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<ul><li><p>Push the Boundaries of Outdoor LightingMaxLite offers a full line of energy-efficient outdoor LED products designed to increase the quality and quantity of light while consuming less power. Whether it is to enhance the beauty of a landscape or ensure the safety of motorists, we will work with you to find the right combination of products to meet your lighting goals and budgetary needs. MaxLites extensive portfolio of LED lamps and luminaires includes solutions for roadway, area, flood, tunnel and other applications in the commercial, industrial, residential and municipal markets.</p><p>Look Beyond YellowThe high efficiency of LEDs make it possible to replace high-pressure sodium lamps with a superior quality, white light source that consumes less power. White light offers many benefits over the yellow and orange colors produced by previous generation outdoor products. It appears brighter and more natural looking, which can enhance ambience and increase the overall sense of safety and well being on streets and in parking areas. Brighter, more natural light can also improve clarity and visibility, optimizing safety for motorists and pedestrians. The use of dimming controls, occupancy sensors, and lower wattage alternatives creates flexibility and energy savings unavailable with previous lighting technology. </p><p>Reduce Operating Costs by Increasing EfficiencyMaxLite LED lamps and luminaires offer a long life and energy efficiency. They are 70-80% more efficient than conventional light sources and can be combined with daylight harvesting </p><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTING</p><p>controls and motion sensors for further energy savings. By replacing outdated lighting systems with more efficient technology, property managers and municipalities can maintain, and even enhance, lighting levels using fewer lamps and lower wattages. But the money-saving benefits go beyond electricity costs; LED fixtures and lamps also require much less frequent maintenance. These gains in efficiency can lead to significant operational savings. </p></li><li><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTINGCase Study:Community Center Shines Brighter With MaxLite LEDs </p><p>The new lighting system is a great improvement to the Meyer Center. Our members and guests have certainly noticed and recognized the improved lighting in the facility and appreciate it. The energy and maintenance savings of switching to LED lighting is significant and will have a positive impact on our operational budget for many years to come. </p><p>-- Gary Niebur President/CEO, Edwardsville, YMCA</p><p>The YMCA Meyer Center in Edwardsville, IL is a 116,000-square-foot facility that offers activities and learning experiences that enrich the lives of its members. Recognizing the important role lighting plays in providing a safe and comfortable environment in which members can explore the many programs the center has to offer, management decided to replace the Meyer Centers inefficient lighting systems with energy- and maintenance-saving LEDs throughout the interior and exterior of the facility. Working with MaxLite, Cool City Lights of Glen Carbon, IL developed a retrofit plan that would minimize the costs of new fixtures and maximize the ROI for the non-profit facility. As part of the project, the 1000-watt metal halide fixtures that lit the centers parking lot was upgraded with MaxLites 405-watt StaxMAX LED flood lights. Inside, more than 1,800 fluorescent T8, high-output T5 and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were retrofitted or replaced with 1,300 MaxLite LED T8 18-watt lamps throughout the facility, including in the fitness center, program rooms, mezzanine, restrooms, offices, hallways, locker rooms, storage rooms and kitchen. </p><p>In the first month after the installation, October 2014, the Meyer Centers energy savings vs. the previous year were 71,600 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and $7,160 (at .10 per kWh). Their estimated annual savings is 680,000 kWh and $68,000. </p></li><li><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTINGCase Study:</p><p>MaxLite LED Marquee Lamps Highlight Beauty of Tempe Bridges</p><p>As with the LED products in our signal and streetlight systems, the new bridge lights will save</p><p> us money on energy and maintenance costs.</p><p>-- Alan RadyLighting Systems Coordinator,</p><p>City of Tempe</p><p>We chose MaxLite marquee bulbsfor the project because of their </p><p>affordability and wet-location rating, and because we knew they were </p><p>up to the task.</p><p>-- Nicole BagozziPresident of Sales, EDG</p><p>With their strings of lights spanning nearly 150 feet long, the Mill Avenue Bridges in Tempe comprise one of Arizonas most beautiful and recognizable landmarks. The two bridges </p><p>provide passage for millions of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians across the Salt River each year. They also serve as </p><p>the backdrop for the citys annual Fourth of July festival and fireworks.</p><p>The original Mill Avenue Bridge was built in 1931, while the new bridge was added, directly to its east, in 1994 to help relieve </p><p>traffic congestion. Several years ago, the bridges underwent a renovation that included a new lighting system of cold </p><p>cathode fluorescent bulbs; however, the bulbs began failing at an extreme rate, resulting in dark spots that detracted from </p><p>the beauty of these landmarks. The city needed a replacement product that would deliver high quality illumination, reliability </p><p>and energy savings while restoring the bridges to their former splendor. Working with EDGReps and Summit Electric Supply, the city replaced 4,500 3-watt cold cathode fluorescent bulbs </p><p>with MaxLite 2.5-watt LED marquee lamps. </p><p>Designed for decorative outdoor applications, LED marquee lamps provide the same warm color and brightness as </p><p>incandescent and fluorescent light sources while generating significant energy savings over their substantially longer lifetime. </p><p>They are also the environmentally-friendly choice, as the lamps are constructed free of mercury or heavy metals, and do not </p><p>emit ultra-violet rays. </p><p>By switching to LEDs, the city will save 112,500 kWh and $183,375 in energy and maintenance costs over the </p><p>50,000-hour lifetime of the lamps.</p></li><li><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTINGCase Study:MaxLite LED Flood Lights Drive Energy Savings at Golf Range</p><p>Im most excited about how much less we will pay to operate these fixtures. Before, we didnt turn on all of our lights in certain areas because it was very expensive, but now that is not a problem. Last months utility bill was already lower than the previous month, so I cant wait to see how much lower our bills are after a year. </p><p>-- Marion McInerney Owner, McGolf</p><p>McGolfs Driving Range, one of New Englands premier golf facilities located just 10 miles from Boston, underwent a renovationfive years ago. After seeing an advertisement for LED lighting products for small businesses from her utility provider NSTAR, Marion McInerney, owner of the golf facility, decided it was time to complete the facility refurbishments with an energy-efficient lighting upgrade. NSTAR contractor Lime Energy performed an energy audit and provided the facility with LED options to replace the 33-year-old metal halide lighting fixtures throughout the small putting area and open driving range. Lime Energy was considering another brand of LED area lights; however, Al Carlson, outside sales representative at Canton, Massachusetts-based Needham Electrical Supply, suggested using MaxLites StaxMAX LED Flood Lights for their high lumen output and versatility. In the open driving range, nine 35-foot poles with three 1,000-watt metal halide area lights each were positioned along the 252-foot length, four 35-foot poles with five 1,000-watt metal halide area lights each were along the 171-foot length, and one 25- and one 35-foot pole each with eight 1,000-watt metal halides lit up the back area for long drives.</p><p>MaxLites lighting applications engineering and design team developed a lighting plan using 48 270-watt and four 405-watt StaxMAX Floods that would provide more light while using less energy than the 78 existing 1,000-watt metal halide area lights, which consume 1,200 watts with the ballast. McInerney purchased the LED fixtures from Lime Energy with a 50 percent upfront product rebate provided by NSTAR, and Braza &amp; Mancini in Milford, Massachusetts, installed the fixtures. By reducing the quantity and wattage of the fixtures utilized, the golf facility is saving an additional 3,951,000 kWh of energy and $492,027 in energy and maintenance costs throughout the L70-rated 50,000-hour lifetime of the LED fixtures.</p></li><li><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTINGCase Study:</p><p>MaxLite LED Fixtures Brighten Up Allentown Parking Authority </p><p>Our goal was to reduce our energy consumption and control our </p><p>maintenance costs. Only two months after the project, were already seeing </p><p>the results we hoped for. Aesthetically, the whole building looks new. Overall, </p><p>were very pleased; this investment was really a no-brainer.</p><p> -- Wayne ShuppFacility Supervisor, </p><p>Allentown Parking Authority</p><p>Green Tech Energy Services, working in conjunction with its client Allentown Parking Authority, needed lighting fixtures for a </p><p>multi-level parking garage in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They were looking for fixtures that offered a great appearance, </p><p>price and quantity. Additionally, they needed fixtures that were DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified and eligible for utility </p><p>rebates. A combination of MaxLite LED Parking Garage Canopy fixtures and Wall Packs were chosen for the project.</p><p>In an even exchange, MaxLite 40-watt LED Parking Garage Canopy luminaires replaced 361 175- and 200-watt metal halide </p><p>fixtures that were pendant-mounted above the drive lanes in the Government Deck and Transportation Center. Eighty-six </p><p>canopy fixtures, along with a dozen 20-watt LED Wall Packs, were used to replace 100-watt metal halide fixtures in stairwells. </p><p>Used as rooftop pole lights for the Government Deck, MaxLite 100-watt LED area lights with weatherproof lenses were used to replace 16 metal halide shoebox pole lights, while a dozen </p><p>more 100-watt area lights replaced pole lights in the Transporta-tion Center. Eighteen MaxLite 20-watt full cutoff LED Wall Packs </p><p>replaced the 100-watt metal halide direct/indirect fixtures that were being used for site lights at the Government Deck, while </p><p>22 MaxLite 20-watt full cutoff LED Wall Packs were used to replace 22 100-watt metal halide wall mount flood lights. </p><p>MaxLite LED fixtures are providing the parking facility with a significant annual energy savings of $68,049 and an annual </p><p>operational savings of $14,152. </p></li><li><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTING</p><p>Outdoor Lighting PedestrianWalkways Area Facade Hazardous Landscapes Parking Areas</p><p>Wet-ListedMarquee Lamps </p><p>Low-voltageMiniauture Lamps </p><p>Post TopRetrofit Lamps </p><p>DiscLED Canopy Fixtures </p><p>Area Lights Security Lights </p><p>Vapor ProofJelly Jars</p><p>Porch Lightsand Lanterns </p><p>Bullet Flood Lights Flood Lights</p><p>(Large) Flood Lights</p><p>(Small) StaxMAX </p><p>Wall Packs(Adjustable) Wall Packs </p><p>Merak Tunnel Lights</p><p> X-Large Area Light </p></li><li><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTING</p><p>Outdoor Lighting Egress Recreation Roadway Security Signage Tunnels</p><p>Wet-ListedMarquee Lamps </p><p>Low-voltageMiniauture Lamps</p><p>Post TopRetrofit Lamps </p><p>DiscLED Canopy Fixtures</p><p>Area Lights Security Lights </p><p>Vapor ProofJelly Jars </p><p>Porch Lightsand Lanterns</p><p>Bullet Flood Lights Flood Lights</p><p>(Large) Flood Lights</p><p>(Small) StaxMAX </p><p>Wall Packs(Adjustable) Wall Packs </p><p>Merak Tunnel Lights X-Large Area Light </p></li><li><p>Bring out the beauty of buildings and landscapes</p><p>Increase visibility and safety for motorists Create comfortable pathways for pedestrians</p><p>OUTDOOR LIGHTING</p><p>Utility Rebates Reduce Upfront CostsWhile the long-term savings make LED the obvious choice over other lighting sources, utility rebate programs can reduce the overall cost of ownership. MaxLite offers many fixtures and lamps that are ENERGY STAR or DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified, making them eligible for nationwide rebate programs. We will work with you to transform the lighting in your buildings and facilities, while ensuring your upfront investment is paid back as quickly as possible. Our utility solutions team will even complete the rebate paperwork for you!</p><p>Customer SupportMaxLite offers a full range of complimentary services to support your lighting projects: Facility audits Lighting layouts</p><p> ROI calculations Utility rebate assistance</p><p> Local representation Lifetime product service</p><p>Why MaxLite?MaxLite has more than 20 years of experience providing certified energy-efficient lighting </p><p>solutions to the commercial building and residential markets. One of the first movers into </p><p>LED technology in the industry, MaxLite offers an extensive line of state-of-the art indoor </p><p>and outdoor LED lamps and luminaires. We are a four-time recipient of the prestigious </p><p>ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for our industry leadership and continue to </p><p>be at the forefront of energy efficient technologies through the innovative research and </p><p>development capabilities of our New Jersey headquarters and California facility.</p><p>MaxLite supports its products with the highest standards of quality assurance and customer </p><p>support. We keep our products in stock and available for immediate purchase and delivery, </p><p>shipping within the United State in one to three business days on standard orders. We are </p><p>the lighting company that delivers certified quality LED solutions when you need them, and </p><p>keeps delivering when you need us.</p><p>12 York Ave.West Caldwell, NJ 07006</p><p>T: 1-800-555-5629F: 973-244-7333www.maxlite.com</p></li></ul>