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We provides all sorts of garden lighting installation using designer garden lighting such Led bulbs , lanterns etc depending on the type of landscape to enhance the safety, security and beauty. For more information: http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com/


<ul><li> 1. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com The latest lightening solution with remarkable expertise over all types of garden , landscape and outdoor lightening. Combination of security and easily adaptable functional systems whether it is public or domestic . </li></ul> <p> 2. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com Home About Us By Design Our Service Our Gallery Contact us 3. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com Lightening solutions, driven by sophisticated design and environmental friendly as well. The systems adjust to any environment and are functional and decorative with the essence of nature. We provide lightening suitable for all budgets and have a team of highly experienced designers. We install fully customised and professional designs . 4. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com Garden Lighting By Design has 20 years of lighting design and installation experience and have provided Eco lead solutions with design, technology and security and safety at the same time, within any budget range. We offer friendly and professional service according to client needs, in the most efficient way, guiding them with vast experience. 5. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com Outdoor lightening systems should be flexible and expandable with full safety and security . Designs are fully customizable and can be installed in any environment [public and domestic]. The principles to good lighting design include Less , controlled and purposeful lights are attractive Proper switching and zoning helps security 6. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com Outdoor Lightening solutions Landscape Lightening Solutions Switches and Fittings For Security and Safety Outdoor electrical requirements, such as: Water Features, Awnings, Heaters, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools and Out-buildings. 7. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com 8. { http://www.gardenlightingbydesign.com Chester Office: PO Box 3217 Chester CH2 4WA Manchester Office 30a Park Road Hale WA15 9NN Tel: 0845 601 5763 Mob: 07736 670 781 </p>