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Brief slideshow explaining the dos and don'ts when leaving school on a field trip.


<ul><li> DosandDonts when<br />we leave Sunset !<br />What you can and can not do when we leave campus!<br /></li> <li> On the bus we must remember that<br />You are not wild animals, <br />no monkeying around! <br />Keep your feet out of the isles and stay seated!<br /></li> <li> On the bus we must remember that<br />Be quiet, do not distract the bus driver! <br />Listen for roll call and any important information from adults!<br /></li> <li> When its time to get off the bus<br />Listen to directions<br />Form a line<br />Dont touch anything unless told to do so by an adult<br /></li> <li> During our visit<br />Clean up after yourself<br />Stay with the group<br />Know where your buddy is at all times<br />DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!!!<br /></li> <li> During our visit<br />Ask the teacher or chaperone if you need to go to the restroom.<br /></li> <li> During our visit<br />Have Fun!<br /></li> <li> When we get back on the bus<br />Form a line<br />Be quiet<br />Listen for your name during roll call<br /></li> <li> Images from my personal library and Microsoft Clipart Gallery<br />By: L.White<br /></li> </ul>