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<p>Academic IELTS:Exam FormatAngelos Bollas - angelosbollastefl.comOverviewListeningReadingWritingSpeakingListening: Overview40 questions30 minutesone point for each correct questionTest takers will be given time to read the questions before they hear the recording. At the end of each recording, test takers will be given half a minute to check answers.At the end of the recording, test takers will be given 10 minutes to transfer answers from the booklet to the official answer sheet.Listening: Skills These are the skills tested in the exam (Lougheed, 2013: 13):Making assumptionsUnderstanding numbersUnderstanding the alphabetDistinguishing similar soundsListening for descriptionsListening for timeListening for frequencyListening for similar meaningsListening for emotionsListening for an explanationListening for classificationsListening for comparisons and contrastsListening for negative meaningListening for chronologyReading: Overview60 minutes3 passages40 questionsAnswers must be written on the answer sheet - there will be no time to transfer answers from booklet to answer sheet.Reading: Question TypesThese are the question types of the reading part of the exam (Lougheed, 2013: 62):Multiple-choice questionsShort-answer questionsCompleting sentencesCompleting notes, summary, tables, flowchartsLabeling a diagramChoosing headings for paragraphs or sections of a textLocating informationIdentifying points of viewIdentifying writers claimsClassifying informationMatching lists or phrasesTrue, False, Not GivenYes, No, Not GivenWriting: Overview2 writing tasksTask 2 is worth twice as much as Task 1Task 1 - 20 minutes - 150 words minimumTask 2 - 40 minutes - 250 words minimumWriting: The Tasks Task 1 - 20 minutes - 150 words min.Describe or summarize facts and figures presented in one or more charts, graphs, or tables.Or, explain a diagram of a machine, a device, or a process.Task 2 - 40 minutes - 250 words min.Express an opinion and give examples to support your ideas.</p> <p>(Lougheed, 2013: 92)Writing: Assessment CriteriaTask AchievementCoherence and CohesionLexical ResourceGrammatical Range and AccuracySpeaking: OverviewThree parts11-14 minutesOne test taker - one examinerInterview will be recordedSpeaking: the partsPart 1Answer questions about yourself and your activities (4-5 minutes)Part 2Talk on a topic presented on a task card (3-4 minutes)Notes are allowedPart 3Discuss with examiner issues related to the topic in Part 2 (4-5 minutes)Speaking: Assessment CriteriaFluency and CoherenceLexical ResourceGrammatical Range and AccuracyPronunciationWhat to do first?Listen to as much English as possible (songs, movies, series, shows, radio, etc)Read as much and as varied texts as possible (books, magazines, articles, reports, etc.)Blog about your learning experience - write one post per day explaining what you do to improve your scores.Connect with candidates from other countries - share your study habits and learn about theirs.Talk to your self.Create a persona - Be ready to answer questions about him or her.ReferencesLougheed, Dr Lin. Barron's Ielts. N.p.: Barrons Educational Series, 2013. Print.Lets connect and learn together!Facebook:</p> <p>Twitter:</p> <p>Blog:</p> <p>WizIQ:</p>