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<p>IELTS Writing: A comprehensive GuideYou have been offered a place at a university and wish to find suitable accommodation. Write a letter to the accommodation officer including the following information:the type of accommodation you wish to findsome details about yourselfany special requirements you may haveand any other relevant information.</p> <p>Dear Sir or Madam,</p> <p>I recently received confirmation that I have gained a place on the M.Sc. Microbiology course at your university, starting this September, and am writing to you with regard to arranging for accommodation. My student registration number is 123456.</p> <p>I understand that you offer accommodation both on and off campus, the latter costing between 15 and 30 per week. I would prefer to live off campus in a house with two or three other students, each student having his/her own room, ideally within a 30-minute walk of the university. I have budgeted for rent of 20 per week. If possible, I would like to remain in the same accommodation for the entire duration of my course, i.e. two academic years.</p> <p>I do not have any special requirements, but would prefer to share the accommodation with students my age (I am 25) who are actively interested in sport. I myself am a keen rugby player. I do not mind whether the other students are on a similar course to me or not.</p> <p>I would be grateful if you could send me details of two or three choices at your earliest convenience.</p> <p>Yours faithfully,</p> <p>Andrew Scott</p>