alis ballance la scozia scottish parliament candidate anti-incinerator campaigner

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Alis Ballance La Scozia Scottish Parliament Candidate Anti-incinerator Campaigner. Incineration. Why in Scotland? Why in Italy? Why on Earth?. Climate Chaos Energy, Transport, Purchasing, Food & Waste. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Alis BallanceLa ScoziaScottish Parliament CandidateAnti-incinerator Campaigner

  • IncinerationWhy in Scotland?Why in Italy?Why on Earth?

  • Climate Chaos

    Energy, Transport, Purchasing, Food & Waste

  • There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong actions now. Ultimately, stabilisation requires that annual emissions be brought down to more than 80% below current levels.Nicholas Stern, Former Chief Economist, World Bank(Stern Review 2006, updated 2008)

  • Waste > Zero WasteWaste used stuff uselessZero Waste everything is usefulIncineration Wasteful!

  • Dumfries and GallowaySouthern Scotland2003 Eco Deco 25 year contractFuel Blocks transported 500 kilometres2009 Scotgen Incinerator 10 year contractEnergy from Waste (but it takes more energy to dry the waste than it produces)

  • Scotgen, Dumfries

  • Incineration - WastefulPrecious resources burnt never to returnPeak Oil re-use or recycle plasticPollutingLandfill in the sky!

  • Scotgen, DumfriesEco Deco and Scotgen plants each in SEPAs list of top 20 polluters in ScotlandVery poor, Significant non-compliance urgent improvements requiredSept. 2010 SEPA reports: Problems occurred and the combustion activities were offline until recommissioning restarted on 11 March 2011. Since then -15 activations of the by-pass stack; 2 failures of the emission monitoring system; 172 short-term emission breaches; the ash-handling system regularly blocks; turbine dysfunctional, so no electricity produced so far!

  • AndRegional Council has stopped all doorstep recyclingPlastics and paper needed for fuelCouncil tied into 25 year contract

  • Zero Waste the alternative visionMoffat CAN (Carbon approaching Neutral)GROW ALLOT Greatly Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Our Waste and Lead Local Organic Trade

  • Zero-Waste in Scotland is Possible!

    Rifiuti Zero in Valdera e possible!