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Alas Babylon . Chapter 4 Read Along PPT with visuals. Mark and Helen leave one another and have a conversation in the terminal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Alas Babylon Chapter 4 Read Along PPT with visuals {Mark and Helen leave one another and have a conversation in the terminal She feels like she lost and feels like a deserter by leaving Mark but Mark reminds her he would be able to hide in the hole and she would not so leaving is best Mark tells Helen, Your job is to survive because if you dont, the kids wont survive. That is your job. There is no other. (66)Children say goodbyeBen knows this is an evacuationHonesty with his kids- It was Marks policy to never utter an untruth when replying to a question from the children (67)Helen & the kids leave

Wakes up from a nap and its late evening Randy begins to realize a few problems.Transportation (he will need gas and oil) Needed more groceries Needed to fill Dr. Gunns prescriptions Needed to collect Civil Defense pamphlets(sample Civil Defense video from the 1950s ) Civil Defense is an effort to protect the citizens of a state from military attack. It uses the principles ofemergency operations:prevention,mitigation, preparation, response, oremergency evacuationand recovery.)Candles, flashlights, kerosene (what if they lights go out!) Decides to wait until tomorrow when Helen arrives, to help him

Back in Fort Repose

Eventually decides to go and get gasoline, oil and kerosene Stops by the McGoverns (its about 10:30 PM- he doesnt have to leave for the airport until 2 AM) Randys Day Continued

Survival!!!!The Saratoga (remember, thats a large ship of the U.S.), has just catapulted four F-11-F Tigers (The GrummanF11F/F-11 Tiger was the first supersonic, single-seat carrier-based United States Navyfighteraircraft) a video of an F-11-F The bogy (enemy aircraft) is still shadowing Task Group 6.7 (group of American jets), so they send out Ensign James Cobb, nicknamed Peewee and the youngest/smallest pilot in Fighter Squadron 44 to shoot the bogy down. Code name was Sunflower Four His fighter armed with Sidewinders (heat seekingmissile) more info on Sidewinders:

back to whats going on in the Med.

Peewee gets confirmation the bogy is nearby and hears the command, Go get him!Enemy plane is North of him, racing up the coast Plane comes into view Knows he will be in Syrian territory water if he keeps going This is bad because they were warned against violating anyones borders.he should have backed off, but he doesnt The enemy jet heads toward the port of Syria and so Peewee fires a missileMissile misses him and hits the dock instead (really BAD)This section ends with Peewee trying to explain himself to the Admiral of the Saratoga.The chase continues.

6Wonders whether he should go in Description of their house as a department store Designed to keep snakes out (her mothers greatest fear) Randy doesnt feel comfortable around her mother and neither does she.His relationship with her father not much better Father approaches Randy, angered that he is coming to frighten his wife and daughter to death.

Randy arrives at the McGoverns Bill says he is twice as old and knows more about what goes on in this world than he doesall of the war scares are concocted by the Pentagon.. (Bill is skeptical of Randys news)Designed to cheat people Thinks his brother has been taken (means he thinks Mark has been tricked too) Thinks no one is going to use atomic bombs, just like nobody used gas in the last war.Thinks if Bubba Offenhaus isn't concerned, he shouldnt be either (hes head of Civil Defense) Has pamphlets to pass out but doesnt want to scare people (pg. 76)Bill and Randys conversation Its almost midnight/ he makes coffee and turns on the radio to hear a shocking announcement: An American carrier plane violently bombed the harbor of Latakia (most important harbor in Syria)- this was an accident but we dont know that yetThis harbor is also one of the most powerful anti-Western naval bases in the Med. (oops!)Also reports American fleets in the eastern med are now being shadowed by enemy planes

Randy gets home

The Syrian harbor is an actual port He missed the first news flash on Latakia He has been recalled from Puerto Rico back to Omaha, to report to the Hole to maintain a round-the-clock watch (pg. 78)He was assigned midnight to 0800 hours to keep watch Before he goes to report, he walks through his childrens rooms one last time On his way to the base (War Room), he finally hears the news of the bombing on the radio and that the Navy denies that there has been any intentional attack on the Syrian coast. (pg. 79)He gets the run down when he arrives- that it was an accident when trying to find a snooper jet (pg. 80) Worst foul-up on record..glad its the navy, not usBack to whats going on with Mark The red phonemost of the world thinks the bombing was deliberate Navy PIO= Navy Preliminary Inquiry OfficerWorries them that Moscow has said NOTHING (its a bad sign.) Preparing by arming all range missiles (pg. 83) and RAF (Royal Air Force) in London is doing the same Mark more worried a massive strike had been ordered War Room continued

Helen tells Randy she feels like a fool and a coward Randy tells them about the bombing in the Med all their lives they ve lived under the shadow of war. (the kids are not sheltered) (pg. 85) On their way home from the airport, they hear a bulletin:Washington released a full statement on the Latakia incident A mechanical error

Helen and the children arriveIts 0500 hours at Offutt Field and General Hawker returns Critical factor in warfare was time (87)Report comes in patrol planes on the Argentina-Bermuda axis report three unidentified contacts (skunks), headed for the Atlantic coast Moscow still unresponsive and answering U.S. calls No reaction to Latakia from Moscow = bad Mark suggests they ask for the release of our weapons (88) this was the one mandatory, essential act that must precede the terrible decision to use the weapons. Under the law, the President of the U.S. owned nuclear weapons and missilesIn order for the SAC to use nuclear weapons, they must have permission from the President or next in line if he is killed General wants to wait

Back with Mark in the HoleGeneral calls and weapons are released to him Decides to also scramble their tankers so they arent sitting ducks for missiles from subs (89)Message from NORAD comes in that a missile was fired from Soviet base (Mark thinks- its only one.but.)Then reports four objects indicated to be ballistic missiles Skipping the yellow. This is you red alert (90) ; General gave an order Continued.