afghanistan public service announcement by: blake jeffreys

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  • Afghanistan Public Service AnnouncementBy: Blake Jeffreys

  • Help The Afghanistan Students.Some students are forced to be kept out of school, away from education. Above I have a picture taken after an Afghanistan school was destroyed by the Taliban . They need help, support, schools, a safe campus, and teachers too achieve an education.

  • But Afghanistan Girls Need An Education The Most!The boys are fine it is the girls who need the extra education boost. While the boys go to school and get educated the girls stay home and work like slaves. The men in the village keep the girls out of school.Flag source:

  • Afghanistan Education Facts

    An estimated 11 million Afghanistan citizens are illiterateThousands of communities have no easy access to a school campus.More than 3,500 schools were built unfortunately only 25% of them are usable.Source:

  • But thats not all thats keeping them out of school The Taliban.The Taliban are preventing the girls from school. Those of the girls that do go to school get the Taliban working on a plan to keep them out of school.

  • Afghanistan Education Data The data on this chart shows the amount of girls out of school by force which is 40%. The chart also shows the amount of girls whom attempted to go to school but were injured by the Taliban the 25%. Finally it shows the amount of girls in school un-injured and well 35%.Chart Source:

  • Help.Help these girls. Save them from the darkness of no school. It would make a difference for you to donate.97% of the proceeds will go towards helping the girls get a basic education. We need books, supplies, teachers, money for schools, a safe campus, and students.Donation site:

  • The end!Thanks for your attention please help the Afghanistan citizens.