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Alas, Babylon. By Group 13. Pat Frank (May 5, 1908 October 12, 1964) W as the pen name of the American writer , newspaperman, and government consultant Harry Hart Frank. First Published: 1959, continuously in print to the present day. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Alas, Babylon

Alas, BabylonBy Group 13

Pat Frank(May 5, 1908 October 12, 1964) Was the pen name of theAmerican writer,newspaperman, and government consultant Harry Hart Frank.

First Published:1959, continuously in print to the present day.

Type of novel/genre:Apocalyptic (post-disaster) novel. The novel is often described as science fiction, but it does not have the typical characteristics of science fiction (future setting, exotic locales, technology not available today, etc.).

Point of view:The novel is written from an omniscient, third-person point of view. The narrator of the novel is aware of the actions, words, and thoughts of all the characters.

Setting:The novel is set in a small town in central Florida.

Protagonist:Randy Bragg

Antagonist:The forces of decay and decline that follow a general breakdown of government and authority, and the lack of essential goods and services

Conflict:The United States is at war with the Soviet Union, but that is only the backdrop for the novel. The real conflict is with the survivors as they try to cope with the loss of essential goods and services, and the general breakdown of authority.

Climax:The primary climax of the novel involves the ambush of the highwaymen who attacked Dr. Gunn and who threaten to attack Fort Repose.

Major Themes:(1) survival against the odds, and (2) personal redemption and recovery.

Minor Theme:Power placed in weak hands leads to chaos and anarchy.

Mood:Tense, but hopeful. The novel ends on a cautiously optimistic note.


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