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    GARLAND JEFFREYS & BAND OFFICIAL RIDER (GJ + 4) Primary Contact – Manager: Claire Jeffreys [email protected] 917-345-8069 Garland Jeffreys tour personnel totals five (5) people plus crew (2):

    1) Billing – 100% headline. When opening for another act/artist – 75%, as “featuring special guest Garland Jeffreys.” Please include links to Garland’s official website, facebook, twitter and instagram in all listings. Please take advantage of video & audio streams that can be provided to help promote date. Official site: http://garlandjeffreys.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Garland-Jeffreys/10650433053 Twitter: @garlandjeffreys Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/garlandjeffreysofficial

    2) Soundcheck – 1 hour and fifteen minutes.

    3) Merchandise – artists’ merchandise sales shall be retained by Artist. This is non-

    negotiable. Purchaser may be asked to provide one merchandise seller at Artists’ (reasonable) expense and house percentages on merchandise must be clearly outlined and approved in advance.

    4) No audio or visual recordings without the express written consent of the Artist.

    Photos (by local media, pre-approved ONLY) are fine.

    5) Meal (for band & crew) – we prefer something at least semi-healthy and regional. 5 – regular meals (plus crew, TBD). Prefer meal after sound check. We are amenable to fend for ourselves with a buy-out but must be arranged with us in advance so we know what to expect before we get there.

    6) Hospitality – The following should be available in Artist’s dressing room and/or

    area prior to sound check: Before show – 16 bottles of water, ice

    Hot water, cups, spoons, and herbal teas Coffee w/cream or milk, sugar, Splenda or other sweetener, cups & stirrers Fruit juice (fresh when/where possible) 1/2 liter of 7-Up or Sprite, or 3-12 oz. bottles/cans 1 liter of Diet Coke, or 6-12 oz. bottles/cans Fresh fruit and cheese platter 12 dry clean towels

    On stage - 10 bottles of chilled water

    After show - An assortment of beer and wine - 12 minimum chilled beer, red

    and white wine, one bottle each

    7) Accommodations – Single rooms whenever possible, or doubling up with single room for Garland Jeffreys

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    DRUMS One Pearl, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig or equivalent pro level drum set including: One 20" or 22" Bass drum One 12" tom tom One 16" floor tom One 14" snare One pair 14" Zildjian (or equivalent) hi hat cymbals One 20 or 22"" ride cymbal Zildjian (or equivalent) Two 18" or 19" crash cymbals Zildjian (or equivalent) Hardware: Three boom cymbal stands One snare stand One hi hat stand One bass drum pedal (Tama Iron Cobra or Pearl) One drum throne w/ oversized bicycle or round seat BASS One Hartke 4x10” cabinet One 800 watt G-K head GUITAR One Fender Hot Rod Deville amp KEYBOARD One Nord Electro 4D One Korg SV1 Substitute choices in this order: Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 2 NOTE: If only one keyboard is available, specify in this order: Nord Electro 4D, Korg SV1, Nord Electro 3 One 2-tier keyboard stand (ex: Proline PL-402) One drum throne Only if no extra cost: Hammond XK 3 Leslie 122 + pre amp Acoustic Piano

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    GARLAND JEFFREYS TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (GJ + 4) CH INSTRUMENT MIC COMP STAND 1 K Beyer 88 1 Short Boom 2 SN SM 57 Short Boom 3 HAT SM 81 Short Boom 4 Tom 1 SM 98 Clip 5 Tom 2 SM 98 Clip 6 Floor SM 98 Clip 7 OH L SM 81 Tall Boom 8 OH R SM 81 Tall Boom 9 Bass SM 2 Short Boom 10 Guitar SM 57A Short Boom 11 Guitar Dir. XLR (connect to ipod) -------- 12 Keys1L Di -------- 13 Keys1R Di -------- 14 Keys2L Di -------- 15 Keys2R Di -------- *EACH KEYBOARD CAN RUN IN MONO, IF NEEDED 16 Garland Vox Shure Wireless 3 Straight Stand/round base 17 BV Keys Shure mic Tall Boom 18 BV Drums Shure mic Tall Boom 19 BV Guitar Shure mic Tall Boom Short Boom - Tall Booms - 5 Straight Stand - 1 Round Base - 1 DI - 4 Clip On - 4 System consists of subs: a) Two (2) EAW 2181 w/amps and processors and cable b) Four (4) Meyer CQ1's (powered) - 2 per side c) FOH Console Have a second RF (back up) for Garland VOX Monitor Mix 24 x 8 Console: 7 wedges for 6 mixes Mix 1 Garland - 2 wedges Mix 2 Keys - 1 wedge Mix 3 Drums - 1 wedge Mix 4 Bass - 1 wedge Mix 5 Guitar - 1 wedge 7th wedge for monitor man Power distro (PD Box) for above on same ground leg as FOH 24 channel splitter w/iso. Transformers 7 channels of compress/limiter Lexicon PCM 70 CRITICAL: LIGHTED MUSIC STAND

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