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<ul><li><p>Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions A new range of options for cost-effective lighting control performance </p></li><li><p>2 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>Introducing Advanced Outdoor Lighting SolutionsBusinesses, towns, institutions and public utilities today are increasingly sensitive to sustainable arguments. </p><p>Simply put, their customers and constituents want better value, in addition to saving energy and being as </p><p>environment-friendly as possible in a wide variety of applications, including outdoor lighting.</p><p>Sustainable outdoor lighting goes a long way to meet personal safety concerns and cost-reduction targets </p><p>in the public and private sector. More than ever, fast-payback alternatives are available to meet current </p><p>outdoor lighting needs, while making a difference for tomorrow.</p></li><li><p>3Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>Advancing Outdoor Lighting Management </p><p>The outdoor lighting industry is moving forward. And Philips Lumec is at the forefront of change with Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions. </p><p>Ensuring the security of citizens through innovative, aesthetic outdoor lighting. Delivering exceptional energy efficiency using long-life </p><p>LED sources and lighting control capabilities tailored to your needs. Personal safety and optimal versatility These are the three </p><p>cornerstones of Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions, Philips Lumecs most Advanced line of outdoor luminaires for commercial, </p><p>institutional and municipal applications. By offering a range of lighting control strategies to meet different requirements, Advanced </p><p>Outdoor Lighting Solutions provide new opportunities for saving energy and maintenance costs, while demonstrating a strong </p><p>commitment toward achieving sustainability goals. With Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions, Philips Lumec recognizes that effective </p><p>outdoor lighting means different things for different people. And that high performance does not have to mean high acquisition cost. </p><p>There is a simpler way to create great outdoor lighting that makes sense for the future. Discover the Advanced Outdoor Lighting </p><p>Solutions that is right for your environment.</p><p>LED 101Every Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions uses LED </p><p>technology. LED luminaires provide huge energy savings </p><p>and are virtually maintenance free. And when LED lamps </p><p>are dimmed, users obtain even greater energy savings, </p><p>plus longer lifespan for lamp/driver even superior to </p><p>the existing 100,000 hours provided by our lastest LED </p><p>outdoor lighting fixtures. </p></li><li><p>4 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p></li><li><p>5Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>Parks andRecreation</p><p>GreenProjects</p><p>CityCenters</p><p>PedestrianAreas and</p><p>Bicycle Paths</p><p>Campuses PublicAreas</p><p>City Streets</p><p>PP P PP PP</p><p>Different Needs, Different Degrees of Lighting ControlIn outdoor lighting as in many other areas, cookie-cutter solutions are rarely suitable. As the saying goes, different strokes for different </p><p>folks. If every lighting application is unique, so should be the lighting control solution. In most scenarios, the lighting intensity does not have </p><p>to be at 100% all of the time. So, dimming plays an important role in saving energy. In fact, dimming levels can depend on the time of night, </p><p>traffic density and other variables. Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions provide a wide range of dimming options, from the most basic to </p><p>the most sophisticated, to meet the challenges facing managers of private and public outdoor lighting installations</p><p>Todays Outdoor Lighting Challenges / Secure high energy efficiency / Reduce maintenance costs / Ensure superior safety for citizens / Have flexibility to meet changing traffic / weather conditions / Use eco-friendly solutions / Be innovative to attract people and </p><p>investors / Integrate other city services / Enable growing needs with scalable systems / Deliver fast payback through competitive total cost </p><p>of ownership / Provide great ambient lighting / Meet government regulations</p></li><li><p>6 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutionsfor Every Application</p><p>Luminaire Solutions Economical, stand-alone system with no annual fees</p><p> Factory presets or customized settings </p><p> (dimming times and levels)</p><p> Lighting benefits beyond poles with photocell</p><p>System Solutions The median Advanced Outdoor Lighting </p><p>Solutions, with group luminaire control </p><p>capabilities. Ideal for managing groups of light </p><p>poles in different areas, including parking lots, </p><p>residential streets and public spaces. </p><p> Affordable, turnkey system without recurring fees</p><p> Energy-saving combined with optimal </p><p> control/monitoring capabilities</p><p> Single-site management system including </p><p> usage statistics</p><p>City Solutions The most powerful Advanced Outdoor </p><p>Lighting Solutions available, featuring complete, </p><p>precise luminaire control using an open </p><p>platform. Ideal for simultaneous management </p><p>of multiple groups of light poles in different </p><p>areas, including parking lots, neighborhood </p><p>streets and wide-area public spaces. </p><p> Advanced capabilities for large-scale management </p><p> of outdoor lighting and other services</p><p> Extensive energy-saving options, two-way luminaire</p><p> communication and optimal control functionalities </p><p> Lighting control from remote locations</p><p> Wireless versions available</p><p>The basic Advanced Outdoor Lighting </p><p>Solutions, offering single, plug &amp; forget </p><p>luminaire control. Ideal for parking lots, </p><p>residential streets and public areas. Simple </p><p>programming drives energy savings with </p><p>minimum effort.</p></li><li><p>7Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p> or little implication</p><p>(e.g. electrician)</p><p>or little information</p><p>with difficulty. At each </p><p>luminaire.</p><p>Single luminaire</p><p>Average implication(e.g. owner or building manager)</p><p>Daily basic report </p><p>but somewhat </p><p>difficult.On site.</p><p>Single site</p><p>High implication(e.g. Public Works or </p><p>outsourcing)</p><p>Annual detailed report with ease.</p><p>Worldwide access.</p><p>Multiple sites</p><p>daily</p><p>Weekly Basic Locally Basic</p><p>Annually Detailed Remote(SMS, email)</p><p>Enhanced</p><p>Inte</p><p>nded</p><p> pro</p><p>ject</p><p> inve</p><p>stm</p><p>ent l</p><p>evel</p><p>. </p><p>Impl</p><p>icatio</p><p>n le</p><p>vel f</p><p>or m</p><p>onito</p><p>ring </p><p>inst</p><p>allat</p><p>ion</p><p>Ava</p><p>ilabi</p><p>lity </p><p>of d</p><p>ata </p><p>on li</p><p>ghtin</p><p>g in</p><p>stall</p><p>atio</p><p>n Fl</p><p>exib</p><p>ility </p><p>to c</p><p>hang</p><p>e pa</p><p>ram</p><p>eter</p><p>s as</p><p> req</p><p>uire</p><p>d</p><p>OPERATIONAL CRITERIA TECHNOLOGICAL CRITERIA</p><p>Des</p><p>ired </p><p>scop</p><p>e of</p><p> ligh</p><p>ting </p><p>cont</p><p>rol</p><p>Nee</p><p>d fo</p><p>r re</p><p>mot</p><p>e co</p><p>ntro</p><p>l of i</p><p>nsta</p><p>llatio</p><p>n</p><p>On/</p><p>Off</p><p>Dim</p><p>min</p><p>g</p><p>Sche</p><p>dulin</p><p>g</p><p>Mon</p><p>itorin</p><p>g</p><p>Alar</p><p>ms</p><p>Gro</p><p>upin</p><p>g</p></li><li><p>8 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>Luminaire SolutionSimplicity. Autonomy. Affordability.</p><p>Self-contained and preprogrammed / Luminaire Solution is a stand-alone outdoor lighting system free of recurring costs. For added convenience, every solution comes with factory presets or custom settings according to user needs.</p><p>This pratical, low-cost approach is ideal for lighting managers who do not require remote access during off-hours.</p><p>Intelligence built into every single luminaire / Because intelligent circuitry is integrated into every luminaire, lighting control costs are independent of the number of luminaires required. As a result, Luminaire Solution features low acquisition costs for a small </p><p>number of light poles.</p><p>Simple management of LED technology / In addition to stand-alone dimming available with every light pole, Luminaire Solution include useful and easy-to-use specialized support functions for LED lamps, such as end-of-life management, constant light output </p><p>and progressive start-up.</p></li><li><p>9Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>SINGLE SITE</p><p>Control</p><p>Control</p><p>Control</p><p>Control</p><p>How it Works</p><p>Features Benefits A stand-alone control solution Simple, user-friendly lighting control management</p><p>For small- and large-scale projects Cost-efficient regardless of project scale</p><p>Scalability options Worry-free site expansion capabilities</p><p>Preprogrammed dimming scenarios, Preset custom </p><p>scenarios or On-site customizable scenariosEase of use, peace of mind and adaptability</p><p>A single luminaire schedule Flexibility between the luminaires</p><p>No recurrent fees or extra chargesSelf-contained operation not requiring third party </p><p>services</p><p>Software included Affordable solution</p><p>Override functionAbility to resume full intensity at any time during a </p><p>dimming scenario</p><p>Management of LED lumen depreciationConstant light output throughout the life of the </p><p>luminaire</p><p>Progressive start-up of the LED lamps Superior visual comfort for passers-by at start-up</p><p>LED end-of-life signal Practical visual alert</p><p>Typical Applications</p><p>Parkinglots</p><p>PublicAreas</p><p>Residential street lighting</p><p>Urbanlighting</p><p>Commercialand</p><p>Institutional</p><p>Parks andRecreation</p><p>PP P P</p></li><li><p>10 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>System SolutionSingle-site operation. Simple, cost-effective data management.</p><p>Dynamic solution featuring two-way communication / System Solution can talk with each luminaire, so lighting managers can not only modify control parameters at any time, but receive critical operating data from installed luminaires.</p><p>Local control from a nearby location / System Solution brings independent lighting management to the next level. With lighting control equipment located in a nearby building, settings are adjusted on site, eliminating recurring remote-access charges. </p><p>Features include full lighting control capabilities and access to lighting data, all at a reasonable cost and without the need for a long-term </p><p>contract.</p><p>Group or single-luminaire control / The level of lighting control offered by System Solution strikes a happy medium between self-contained systems and full-scale management systems. Operators can easily configure luminaires independently or create lighting </p><p>groups.</p></li><li><p>11Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>On-site user control centerUSB Key</p><p>SINGLE SITE</p><p>How it Works</p><p>Features Benefits Dynamic, single-site operation for small-scale installations Fully controllable and cost-efficient</p><p>Programming on-site at any time from a single point </p><p>of accessFlexibility of 24/7 local access</p><p>No extra fees, no annual fees (software) No service contract required with third-party supplier</p><p>Ownership of low-cost software included Independent operation at a low acquisition cost</p><p>On-site control station Easy access to the site by the owner</p><p>Data management by the owner Ownership and management of lighting data</p><p>Basic statistic capability Monitoring of lighting performance and energy savings</p><p>Typical Applications</p><p>Parkinglots</p><p>PublicAreas</p><p>Residential street lighting</p><p>Urbanlighting</p><p>Commercialand</p><p>Institutional</p><p>Parks andRecreation</p><p>PP P P</p></li><li><p>12 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>City SolutionSophisticated. Flexible. Powerful.</p><p>Dynamic solution featuring two-way communication / City Solution can talk with each luminaire, so lighting managers can not only modify control parameters at any time, but also receive critical operating data from installed lighting equipment, including </p><p>precise luminaire information and malfunction alarms triggering remote notification.</p><p>Control from a remote location like the town hall or a city bunker / City Solution enables access to the lighting management system from any physical location day and night. Wherever operators are located, they have web-based access providing </p><p>valuable opportunities for rapid decision-making. In addition, monitoring systems can be centralized in one convenient location.</p><p>Individual luminaire control within a group and group-wide lighting control / With City Solution, lighting managers can achieve pinpoint control of a single luminaire within a group or control an entire group with the same features. In addition, several </p><p>groups can be managed simultaneously. This Smart Outdoor Lighting Solution is ideal for large-scale installations requiring global lighting </p><p>management capabilities. </p></li><li><p>13Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>serveur</p><p>gatewayweb</p><p>cell</p><p>2</p><p>mobile phoneoff-siteon-siteinstant access</p><p>3 user control center(www.)</p><p>4cloud services</p><p>(node)</p><p>RF communicationor communication viaexisting power linesc main</p><p>1 SITE 1</p><p>How it Works</p><p>Features Benefits Dynamic, multiple-site operation for large-scale </p><p>installationsDesigned specifically for large, complex projects</p><p>Web-based worldwide access to control software Flexibility of 24/7 remote access from anywhere</p><p>Programming at any time from multiple points of access Turnkey solution</p><p>Total support, maintenance, communication Access to the most advanced lighting control expertise</p><p>Premium software managed by control system </p><p>manufacturerFast-response capability in case of malfunction</p><p>Alarms through SMS and email capabilityAbility to take appropriate action promptly </p><p>and proactively</p><p>Sophisticated data reportingEffective information for in-depth analysis of lighting </p><p>installation</p><p>Typical Applications</p><p>Parkinglots</p><p>PublicAreas</p><p>Residential street lighting</p><p>Urbanlighting</p><p>Commercialand</p><p>Institutional</p><p>Parks andRecreation</p><p>PPPP PP PP</p></li><li><p>14 Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions14</p></li><li><p>15Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions</p><p>Philips Lumec provides the best before, during and post-sales service for all your Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions. </p><p>By selecting the best control solution you are guaranteed the ultimate experience. / When choosing among Philips Lumecs many Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions for single or multiple sites, we promise to accompany you during </p><p>the entire process. Our team of experts will help guide you towards the best control system that answers all of your needs. Together </p><p>we will define exactly what your needs are and how to fulfill them completely. All of your questions will be answered by the best </p><p>professionals in the lighting industry.</p><p>The post sales service will also ensure that the Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solution chosen is working flawlessly throughout your site. </p><p>Client satisfaction is of the outmost importance for us. No stone will be left unturned to guarantee your complete satisfaction.</p><p></p><p>Impeccable Service</p></li><li><p></p><p>PHILIPS LUMEC HEAD OFFICE640, Cur-Boivin Boulevard Boisbriand, Qubec Canada J7G 2A7 </p><p>T : 450.430.7040 F : 450.430.1453</p><p>ONTARIO OFFICE189 Bullock Drive Markham, Ontario Canada L3P 1W4</p><p>T : 416.223.7255 F : 866.971.2825</p><p>For the details of our different agents and representatives, please consult the Contact us section of our Website.</p><p> 2012 Philips Group.</p><p>All rights reserved. We reserve the right to change details of design, materials and finishes.</p></li></ul>


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