealed containerAge for x time based on recipeTypes of Liqueur with Some Popular BrandsThere are various types of liqueurs like(1)CHOCOLATE LIQUEURChocolate liqueurs: There are many well-regarded brands of chocolate liqueur, includingGodiva,Truffles,Mozart, andHagen Daz. Some liqueurs combine chocolate with other flavors, like Cheri Suisse, Vandermint, and Tiramisu.Godiva This chocolate liqueur is a premium liqueur that can stand alone, or be mixed into your favorite sweet drink. It comes in Dark chocolate and White chocolate varieties.

Sabra Liqueur Manufactured in Israel, this liqueur has an alcoholic content of 30%. The main flavors are orange and chocolate.Djangoa This one of a kind liqueur is produced using dark chocolate and aniseed. It is produced and bottled by Period Ricardo.

Mozart Black This liqueur is produced in Austria and it has a bittersweet taste with notes of vanilla. Other types of liqueurs manufactured by Mozart are Mozart Gold Chocolate liqueur and Mozart Black Chocolate liqueur.

Crme de Cacao This liqueur originates from France and contrary to popular perception, it does not contain any cream. The word crme refers to its thick, syrupy consistency.

(2)BITTER LIQUEURThese are liqueurs and fortified wines that have a bittersweet flavor. They're often mixed with soda and served as apritifs. These liqueurs are sometimes called bitters, but they're not as intensely flavored as thebittersthat come in little bottles, which are normally measured out in drops. Popular brands include Campari, Fernet Branca, Byrrh, Dubonnet, Punt Mes, Cynar, Suze, Jgermeister,and Amer Picon.Campari:- This popular Italian bitters is often mixed with soda, ice, and a twist of lemon and served as an apritif.

Cynar :-This is a syrupy Italian liqueur that's made with artichokes, giving it a bittersweet flavor. It's good mixed with club soda.

Dubonnet:This is a French apritif made with white or red wine and flavored with quinine and other herbs and spices. The white version is drier than the red.

Lillet :-This is an expensive and light French apritif made with wine and brandy. There are two versions:Lillet Blonde (white) and Lillet Rouge (red).

(3)CREAM LIQUEURThese delicious liqueurs are smooth and decadent. They often stand alone, but can be mixed into many cocktails. Here are some of the most popular of the category:Amarula-This Zimbabwean cream liqueur is made with sugar, cream, and the fruit of the African Marula tree. It has a fruity, caramel taste and is very sweet.

Baileys Irish Cream Definitely the most well-known cream liqueur. This drink is made of irish whiskey, cream, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and sugar. It has a unique taste that many find delicious in a coffee or hot chocolate drink.

Dooleys This is a German cream liqueur that combines toffee and vodka for its signature taste.

Sangsters This Jamaican cream liqueur blends cream and rum for a different flavor profile.

Ponche Crema All the way from Venezuela, this cream-based liqueur is a concoction of milk, eggs, sugar, rum, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and lemon rind.

(4)FRUIT LIQUEURFruit wine OR fruit syrup OR extracts (use much less). This is probably the biggest category of liqueurs. These drinks are served some by themselves, but mostly mixed into cocktails. Here are some of the more popular ones of this category: Grand Marnier :This is a fairly sweet brandy-based orange liqueur. There are two kinds: the well-regarded red, or Cordon Rouge, and the sweeter and less potent yellow, or Cordon Jaune.

Cointreau:This is an orange liqueur thats not as well regarded as Grand Marnier, but considered a step above curaao and triple sec.

Midori : This green Japanese liqueur has a very sweet, melon flavor.

Maraschino liqueur: This is an excellent semi-dry clear liqueur that's made with sour cherries. It's made from marasca cherries, which are native to Croatia. Unrest there has made good Maraschino liqueurs hard to find in recent years.Luxardo MaraschinoandStock Maraschinoare well-respected brands.

Citrnge :This is a Mexican orange liqueur.

(5)HERBAL LIQUEURThis category includes some truly unique liqueurs. The flavor profiles on these are so unique, that it is often hard to describe the exact taste of the liqueur. You have to try each one to really get a sense of what they are about. I will do my best to include the mixture of herbal flavors each one of these includes:Amaro An Italian herbal liqueur that includes flavors of herbs, roots, flowers, bark, and citrus peels.

Chartreuse :This excellent herbal liqueur is said to contain over 125 ingredients. It comes in two colors: green Chartreuseand the sweeter and less potentyellow Chartreuse.

Strega : This is a sweet Italian herbal liqueur.

Drambuie :This is a Scottish liqueur made with Scotch, honey, and various herbs.

Bndictine :This light green liqueur was first produced in the 16th century by a French monk, who combined various herbs, spices, and peels with brandy.

(6)ANISE LIQUEURThis category includes some truly unique liqueurs. The flavor profiles on these are so unique, that it is often hard to describe the exact taste of the liqueur. You have to try each one to really get a sense of what they are about. I will do my best to include the mixture of herbal flavors each one of these includes:Anisette :This French liqueur is flavored with anise seeds. It's sweeter and lower in alcohol than other anise-flavored liqueurs.Marie Brizardis a well-respected brand.

Galliano :This excellent Italian liqueur is flavored with anise and comes in a bottle that's one inch taller than your liquor cabinet. It's used to make Harvey Wallbangers and other cocktails.

Ouzo : This potent, anise-flavored Greek liqueur is usually mixed into water, turning it cloudy.

Sambuca:This is a semi-dry Italian liqueur that's flavored with anise, berries, herbs, and spices. It's traditional to float three coffee beans in each drink. MolinariandRomanaare well-known brands.

Raki :The name comes from the Arabic word for juice, and it's applied to a wide variety of somewhat harsh-tasting alcoholic beverages that are flavored with various herbs and spices, particularly anise. It's fairly potent, and usually served as an apritif.

By :- Shakir Chataiwala