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<p>After leaving the Holy Kabah</p> <p>A person can feel two different sorts of feelings regarding Umrah, first one is the feeling of excitement after getting a good news that he or she got visa for Umrah and Allah Almighty has allowed that person to go for Umrah. Definitely such feeling cannot be explained in words. Mostly people want to get such Umrah packages in which they can get a room nearer to Makkah so that they can travel less and spend more time in Makkah. Many travel agencies are working on Umrah Packages in London and they usually try to facilitate their passengers as much as they can because visiting such beautiful Holy place is not a small thing. Second feeling is totally different feeling from the first one. When the time comes nearer to leave the Holy place, a feeling of sadness surrounds people because no one can ever find peace at any place other than Makkah or Madina. Nobody knows about the next moment in their life so people become sad and usually cry a lot when they leave the Holy place.A view where thousands of pilgrims do tawaf for the sake of Allah Almight is definitely the most beautiful view in the whole word. People usually become a different person after performing Umrah. They try to avoid sins and make efforts to please Allah. Did we ever notice that for how long we make such efforts? Answer is yes, we do notice because we can easily feel a change in ourselves. After leaving the beautiful Holy place, we go back in our routine but try to do good deeds for the sake of Allah but most of us lose our determination of doing good deeds with the passage of time. </p> <p>Most of us cannot steadfast for long time but it does not mean that we should quit doing efforts. We have to remind ourselves that if we can perform good deeds in Makkah or Madina then we can do good deeds in our homes also. Reminder is a thing that can help for making change and these reminders should be on constant basis. When we make dua to Allah in Makkah, our tears do not stop falling while making dua and we put a strong belief to Allah but when we make dua in our normal routine, we usually do not cry and lose efforts for making dua to Allah Almighty. We should close our eyes for a moment and should remember the time and efforts of making dua in Makkah or Madina. Such view can enable us to make dua again with the same efforts. If we can be patient, humble and steadfast in Makkah then we can be the same person in our normal routine. A little effort and a short reminder can make us the same person as we were while performing Umrah. So try to feel the feeling of leaving Kabah so that we can put that feeling in our normal routine and realize the importance of the precious time that we had spent in Holy place. </p>


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