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  • Dr. Marie Ballance, Education DeveloperOctober 15 & 17, 2012

  • Goals At the end of the session, you will:know the research-based profile of a successful online learnerhow to support online education in your school or districtwhat the instructional platforms (LMS) look likehow ORVED facilitates online learning.

  • Paul Peterson, Director, ppeterson@orved.org Kerri Smith, Principal, kmsmith@orved.org Marie Ballance, Ed.D., Education Developer, mballance@orved.org Sue Nelson, Registrar, suen@orved.org Scott Deckelmann, Teacher Support, sdeckelmann@orved.org Amy Alexander, Technologist, aalexander@orved.org Sharon Meeuwsen, Admin Assistant, sharonm@nwresd.k12.or.us

  • Characteristics for SuccessFactors for/against SuccessEquity & RetentionFAQs

  • High-Quality Curriculum:Oregon certified teachersAligned to the Common CoreGrades 6-12

    Increased Flexibility for Students:Personalized pace and scheduleStudents can participate in athletics, band, choir, and other activities without scheduling conflicts

    Increased Flexibility for Schools:Resolve scheduling conflictsAdditional course offeringsAffordable, public education

  • Superintendent Gaston School District

    The question isnt will your students take courses online, the question is will it be a program that works with and supports public schools or a for-profit company that only cares about the bottom line.

  • Being a part of online learning lets you meet a students needs that cannot be accommodated in the traditional school model. Montessa Young, Science & Math

  • I see ORVED as supplemental to the traditional school setting and as a way for some students tosucceed at their [own] pace. Connie Heath, Language Arts

  • [ORVED is a] more personalized education system [that] offers flexibility to families and students. Natalie Winchester, PE/Health

  • Academic self-conceptTechnologically savvyStrong reading and writing skillsInternal locus of controlSelf-directed and self-reflective in learningEffective time manager

    Problem-solverFlexibleWants to learn online

    Image courtesy of Ambro/freedigitalphotos.net

  • Scheduling conflictsAccess to additional coursesCredit recoveryStudent preferenceAccelerated/decelerated paceMeet TAG plan requirementsMedical conditionsDisciplinary reasonsHome school options

  • Student does not have consistent access to technology.Student has no desire to learn online.

    Some points to consider:Students who do not meet the profile of a successful online student as well as students who have a history of poor grades may need extra support in order to be successful in an online environment.

  • Personal attributesSupportive, involved adultsSupport teaching self-advocacyChoiceLocus of controlImage courtesy of imagemajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

  • I find a connection with them.Montessa Young, Science & Math

    They are willing to correct and return assignments. Connie Heath, Language Arts

    They are motivated! Heidi Larson, Family & Consumer Science

  • Theyhave chosen the online classroom for intelligent and worthwhile reasons and are well supported by their families.Robert Brown, Science

    They are willing to check in with me at least twice a week. Scott Ryan, Social Studies, Business, ESOL

  • Less face timeIsolationLack of accessDifficulties with instructional platform

    Equity Considerations:Access to computers/internet for all studentsAccess to modifications for IEPs

  • Be clear about expectationsSet clear goals for the semesterStay involvedProvide face-to-face interactions

    Things to consider:Student/Parent Orientation NightsORVED presentation to school boardBack-to-School Nights for online students

  • I have a student who doesnt match all the profile can I still enroll him with ORVED?

    I have a student who is a slow reader. Will online learning work for her?

    My student types slowly. Will this hinder his progress? (www.learn2type.com)

    Can students with disabilities enroll in online courses?

  • A Few FactsEnrolling studentsChoosing instructional platformsWhat to expectWho to contact for help

  • 250,000 students in grades K-12Billion dollar industryMostly for-profit companies (K-12 Inc., Connections Academy)Can be impersonalCan have higher dropout rates, lower achievement ratesOregons 3% rule

  • Not-for-profit public charterCreated by Oregon educatorsOregon licensed, highly qualified teachersGrades 6-12Teachers have 2, two-way conversations with each student each weekDesigned to provide support to districtsImage courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

  • Welcome Call2, two-way conversations each weekEmails, phone, text, specific feedback.Why? Research into student learning and retentionImage courtesy of digitalart/freedigitalphotos.net

  • Student interactionsConnectionsPersonalized educationMentoringCompleted curriculum

  • Most students 1-2 classes onlineWhat is a charter school student?PT/FTAssigned to sponsoring districtGaston School District (West ORVED)Sherman County School District (East ORVED)$ shared with home district

  • Go to www.orved.orgConsult the Course Catalog Click on Register a Student (upper left corner)Fill out formThe registrar will contact student, parent, and counselor to confirm registration.

  • Under Quick Links click on Register a Student

  • It is important that ORVED receives as much contact information as possible.

  • Contact registrar for Multiple Enrollment FormFill out and submit form via emailStudents will be processed and enrolled within three daysCounselors, parents, and students receive notification via email upon enrollment

  • Go to www.orved.orgConsult the Course Catalog Click on Register a StudentIn the Comments box, list the courses the student wishes to take in one semester.The registrar will contact student, parent, and counselor regarding enrollment.

  • Quarterly meetings with academic advisorEducational Plan and ProfileProgress Tracking for GraduationUnder the Cooperative AgreementAccess to home district for services, extra-curricularsState testing through home districtImage courtesy of Sheelamohan/freedigitalphotos.net

  • Currently, ORVED uses multiple platforms, also known as LMS (Learning Management Systems)Brain Honey (FLVS curriculum, PT & FT)MoodleEdOptions (STARS)AccelerateGradPoint (TTSD only)Goal: consolidate platforms for a more consistent experience\

  • Brain HoneyMoodleAccelerateEdOptions

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  • For more information, questions, or comments, please contact:Dr. Marie Ballance, Education Developer(503) 679-7023, mballance@orved.org